Albenliste I

Imperial Singles 2 (Domino, Fats)
Imperial Singles 3 (Domino, Fats)
Ich hab noch viele Träume (Hill, Jonny)
Ihre größten Erfolge (Extrabreit)
In The Tradition (Jim & Jesse)
In His Prime 1927-28 (Lewis, Furry)
Ich hasse dich Hartz IV (Cash, Rudy)
Ideas (Bee Gees)
If You Ever (East 17 feat. Gabrielle)
Ihre großen Erfolge (Osterwald, Hazy (Sextett))
International Charts 2001-6, The (Diverse)
It's Raggae (Diverse)
In My Lifetime (Diamond, Neil)
If You Could Read My Mind (Lightfoot, Gordon)
If Every Day Was Like Christmas (Presley, Elvis)
Ivo Robic (Robic, Ivo)
In tiefer Trauer (Werding, Juliane)
Immer wieder weiter (Olsen, Jon Flemming)
In Time-The Best Of R.E.M. (1988-2003) (R.E.M.)
It's Time (Bublé, Michael)
Ich weiß, es wird einmal ein Wunder gescheh'n ()
Ich küsse Ihre Hand, Madame ()
I Will Survive - The Very Best Of Gloria Gaynor ()
Italian Love Songs ()
It Was Only a Sun Shower ()
It's My Party (Diverse)
I'll Be Seeing You: A Sentimental Journey ()
I'm Not Me (Mick Fleetwood's Zoo)
In The Mood (Contino, Dick & Layton, Eddie)
Instrumental Spotlights Vol.1 ()
Instrumental Spotlights Vol.2 ()
Instrumental Spotlights Vol.3 ()
Instrumental Spotlights Vol.4 ()
Instrumental Spotlights Vol.5 ()
Instrumental Spotlights Vol.6 ()
Instrumental Spotlights Vol.7 ()
Instrumental Spotlights Vol.8 ()
Instrumental Spotlights Vol.9 ()
Instrumental Spotlights Vol.10 ()
In der Nacht, da gib acht.. ()
Italian Love Songs ()
In der Weihnachtsbäckerei ()
In der Musikscheune ()
In der Weihnachtsbäckerei ()
Im Wagen vor mir [60 Hits aus 60 Jahren] ()
I Travel The Road ()
I've Never Been In Love Before (Maurice)
I Love Paris ()
Italian Love Songs ()
Ich Hab' Dich Lieb ()
Ich bin nicht mehr Dein Clown (Henning, Olaf)
International 18 Top Hits 95-1 (Diverse)
International 18 Top Hits 95-4 (Diverse)
International 18 Top Hits 95-5 (Diverse)
International 18 Top Hits 95-6 (Diverse)
International 18 Top Hits 95 Extra (Diverse)
International 18 Top Hits 95-2 (Diverse)
Ich wünsch euch frohe Weihnacht (Astor, Tom)
In Flagranti - Digital Remaster ()
Italian Love Songs ()
In Disco Order Volume 2 ()
Instrumental Acoustic Guitar Tribute to the Beatles ()
It's Holy Christmas Time (Diverse)
Into The Fire (Adams, Bryan)
I Have But One Heart: 50 Wedding Songs ()
Il Favoloso (Buscaglione, Fred)
IKEA (Krüger, Mike)
Ich fühl mich so hm... hm… (Mann, Dany)
In der Mitte von Samoa (Solar, Ria)
Ich bin kein schöner Mann (Compilation) (Sanders, Billy)
Ich zuerst (Ibo)
Immer Mehr (Martin, Andreas)
Ich sag hallo zu dir (Cordalis)
I See You (General Base)
Ich habe Sehnsucht Ich Habe Sehnsucht Ich habe Sehnsucht (Haller, Hanne)
in Liebe Engelbert (Engelbert)
Ich bin (Valente, Caterina)
Ich maach dich (Adam & die Micky's)
Insellieder (Hoffmann, Klaus)
In Control (US5)
I Love Paris ()
Ikarus (Lotto King Karl & die Barmbek Dreamboys)
Ihre 20 grössten Erfolge (Cagey Strings)
In Memory Of The Callahan Brothers ()
In The Mix (Edition 1) (Bauhaus, Mike)
In Disco Order Volume 1 ()
In Disco Order Volume 5 ()
In Disco Order Volume 9 ()
Infest (Papa Roach)
Ist das Alles? (Ärzte, Die)
Improvisations - Best of the Vanguard Years ()
Inspiration (Schwarzhaupt, Sandra)
I'll Be Around (Day, Doris)
I Remember Buddy Holly (Francis, Connie)
I've Got A Crush On You (Lee, Peggy)
Immediate Single Collection (Diverse)
I'm Back For More (Lulu)
It's The Searchers (Searchers, The)
Israelites-Best Of Desmond Dekker (Dekker, Desmond)
In den Wahnsinn (Westernhagen)
It’s A Girl ()
Im Schatten der Ärzte (Ärzte, Die)
Ihre größten Erfolge (Severine)
Ihre größen Erfolge (Michelle)
Invincible (Jackson, Michael)
If You Could Hear Me Now (Walker Brothers, The)
Internatiole Hits der 50er (Diverse)
I've Got A Right To Cry ()
In Pieces (Brooks, Garth)
It's Saturday Night! Starday-Dixie Rockabilly 1955-1961 ()
It's All in the Name - the Girls ()
International Christmas Vol.1 (Diverse)
International Christmas Vol.2 (Diverse)
I Will Survive-The Party Album (Hermes House Band)
Ich hab' die Liebe geseh'n (Leandros, Vicky)
International Hits, Vol. 5 ()
Ich bin ein Star-holt mich hier raus (Dschungel Stars)
Instrumental-Emotionen (Diverse)
Ich hab gelacht-ich hab geweint (Mouskouri, Nana)
Immer an euch geglaubt (Stürmer, Christina)
Ich bin wie ich bin (Leandros, Vicky)
It's About Time (Milian, Christina)
Ich hab' das Lachen nicht verlernt (Bertelmann, Fred)
I Love Rock'n' Roll (Kraus, Peter)
Ich küsse Ihre Hand, Madame (Alexander, Peter)
Ich denk an Dich (Rossi, Semino)
Invasion der Killerpilze (Killerpilze)
Ich hab noch einen Koffer in Berlin ()
It's So Fine - The Complete singles As & Bs 1953-59 ()
I Love Music (Enigma)
In Hollywood (1928-1933) ()
I'd Rather Charleston ()
International Charts 2000-1, The (Diverse)
International Charts 2000-2, The (Diverse)
International Charts 2000-4, The (Diverse)
International Charts 2000-4-Hit-Tipps, The (Diverse)
International Charts 2000-5, The (Diverse)
International Charts 2000-5-Hit-Tipps, The (Diverse)
International Charts 2000-6, The (Diverse)
International Charts 2000-6-Hit-Tipps, The (Diverse)
International Charts 2000-Winter Extra, The (Diverse)
International Charts 2000-3, The (Diverse)
Instrumental Golden Pop Hits of the 1960's, Vol. 7 ()
Instrumental Golden Pop Hits of the 1960's, Vol. 1 ()
Instrumental Country: The Best of the Boys, Vol. 37 ()
Instrumental Groovy Pop Hits of the 1970's, Vol. 3 ()
Instrumental Groovy Pop Hits of the 1970's, Vol. 9 ()
Instrumental Golden Pop Hits of the 1960's, Vol. 4 ()
Instrumental Groovy Pop Hits of the 1970's, Vol. 6 ()
International 18 Top Hits 95-3 (Diverse)
Instrumental Awesome Pop Hits of the 2000's, Vol. 2 ()
Instrumental Awesome Pop Hits of the 2000's, Vol. 4 ()
Instrumental Awesome Pop Hits of the 2000's, Vol. 6 ()
Instrumental Awesome Pop Hits of the 2000's, Vol. 7 ()
Instrumental Awesome Pop Hits of the 2000's, Vol. 1 ()
Instrumental Awesome Pop Hits of the 2000's, Vol. 5 ()
Instrumental Awesome Pop Hits of the 2000's, Vol. 3 ()
International Charts 2001-1, The (Diverse)
International Charts 2001-2, The (Diverse)
International Charts 2001-3, The (Diverse)
International Charts 2001-5, The (Diverse)
International Sommer Extra 2001, The (Diverse)
I Like You Best of All ()
I'd Rather Charleston ()
Ich seh die Welt durch deine Augen (Knef, Hildegard)
I Need You (Rimes, Leann)
I Wanna Say Hello ()
Is This Love - A Pop Tribute to Bob Marley ()
Italian Love Songs ()
Italian Love Songs ()
I'm Not There (Music From The Motion Picture) ()
Imitations ()
It's Magic ()
I'm Your Baby Tonight (Houston, Whitney)
It's Love Love Love ()
Ich war noch niemals in New York (Hamburg Original Cast)
Internationale, The (Bragg, Billy)
In Utero (Nirvana)
I've Been Expecting You (Williams, Robbie)
Ich liebe Dich (Mey, Reinhard)
Im Frühtau zu Berge (Rubin, Peter)
In Concert (Rieu, André)
Ill Na Na (Brown, Foxy)
ist ja prima, Das (Hensch, Friedel & die Cyprys)
Izitso (Stevens, Cat)
In The Beginning (Beatles, The Feat.Tony Sheridan)
Ihre größten Erfolge (Haller, Hanne)
Italo Disco Mix (Diverse)
Il Festival di Sanremo: Charts 1952 ()
Il Festival di Sanremo: Charts 1953 ()
Il Festival di Sanremo: Charts 1954 ()
Il Festival di Sanremo: Charts 1955 ()
Il festival di Sanremo: Charts 1959 ()
Il festival di Sanremo: Charts 1958 ()
Il Festival di Sanremo: Charts 1956 ()
Il Festival di Sanremo: Charts 1957 ()
Il Festival di Sanremo: Charts 1951 ()
It Happened At The World's Fai (Presley, Elvis)
Ich lieb Dich (Anderson, G. G.)
I'll Never Break Your Heart (Backstreet Boys)
In Concert (Truck Stop)
Ihre großen Erfolge CD 1 (Rosenberg, Marianne)
Ihre großen Erfolge CD 2 (Rosenberg, Marianne)
Ihre großen Erfolge CD 3 (Rosenberg, Marianne)
Ihre größten Erfolge (Haenning, Gitte)
In The Summertime (Mungo Jerry)
Irgendwann (Bach, Kristina)
It's All So New (Sinatra, Frank & Dorsey, Tommy)
Invincible (Five)
Ich Komme! (Hoffmann, Rudiger)
Ich will dich haben (Prinzen, Die)
Ihre größten Hits (Klaus & Klaus)
Ihre größten Hits (Klaus & Klaus)
Ihre größten Hits (Pavone, Rita)
Ich wollt' ich wär ein Huhn (Palast Orchester & Raabe, Max)
Ihre erfolgreichsten Lieder (Geschwister Hofmann)
in wirklich (2Raumwohnung)
If I Were a Bell ()
Irresistible You ()
I Believe – Unplugged 1959-1961 ()
In Blue (Corrs, The)
Immaculate Collection, The (Madonna)
Isle of Capri ()
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles ()
I Love Paris ()
Italiaans Successen ()
I ricordi della sera ()
I Only Have Eyes for You ()
Italian Love Songs ()
I Bring You Sweet Music ()
I Want to Hold Your Hand ()
Isham Jones Plays His Own Composition (Jones, Isham)
Immer Mittendrin (Haller, Hanne)
In Transit (Saga)
I Will Always Love Al Jolson ()
I Will Always Love Mitch Miller ()
I Will Always Love Vaughn Monroe ()
I Get Ideas (Lee, Peggy)
It's Late ()
I'll Still Be King (Oliver, King & His Dixie Syncopators)
It's Only Natural (Natural)
Ich bin jung und brauche das Geld (Eko Fresh)
In The Zone (Spears, Britney)
I Don't Want You Back (Eamon)
Ich kann auch anders! (Möhre)
I Think Of You-Perry (Como, Perry)
Il Divo (Il Divo)
In Your Honor (Foo Fighters)
Ich bin ene kölsche Jung (Petry, Wolfgang)
Immer geradeaus (Truck Stop)
In Dreams (McManners, Joseph & Appleby, Jo)
I'm Not Dead (Pink feat. Moore, James T.)
Ich will leben (Maffay, Peter)
Immortal Voices of German Radio: Greta Keller – Accompanied by Peter Kreuder and his Orchestra (Recordings 1935-1938) ()
I Love Paris ()
Ich wollte wie Orpheus singen (Mey, Reinhard)
Ich bin aus jenem Holze (Mey, Reinhard)
Ikarus (Mey, Reinhard)
It Might as Well Be Spring ()
Italian Love Songs ()
I Dig 'Em All: The Swan Records Story 1957-1962 ()
Intermezzo ()
In the Mystic East ()
Ich umarm' die ganze Welt (Nena)
In the Mystic East ()
It's All About R&B Music (Delta Rhythm Boys, The)
Immer Weiter (Mey, Reinhard)
I've Told Every Little Star ()
In the Condon Tradition ()
It's All About Jazz Music ()
It's All About Jazz Music ()
Italian Love Songs Greatest Hits ()
Italian Love Songs ()
Ich wollt ich wär ein Huhn (Kreuder, Peter)
It's All About Jazz Music ()
If I Could Be with You - Standards & Rarities Vol. 2 ()
Im Namen der Liebe (Brunner & Brunner)
Ich bin immer da (Brink, Bernhard)
Ich gehör zu Dir (Morgan, Michael)
Ich will (Paldauer, Die)
Ihre großen Erfolge (Medium Terzett)
Ihre größten Erfolge (Lolita)
In Jazz We Trust ()
In 24 Stunden kann so viel geschehen ()
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles ()
I'm A Guitar Man ()
I Just Want to Make Music, Vol. 2 ()
If I Were a Bell ()
Insomniac (Green Day)
In a Young Mood ()
It's Christmas! (Chipmunks, The)
Ich geb' mir selbst 'ne Party-Howard Carpendale (Carpendale, Howard)
Italian Love Songs ()
It's Alright (Marley, Bob)
Island Dreams (Diverse)
Island Dreams (Diverse)
I Love Paris ()
It's All About Swing, Volume 2 ()
I'm a Rolling Stone, Louisiana Swamp Blues. The Singles As & BS 1954 - 1962 - Centenary Edition ()
Isaac Hayes Sings For Lovers ()
It's All About Swing, Volume 1 ()
It's All About Swing, Vol. 1 ()
It's All About Swing, Vol. 2 ()
It's All About Swing, Vol. 3 ()
In the Mood (Contino, Dick & Layton, Eddie)
I'll Cry If I Want To (Gore, Lesley)
I'm In The Mood For Swing (Diverse)
Independence (Lulu)
in Las Vegas (Valente, Caterina)
I Look, I See (Yusuf Islam, Friends & Children)
I Have No Cannons That Roar (Islam, Yusuf)
I Got Rhythm (Darin, Bobby)
I Thought About You (Page, Patti)
In Touch With Peter And Gordon (Peter & Gordon)
Immer wenn ich traurig bin (Erhardt, Heinz)
Ich mache alles mit Musik (Winter, Horst)
In The Flat Field (Bauhaus)
I Leave My Heart (Booth, Webster)
International Jim Reeves-Good 'N' Country, The (Reeves, Jim)
In The Mood For Swing (1937-1940) (Hampton, Lionel & His Orchestra)
Inheritance (Watson, Mojo)
Into Glory Ride (Manowar)
Ich + Dany (Cora)
I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On (Brown, James)
In Action (Mad Lads, The)
It's The Kinks (Kinks, The)
It's Gotta Be Funky (Renegades, The)
I'm Woke Up Now (Broonzy, Big Bill)
In Irish Song (McCormack, John)
I'm Your Man (Cohen, Leonard)
Irish Heartland (McCormack, John)
I Hear You Calling Me (McCormack, John)
Ich wünsch mir' Back To Paris (Red Baron)
In fünfzig Jahren ist alles vorbei (Reutter, Otto)
I'm Confessin' (Lee, Peggy)
In The Mood (King Sisters, The)
Imagination-Warm And Wonderful (King Sisters, The)
International french stars-the star of folies bergère (Baker, Josephine)
Ivy Smith & Cow Cow Davenport (1927-1930) (Smith, Ivy & Davenport, 'Cow Cow')
In The Dark (Grateful Dead)
In The Miller Mood (Anthony, Ray)
In The Miller Mood Vol. 2 (Anthony, Ray & His Orchestra)
It's Anybody's Spring (MacRae, Gordon)
I Love Napoli (Prado, Pérez)
I Got Rhythm (Merman, Ethel)
In Hi-Fi Stereo (Fields, Shep & His Rippling Rhythm Orchestra)
Immediate Years, The (Small Faces)
I'm Out To Getcha (Harris, Thurston)
It Was Like This (Dexys Midnight Runners)
In League With Satan (Venom)
I Think I Love You-Greatet Hits Live (Cassidy, David)
Ich bleibe wer ich bin (Zlatko)
I'll Buy That Dream (Edwards, Joan)
Indigo Rain (Foster, Sandy)
Impressions, The (Impressions, The)
Ich will keine Schokolade (Herr, Trude)
Ich sage was ich meine (Herr, Trude)
Ich möchte mit Dir träumen (Kraus, Peter)
I bin a Bayer-Party ohne Ende (Fierek, Wolfgang)
In Love (Juli)
I've Got That Old Feeling (Krauss, Alison)
In The Street (Village People)
Italia (Mina)
Inwendig Warm (Wecker, Konstantin)
It Must Be Magic (Teena Marie)
Ida Cox Vol. 1 1923 (Cox, Ida)
Ida Cox Vol. 2 1924-1925 (Cox, Ida)
Ida Cox Vol. 3 1925-1927 (Cox, Ida)
Ida Cox Vol. 4 1927-1938 (Cox, Ida)
Ida Cox Vol. 5 (1939-1940) (Cox, Ida)
If You Want To Be Happy (Soul, Jimmy)
Ihre schönsten Lieder (Kabel, Heidi)
Isham Jones & His Orchestra 1922-1926 (Jones, Isham & His Orchestra)
Ich hab' Ehrfurcht vor schneeweißen (Felgen, Camillo)
I'm Just Wild About Harry (Cotton, Billy & His Band)
If I Had A Hammer (Lopez, Trini)
In mir klingt ein Lied (Gott, Karel)
It Was Only A Sun Shower (Rosene, Barbara & Her New Yorkers)
Ich denk' so gern an Billy Vaughn (Captain Cook)
Ihre großen Erfolge Vol. 2 (Paola)
Ihre größten Erfolge (Paola)
Ich vermisse Dich (Sheer, Ireen)
It Just Comes Natural (Strait, George)
Im Wahlkampf vor mir (Zonenmädchen) (Gerd-Show, Die)
Ich lebe für Dich (Rocci, Rosanna)
Ich träume mit dir (York, Tina)
It's Magic (Day, Doris)
In The Late Hours (Lee, Peggy)
It's A Good Day (1941-1950) (Lee, Peggy)
If You Want Some Lovin' (Tubb, Ernest)
I'm Talking With My Mouth (Hem)
Ich träume nur von Berlin (drei Travellers, Die)
Ihre größten Erfolge (Alexandra)
I Want Candy- The Best Of The Strangeloves (Strangeloves, The)
Ihre allergrößten Erfolge (Extrabreit)
Ich möcht' der Knopf an deiner Bluse sein-Das Beste vom Besten (Illic, Bata)
If The Kids Are United-The Best Of (Sham 69)
I See The Rain (Marmalade, The)
Insel der Träume-Das Beste von (Makulis, Jimmy)
Ihre großen Erfolge (Jacob Sisters)
Indian Love Call-The Best Of (Eddy, Nelson)
Ihre größten Hits (Karat)
In The Wee Small Hours (Sinatra, Frank)
I Walk The Line (Cash, Johnny)
Ilja Richter Disco 80-82 (Diverse)
Ich fahr so gerne Rad (Petrel, Peter)
Internationale Welthits deutsch gesungen (Diverse)
It's You Or No One (Darin, Bobby)
I Will Survive (Hermes House Band)
I Love You (Michael, Frank)
In Concert (Whittaker, Roger)
In Concert (Whittaker, Roger)
Interpreter A (Diverse)
Interpreter B (Diverse)
Interpreter C (Diverse)
Interpreter D (Diverse)
Interpreter E (Diverse)
Interpreter F (Diverse)
Interpreter G (Diverse)
Interpreter H (Diverse)
Interpreter I (Diverse)
Interpreter J (Diverse)
Interpreter K (Diverse)
Interpreter L (Diverse)
Interpreter M (Diverse)
Interpreter O (Diverse)
Interpreter P (Diverse)
Interpreter R (Diverse)
Interpreter S (Diverse)
Interpreter T (Diverse)
Interpreter V (Diverse)
Interpreter W (Diverse)
Interpreter Z (Diverse)
Instrumental Magic James Last II (Last, James)
It's A Good Day (Lee, Peggy)
Introducing The Beatles (Beatles, The)
Im Himmel ist's herrlich (Gebrüder Wolf)
Indestructible! (O'Day, Anita)
Internet Radioaufnahme National (Diverse)
Internet Radioaufnahme International (Diverse)
Instrumental Nuggets (Diverse)
Indie Cover Greats (Diverse)
Italian Graffiti 1960-1963 (Diverse)
Italian Graffiti 1964-1966 (Diverse)
Italian Graffiti 1967-1969 (Diverse)
Irving Berlin-Hundred Years (Diverse)
In The Blackout (Diverse)
Initial Records Worst Label Ever (Diverse)
Ich hab' noch einen Koffer in Berlin (Diverse)
Irish Tenors (Diverse)
Instrumental Ireland (Diverse)
Irish Drinking Songs (Diverse)
Irish Pub Songs (Diverse)
Irish Folk-The Rocky Road To Dublin (Diverse)
I Saw The Light (Diverse)
It's Got To Be Love (Diverse)
Instrumental-Hits in Gold (Diverse)
In de Palz, do is es schäner (Diverse)
I Love Italia (Diverse)
I'll Be Seeing You (Sinatra, Frank)
Immer noch (Nic)
Ich bin wieder frei (Frank, Oliver)
I'm Real (Lopez, Jennifer)
It's Time for T (1929-1953) (Teagarden, Jack)
It's So Easy (Diverse)
Italo Golden Classics (Diverse)