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Bemerkung zur Serie: Vorher 50001-50050

Label S Musiktitel St Interpret Begleitung Jahr Zeit Aufnahmeort Aufn.-Dat. Vö.-Dat. Matrize Verweis GEMA-Nr. CAE/IPI Art.-Nr./EAN EAN/Art.-Nr Label 2 Komponist Texter Chart Bemerkung Musiker Qu. MQ O
Madison 5051 Stein Song (maine) V Synco Jazzers (vIK) 1930 15.03.1930 0220=CD Fenstad, E. A. Colcord, Lincoln D
Madison 5051 I Can't Sleep In The Movies Any More V Radio Syncopators Fields, Arthur 1929 15.08.1929 0183=B Hall/Fields
Madison 5052 A Kahoolau Waltz V Honolulu Players 1930 15.02.1930 214=A
Madison 5052 B Waikiki Waltz V Honolulu Players 1930 15.02.1930 143 Nawahi
Madison 5053 When They Ring The Golden Bells For You And Me V Cook, Tom 1928 15.05.1928 0238=A Luther, Frank
Madison 5053 Picture From Life's Other Side V Cook, Tom 27-30 0239=B Luther, Frank
Madison 5054 Silver Threads Among The Gold V Bailey, Walter 1927 15.03.1927 0237=A
Madison 5054 A Boy's Best Friend Is His Mother V Bailey, Walter 1927 0236=AB
Madison 5055 National Emblem V Atlantic Coast Band 27-30 0241=B
Madison 5055 Stars And Stripes March I Atlantic Coast Band 27-30 0240=A
Madison 5056 A Stein Song V French, George 1929 0242=A Fenstad, E. A. Colcord, Lincoln D
Madison 5056 B Live And Learn V Smith & James 1929 15.05.1929 186 Kline
Madison 5057 A Lazy Louisiana Moon V Tuxedo Dance Orchestra 1930 15.03.1930 0235=A Donaldson, Walter Donaldson, Walter D
Madison 5057 B Lonesome And Sad V Four Serenaders 1930 15.02.1930 187=B Tommy Weir
Madison 5058 A A Cottage For Sale V Oceanic Dance Orchestra 1930 04.04.1930 234=A Robison, Willard Conley, Larry D
Madison 5058 B Talking Picture Lou (talking Picture Of You) V White Way Jazzers 1930 15.03.1930 188 Rizzi
Madison 5059 A One I Love Just Can't Be Bothered With Me V Carlton Dance Orchestra (vSL) 1930 15.02.1930 0233=B Simons, Seymour Kahn, Gus D
Madison 5059 B Boop Oop A Doop (geraldine) V Synco Jazzers Fields, Arthur 1929 15.01.1929 0189=B Fields/Hall "geraldine" Hall, Fred
Madison 5060 Barbara Allen V Dalton, Billy 1928 15.11.1928 0191=A Pseudonym von „Dalhart, Vernon“.
Madison 5060 Sweet And Low V Sacred Quartet 27-30 0190=B
Madison 5061 A Old Memories V James Palmer 27-30 0147=A (none) Pipe Organ
Madison 5061 B Sweet Surprise In Your Eye V James Palmer 27-30 0145=AB Remsen Organ & Vocal
Madison 5062 A Mindanao March I Honolulu Players 1927 194=B Nawahi
Madison 5062 B Kalua Moon V Honolulu Players 27-30 230=A
Madison 5063 A Dancing With Tears In My Eyes V Newport Society Orchestra (vIK) 1930 2:55 15.05.1930 0245=A Sampler1210 Sampler1210 Burke, Joe Dubin, Al Lanin, Sam C
Madison 5063 B Two Red Lips (five Foot Two) V Synco Jazzers 1929 15.06.1929 0192=AB Mosiello
Madison 5064 A When It's Springtime In The Rockies V Newport Society Orchestra 1930 15.04.1930 0246=AB 1247936 00032066712 Sauer, Robert Woolsey, Mary C
Madison 5064 B Blue And Lonesome ('never Mind') V Atlanta Syncopators 1929 15.08.1929 193=A Sheppard Smolev
Madison 5065 A Dreaming Of Amos 'n' Andy V Dalton & Rhine 1930 15.04.1930 4018=AB Miller
Madison 5065 B Her Golden Hair Was Hanging Down Her Back V French, George 1929 15.05.1929 3427=BD
Madison 5066 Yodelin' Bill V Anthony, George 1930 15.04.1930 3985=B
Madison 5066 Prancin' Dancin' Yodelin' Mann V Tremaine & Anthony 1930 15.04.1930 3984=B
Madison 5067 Breezy Hawaiian Melody V Hawaiian Guitars 1930 15.01.1930 3825=A VD85067 (3425=b?) Nawahi
Madison 5067 My Girl From The South Sea Isles V Hawaiian Beachcombers 1929 15.12.1929 3769=A
Madison 5068 A When It's Springtime In The Rockies V Anderson & Horne 1930 15.05.1930 4062=B 1247936 00032066712 Sauer, Robert Woolsey, Mary D
Madison 5068 B At Last I Found A Way To Make You Glad V Bailey, Walter 1930 15.03.1930 3941=A
Madison 5069 A If I Had A Girl Like You V Atlanta Merrymakers (vSL) 1930 15.05.1930 4059=A GDS230 McDermott, Louis
Madison 5069 B Lonesome Me V Synco Jazzers 1930 21.04.1930 4026=B! Mosiello Hall
Madison 5070 A I'm In The Market For You V Newport Dance Orchestra (vSL) 1930 05.02.1930 4043=C PIC602 Hanley, James F. McCarthy, Joseph D
Madison 5070 B Longing For You (inst.ft) V Tuxedo Dance Orchestra 1930 21.04.1930 4027=B Mosiello Hall, Fred
Madison 5071 Duck Foot Sue V Adams & Clark 1929 15.08.1929 3639=B Smith+james
Madison 5071 Prisoner's Letter To The Governor V Joe, Adams 1930 15.05.1930 4040=A;B
Madison 5072 When I Put On My Long White Robe V Joe Adams & James Clark 1930 15.03.1930 3944=A (luther & Robison)
Madison 5072 You've Got To Run V Virginians, The 1930 15.01.1930 3827=D
Madison 5073 Wild And Reckless Hobo V Richard Eustis 1927 15.03.1927 2399=B Pseudonym von „Dalhart, Vernon“.
Madison 5073 Jesse James V Cook, Tom 1928 15.05.1928 3032=B Luther, Frank
Madison 5074 In The Baggage Coach Ahead V Conway, Harry 1927 15.10.1927 2738=AF
Madison 5074 Just Break The News To Mother V French, George 1928 15.04.1928 2970=A
Madison 5075 They're Hanging Old Jonesy Tomorrow V Joe, Adams 27-30
Madison 5075 I'm A Stern Old Bachelor V Conway, Harry 1929 15.06.1929 3464=A
Madison 5076 Hand Me Down My Walking Cane V Cook, Tom 1927 15.02.1927 2360=A
Madison 5076 Twenty One Years V Adams & Clark 1930 15.03.1930 3945=AB Bob Miller On Gg4300 Luther-robison
Madison 5077 Engineer's Dying Child, The V Cook, Tom 1928 15.05.1928 2996=D Fields, Arthur
Madison 5077 Dream Of The Miner's Child V Bailey, William 'Buster' 1927 15.11.1927 2640=A
Madison 5078 Butcher Boy, The V Cook, Tom 1928 15.05.1928 3031=A Luther, Frank
Madison 5078 Fatal Wedding V French, George 1928 15.04.1928 2967=B Fields, Arthur
Madison 5079 Nearer My God To Thee V Sacristy Quartet 1927 15.02.1927 2350=A
Madison 5079 Rock Of Ages V Dorian Mixed Quartet 1929 15.11.1929 3748=B
Madison 5080 Aloha Land V Hawaiian Guitars 1928 15.09.1928 3130=A Lincoln 3095 Herzer Pseudonym von Ferera, Frank
Madison 5080 Kawaian V Ferera & Franchini 27-30 41511=B
Madison 5081 Chinese Rose V Foxtrot With Vocal (vJW) 1929 15.09.1929 3647=A/B
Madison 5081 Swinging In A Hammock V Golden Gate Syncopators 1930 New York City, NY 27.06.1930 4092=A Grey Gull Studio Band ADB
Madison 5082 I Love You So Much V Synco Jazzers 1930 06.05.1930 4078=A Ruby, Harry Kalmar, Bert D
Madison 5082 I Won't Be Satisfied V Oceanic Dance Orchestra Fields, Arthur 1929 15.11.1929 3715=B
Madison 5083 Irish Jigs And Reels V Gagan Gaelic Orchestra 1927 15.02.1927 2354=A
Madison 5083 Irish Jigs No.2 V Gagan Gaelic Orchestra 1927 15.02.1927 2355=C
Madison 5084 After The Ball Was Over V Ryan, John 1928 15.03.1928 2841=A Grey Gull 4151
Madison 5084 She Was Bred In Old Kentucky V Bradley, Harry 1927 15.02.1927 2369=AB
Madison 5085 A Casey Jones V Calhoun, Jeff 1928 15.04.1928 2906=A Newton, Eddie Seibert, T. Lawrence Pseudonym von Dalhart, Vernon D
Madison 5085 A Wreck Of The Old 97 V Vel Veteran 1927 15.05.1927 2511=3DB Grey Gull 4131 Wattus Fields, Arthur
Madison 5086 A Little White Lies V Madison Dance Orchestra (vIK) 1930 21.07.1930 1000=A Donaldson, Walter Donaldson, Walter V.lopez D
Madison 5086 B Talk About Heaven V Madison Dance Orchestra 1930 15.03.1930 31210=A Crescent/Sannella
Madison 5087 A Somewhere In Old Wyoming V Madison Dance Orchestra 1930 15.04.1930 0301=A Havlin, Will Lesser, S.
Madison 5087 B Blue Waters (babbling Brook) V University Syncopators 1930 15.03.1930 3901=B Mosiello
Madison 5088 Blackhawk Waltz V Symphonic Trio 1927 15.10.1927 2706=A
Madison 5088 Bacarolle Waltz V Harmonic Trio 1927 15.09.1927 2704=AB
Madison 5089 Let Us Waltz Through The Night V Waikiki Players 1929 15.10.1929 312
Madison 5089 Lane Of Dreams V Waikiki Players Gordon, Westell 1927 15.08.1927 3707
Madison 5090 Christmas Chimes V Gordon, Westell 1927 15.08.1927 2571=D Grey Gull 4146
Madison 5090 Silent Night V Gordon, Westell 1927 15.08.1927 2570=D
Madison 5091 A Betty Coed V White Way Syncopators 1930 30.06.1930 4095=C Fogerty, J. Paul/Vallée, Rudy Fogerty, J. Paul/Vallée, Rudy California Ramblers D
Madison 5091 B A Little Lady V Madison Dance Orchestra 1929 15.08.1929 3598=B Clarkson/Vansteeden/Baum
Madison 5092 Absolutley Marvelous V University Syncopators 1929 15.11.1929 3749=B GG1801 Grey Gull 1801 Alice Remsen
Madison 5092 A Bye Bye Blues V Paul's Novelty Orchestra (vIK) 1930 21.07.1930 4109=A Bennett, David/Gray, Chauncey Hamm, Frederick/Lown, Bert D
Madison 5093 By The Waters Of Minnetonka I Palmer, Jack 1930 15.02.1930 3924=A Lieurance, Thurlow Cavanass, J. M. Orgel D
Madison 5093 My Old Fashioned Home I Parmentier, C. A. 1929 15.11.1929 3719=C RAD921? Orgel
Madison 5094 Pass Around The Bottle V Bernard, Al 1928 15.04.1928 2977=A Auch unter Pseudonym, anderer Schreibweise oder Neuaufnahme auf „Grey Gull 4210“.
Madison 5094 Little Brown Jug V Fields, Arthur 27-30 1973=E
Madison 5095 A When The Organ Played At Twilight V Small, Paul 27-30 0404=A Campbell/Connelly
Madison 5095 B That's Like It Ought To Be V Sammy Cloud 1929 15.10.1929 3671=A Harrison/Smith
Madison 5096 A Here Comes The Sun V Gold, Lew & His Orchestra (vPS) 1929 15.12.1929 1961=A Madison 5096 Woods, Harry Freed, Arthur O
Madison 5096 B Sleeping Birds V Three Radio Stars 1929 15.06.1929 3491=AB Sannella
Madison 5097 A Go Home And Tell Your Mother V Gold, Lew & His Orchestra (vPS) 1929 15.12.1929 401 McHugh, Jimmy Fields, Dorothy D
Madison 5097 B I'm In Love With Someone V All-Star Trio 1929 15.12.1929 3773=A Green, Joe
Madison 5098 A Confessing V Gold, Lew & His Orchestra (vPS) 1929 15.12.1929 403
Madison 5098 B Horse Feathers V Tudexo Dance Orchestra 1930 30.01.1930 3866=A C.jackson
Madison 5099 A Cheerful Little Earful V Madison Dance Orchestra 1930 15.05.1930 406=A Warren, Harry Gershwin, Ira/Rose, Billy D
Madison 5099 B Needin' You V Ginger Ale Sparklers 1930 15.01.1930 3846=B Sanella, Andy

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