Albenliste B

Best Of (Lewis, Jerry Lee)
Best Of Desmond Dekker (Dekker, Desmond)
Best Of 1969-76 (Kool & The Gang)
Best Of, Very (Boone, Daniel)
Best Of, Very-Misty (Stevens, Ray)
Best Of 1972-77 Vol.1 (T. Rex)
Best Of 1972-77 Vol.2 (T. Rex)
Best Of The Rest (Dion)
Best Of Mike Post-Nypd (Ost/Various)
Best Of Both Worlds, The (Kelly, R. & Jay Z)
Brother Lowdown (Fuller, Jesse)
Best Of Andrew Lloyd Webber (Diverse)
Bratkartoffeln mit Spiegelei (Haller, Hanne)
Bernd's Album (Stelter, Bernd)
Bitte recht freundlich… (Truck Stop)
Best Of From Crayons (Lulu)
Best Of-Big Blast From Boston (Cannon, Freddie)
Beste aus der deutschen Hitparade, Das (Diverse)
Best Of-Endlessly (Benton, Brook)
Best Of-Sunshine, Lollipops… (Gore, Lesley)
Bravo Hits 3 (Diverse)
Bis wir uns wiederseh'n (Borg, Andy)
Best Of, The Very (Williams, Don)
Best Of, The (Piaf, Edith)
Bravo Hits 4 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 23 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 24 (Diverse)
Born To Do It (David, Craig)
Best Of Ella Fitzgerald (Fitzgerald, Ella)
Best Of Dance 2000 (Diverse)
Best Of (Memphis Jug Band)
But Seriously (Collins, Phil)
Best Of (Mantovani, Orchester)
Best Of, The (La Bouche)
Bachata Hits 2003 (Diverse)
Best Of Marianne F.,The Very (Faithfull, Marianne)
Best Of Jon & Vangelis (Jon & Vangelis)
Bad Girls (Summer, Donna)
Best Of Roger Whittaker (Whittaker, Roger)
Best Of Spooky Tooth (Spooky Tooth)
Big Time (Waits, Tom)
Best Of Jimmy Cliff (Cliff, Jimmy)
Best Of The Rubettes (Rubettes, The)
Best Of (Traffic)
Bild Festzelthammer (Diverse)
Best Of 1990-2000, The (U2)
Bravo Black Hits 7 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 39 (Diverse)
Bobby Darin - The Hit Singles Collection (Darin, Bobby)
Bravo Hits 44 (Diverse)
Best Of, The (Housemartins, The)
Ballermann 6 - Balneario '99 (CD2) (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 11 (Diverse)
Big Band Bash (Diverse)
Beat-Club 1965 (Diverse)
Beat-Club 1966 (Diverse)
Beat-Club 1967 (Diverse)
Beat-Club 1968 (Diverse)
Beat-Club 1970, Vol.1 (Diverse)
Beat-Club 1970, Vol.2 (Diverse)
Beat-Club 1971 (Diverse)
Beat-Club 1972 (Diverse)
Beat-Club 1973 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 22 (Diverse)
Best Of Mallorca Hits Vol. 2 CD 1 (Diverse)
Best Of Mallorca Hits Vol. 2 CD 2 (Diverse)
Best Of Mallorca Hits Vol. 2 CD 3 (Diverse)
Best of Humphrey Lyttelton, The (Lyttelton, Humphrey)
Best Of 1980-1990, The (U2)
Bravo Hits 21 (Diverse)
Blood, Sweat & Tears 4 (Blood, Sweat & Tears)
Blue Valentine (Waits, Tom)
Best Of The Doors, The (Doors, The)
Break On Through (Doors, The)
Beaches (Midler, Bette)
BBC Sessions (Led Zeppelin)
Borrowed Heaven (Corrs, The)
Bluebird (Harris, Emmylou)
Born Again (Newman, Randy)
Brand New Dance (Harris, Emmylou)
Badfinger (Badfinger)
Billion Dollar Babies (Cooper, Alice)
Back To The Egg (Wings)
Best Of (Mancini, Henry)
Blue Hawaii (Presley, Elvis)
Best Of Nina Simone 1, The Very (Simone, Nina)
Best Of Rick Springfield (Springfield, Rick)
Best Of The Pointer Sister (Pointer Sister)
Best Of Artist Of The Century (Diverse)
Best Of Perry Como, The Very (Como, Perry)
Best Of Gershwin (Diverse)
Best Of, The Very (Chic)
Bitter End (Griner, Linda)
Best Of (Bach, Kristina)
beste aus 40 Jahren Hitparade, Das (Anderson, G. G.)
Bix Beiderbecke & The Chicago Cornets (Diverse)
Boogie Chillun (Hooker, John Lee)
Best Of The Capitol Years (Lee, Peggy)
Bravo Hits 9 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 36 (Diverse)
Broken Arrow (Young, Neil & Crazy Horse)
By The Way (Red Hot CHili Peppers)
Best 1991-2004 (Seal)
Best 1991-2004 (Seal)
Ballermann Hits Party 2006 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 1 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 6 (Diverse)
Bachata 2004 (Diverse)
Best Of Al Jarreau (Jarreau, Al)
Bang!... The Greatest Hits Of Frankie Goes To Hollywood ()
Bonjour Paris ()
Big Bands Absolutely the Best ()
Bravo Hits 10 (Diverse)
Baby, It's Cold Outside ()
Below the Waste ()
Best Of Gold Dario Moreno ()
Bread and Buddha ()
Bis wir uns wiedersehen ()
Blue Swing ()
Band Waggon / Arthur Askey Goes To War (Askey, Arthur)
Best of Swamp Blues Classics ()
British Hits, Vol. 1 ()
Brand New Ossie Scott At His Best ()
Billy Goes Big Band ()
Benjamin Blümchen Liederzoo: Fröhliche Weihnachten ()
Beautiful Lies ()
Best of (Die schönsten Melodien) ()
Bonjour Mireille ()
British Dance Bands of the 1920s ()
Broken Blossom (Midler, Bette)
Bluegrass Collection ()
Baby Elephant Walk ()
Blues And The Soulful Truth ()
Big Hit Collection ()
Boss Guitar ()
Bernd Lhotzky: Piano Portait ()
Bring You to Your Knees: A Tribute to Guns 'N Roses ()
Benny Goodman On The Air 1937 - 38 ()
Benny Goodman Swings Again ()
Bluegrass Breakdown ()
Best Of ()
Bing Crosby Selected Hits Vol. 8 ()
British Big Bands ()
Bing Crosby Selected Hits Vol. 7 ()
Bing Crosby Selected Hits Vol. 6 ()
Bing Crosby Selected Hits Vol. 1 ()
Billy Kyle Selected Hits Vol. 1 ()
Bing Crosby Selected Hits Vol. 9 ()
Ballroom Memories ()
Big Band Classics ()
Big Band, Tanz- und Unterhaltungsorchester ()
Brownie McGhee ()
Bish (Bishop, Stephen)
Big O (Remastered) ()
Big Ones ()
Blame It On My Youth ()
Buddy Holly Tribute ()
Blues Classics 1949-1954 ()
Best Of The Capitol Years, The (Stafford, Jo)
Best of Hannah Montana ()
Ballermann Hits Silvester ()
Beat In ()
Belinda [Det Bedste Af Det Bedste] ()
Bist du einsam heut Nacht ()
Berlin and London (1927-30) ()
Big Band Divas Of The 1940s ()
Broadway von Berlin ()
British Jazz At Its Very Finest 1920-1960 ()
Best II ()
Baby, They're Singing Our Song / Imagination ()
Bravo Hits 7 (Diverse)
Banda Forró E Cia. ()
Bubble Gum Jukebox Hits ()
Best Of Slim Smith ()
Big Band Dixieland ()
Bar Classics - Best of the Jazz Sides ()
Blues To The Bone ()
Best Of Delroy Wilson ()
Black Secular Vocal Groups Vol. 2: The Thirties (1931-1939) ()
Black Vocal Groups Vol. 3 (1925-1943) ()
Blues Take Me Home... ()
Before The Quarrel ()
Bis ans Ende der Welt ()
Buddy's Back in Town ()
Bayou Girl ()
Best of Les Paul ()
Blue Girls Vol. 1 (1924-1930) ()
Black Secular Vocal Groups Vol. 1: The Twenties (1923-1929) ()
Black Vocal Groups Vol. 6 (1924/25-1937) ()
Best of the Duets ()
Best Of 1991-2001 (U 96)
besten Mami, Der (Diverse)
Billy Vaughn - To Each His Own (Original-Recordings) ()
Blues Masters-Lonnie Johnson-Vol. 24 ()
Blue Girls Vol. 3 (1924-1938) ()
Best Of-Special Limed,The Very (Gaye, Marvin)
Bix Beiderbecke And The Wolverines ()
Betcha Bottom Dollar ()
Blue River Train & Other Cowboy and Country Songs ()
Bye Bye Birdie ()
Blessed (Soweto Gospel Choir)
Bei Pfeiffers Ist Ball ()
BANG! - Top TV Theme Tune Hits Vol. 1 Classic Crime ()
Big Band Jazz Greats ()
Big River Blues ()
Broken Silence ()
Bravo Hits 13 (Diverse)
Beste von '84-'87, Das (Petry, Wolfgang)
British Big Bands ()
Blue Girls Vol. 2 (1928-1930) ()
Bravo Hits 19 (Diverse)
Beat Of The Sixties (Diverse)
Blues Classic (Diverse)
Best Of Status Quo (Status Quo)
Beatles, The Vol. 1 (Beatles, The)
Beatles, The Vol. 2 (Beatles, The)
Beatles, The Vol. 3 (Beatles, The)
Beatles, The Vol. 4 (Beatles, The)
Barbara Singt Barbara In Deutscher Sprache ()
Bewitched ()
Blaue Stunde-Funkaufnahmen der 50er Jahre ()
Best Of - New Light... (Rea, Chris)
Black Moses ()
Bud Freeman Selected Hits Vol. 4 ()
Billy Kyle Selected Hits Vol. 2 ()
Bing Crosby Selected Favorites Volume 7 ()
Bing Crosby Selected Hits Vol. 2 ()
Bing Crosby Selected Favorites Volume 10 ()
Bing Crosby Selected Hits Vol. 4 ()
Bing Crosby Selected Favorites Volume 13 ()
Best Of The Hollies, The (Hollies, The)
Boogie Woogie-The Gold Collection [1/2] (Basie, Count)
Bachatas ()
Best Of Bill Carlisle (Carlisle, Bill)
Best Of (Warnes, Jennifer)
Best Of Eric Carmen, The (Diverse)
Best Of (Harrow, Den)
Bell Ringer ()
Best Of Thompson Twins, The (Diverse)
bla-bla blattschuss (Gebrüder Blattschuss)
Blue Hawaii ()
Best Of ()
Bing-His Legendary Years 1931-1957 ()
Best Of, The (Ten Tenors, The)
Berliner Luft (Diverse)
Beste von Freddy Quinn, Das (Quinn, Freddy)
Brighter Than The Sun ()
Basie Meets Bond ()
Bravo Hits 20 (Diverse)
Breakfast On The Morning Tram ()
Best of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band ()
Bacharach & David: Song Book Collection ()
Boppin' ()
Burn It Up ()
Barfly - The Vocal Lounge, Vol. 1 ()
But Beautiful ()
Beste der Kastelruther Spatzen, Das (Kastelruther Spatzen)
B.G. In Hi-Fi ()
Best Of The Vanguard Years ()
Blue Serenade ()
Best Of The Vanguard Years ()
Bibletone: Best of Hymns (Blessings), Vol. 1 ()
British Singles Chart - Week Ending 11 January 1957 ()
Beale Street Blues ()
Back To The Blues (Moore, Gary)
Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid ()
Bubbling Over ()
Back To The Twenties ()
British Dance Bands - 124 Dance Band Classics (1930 to 1958) ()
Bei rosarotem Licht ()
Best in Show ()
Begin The Beguine ()
Bubbling Over ()
Beliebte Weisen berühmter Meister, Folge 2 ()
Back In Black/Tribute To Ac/Dc (Diverse)
Be Bop (Bud Powell Trio - Strictly Powell) ()
Bette Midler (US Release) ()
Blues For Rampart Street ()
Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story - Original London Cast Recording ()
Buy Me A Zeppelin ()
Best Of (Baez, Joan)
Breakfast In America (Supertramp)
Beste von Achim Reichel, Das (Reichel, Achim)
Beste in Deutsch, Das (Gall, France)
Beste, Das (Witt, Joachim)
Believe (Cher)
Bella Italia-Die 40er Jahre (Diverse)
Bella Bimba (Johns, Bibi)
Bum-Ladda-Bum-Bum (London, Laurie)
Baby, ich schiess dir einen Teddybär (Berg, Jörg Maria)
Besten sterben jung: Roy Orbison auf Deutsch, Die (Diverse)
Beste von Peter Orloff, Das (Orloff, Peter)
Basin Street Blues (Louis Armstrong's All Stars)
Beste der 50er Jahre, Das I (Diverse)
Beste der 50er Jahre, Das IV (Diverse)
Buch der Erinnerung (Böhse Onkelz)
Best 1956-1960, The (Cash, Johnny)
Best Of The 50's (Diverse)
Best Of The Carter Family, The (Carter Family, The)
Bats In The Belfry (Bats In The Belfry)
Break It Up (Scooter)
Best Of Kincade (Kincade)
Black Monk Time (Monks)
Best Of (Average White Band)
Best Of Kenny (Kenny)
Best Of Procol Harum (Procol Harum)
Best Of The Sun Years (Perkins, Carl)
Best Of (Shannon, Del)
Best Of (Avalon, Frankie)
Best Of,The Very (Shangri-Las, The)
Bathory (Bathory)
Best Of Fee (Fee)
Backline Volume 01 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 02 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 03 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 04 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 05 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 06 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 07 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 08 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 09 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 10 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 11 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 12 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 13 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 14 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 15 (Diverse)
bin ich, Das (Petrel, Peter)
Bubblegum Hit-Collection (Ohio Express)
Beste von, Das (Felix de Luxe)
Beat-Club 1969 (Diverse)
Ballads in Jazz 1930-1943: New York - Chicago - Los Angeles ()
Boswell Sisters Vol.2 1925-32 ()
Back To Back - Garage Classics ()
Best Of The Early Years ()
Best Of The Early Years ()
Bauer auf Brautschau ()
Beat'n Hits!!! ()
Beer Party ()
Best Of Glenn Miller (Greger, Max)
Billie Holiday (Holiday, Billie)
Berry Story ()
Back to the Garden a Tribute to Joni Mitchell ()
Boccaccio-Die Rose von Stambul-Der fidele Bauer (Diverse)
Best of Hans Moser ()
Blödelnd durch den Ernst der Zeit ()
Best Of Chris Rea, The (Rea, Chris)
BooHooWoo Cafe ()
Bochmann, W.: Orchestral Music ()
Blue Break Beats - 50 Of The Best ()
Bronx Blues (Dion)
Best Of James Bond ()
Bongo Girl (Nena)
Bertold Brecht by Sylvia Anders ()
Best Of - Classic, Jazz & Comedy ()
Born in Poverty ()
Best Of Me (Adams, Bryan)
Best Of,The Very (Blondie)
Best Of 90's (Diverse)
Best Of (Mann, Manfred's Earth Band)
Buttons And Bows (Shore, Dinah)
Best Of, Very (Four Seasons, The)
Best Of, Very (Donovan, Jason)
Best Of Lee, Peggy (Lee, Peggy)
Best Of The Andrews Sisters (Andrews Sisters, The)
Before The Next Teardrop Falls (Fender, Freddy)
Best Of Les Humphries Singers (Les Humphries Singers)
Best Of Limahl (Limahl)
Best Of Bucks Fizz (Bucks Fizz)
Black Sabbath Vol.4 (Black Sabbath)
Born Again (Black Sabbath)
Ballermann Winter 2001 (Diverse)
Best Of Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath)
Brutal Planet (Cooper, Alice)
Berserker (Numan, Gary)
Bravo Hits 40 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 42 (Diverse)
Best Of, The (Rimes, Leann)
Bravo Hits 45 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 47 (Diverse)
Beziehungsweise (Cicero, Roger)
Bassey - The EMI/UA Years 1959-1979 ()
Buzz Me ()
BEUTESCHEMA - Schlager -Hits - Ich hab Lust auf mega Kult Hits ()
Bravo-The Hits 2002, Part 1 (Diverse)
Born To Run (Springsteen, Bruce)
Bad (Jackson, Michael)
Beautiful Noise (Diamond, Neil)
Blinder Passagier (Reiser, Rio)
Bridge Over... (Simon & Garfunkel)
Blonde On Blonde (Dylan, Bob)
Big Ones (Loverboy)
Best Of Johnny Nash, The (Nash, Johnny)
Beste von kurz nach früher..., Das (Ärzte, Die)
Buddy-Die Buddy Holly Story (Diverse)
Balladen (Reiser, Rio)
Best Of Johnny Cash, The (Cash, Johnny)
Best Of (Ray, Johnnie)
Best Of Bob Dylan Vol. 1 (Dylan, Bob)
Best Of,The Very (Byrds, The)
Be Here Now (Oasis)
Big Willie Style (Smith, Will)
Best Of (Swan, Billy)
Best Of (Perkins, Carl)
Best Of,The Very (Kristofferson, Kris)
Best Of (Tosh, Peter)
Best Of 60's (Diverse)
Best Of (Rush, Jennifer)
Best Of (Dr. Hook & Medicine Show)
Best Of (Withers, Bill)
Best Of Bob Dylan Vol. 2 (Dylan, Bob)
Blood, Sweat & Tears (Blood, Sweat & Tears)
Bravo-The Hits 2000 (Various)
Best Of Sade (Sade)
Best Of Chet Atkins, The (Atkins, Chet)
Bar Lounge Classics Vol. 2 (Diverse)
Born To Reign (Smith, Will)
Best Of, The (King, Diana)
Bar Jazz 5 (Diverse)
Bohème (Louisan, Annett)
Because I Love You (Mark 'Oh meets Digital Rockers)
Blue Tatoo (Vanilla Ninja)
Best Of The Platters,The Very (Platters, The)
Bravo-The Hits 2002, Part 2 (Diverse)
Best Of Deep Purple (Deep Purple)
Biermeister Oldie Party, Vol. 4 ()
Beste von, Das (Fendrich, Rainhard)
Blumen der Liebe-Meine Grosst (Mouskouri, Nana)
Best Of Inner Circle (Inner Circle)
Best Of The Equals, The Very (Equals, The)
Beste, Das (Krüger, Mike)
Beste von…seine größten, Das (Lechtenbrink, Volker)
Best Of (Christians,The)
Best Of Bond-James Bond (Diverse)
Ballermann Hits Party 2000 (Diverse)
Burning Heart (Diverse)
Best Of Barry (White, Barry & Love Unlimited)
Best Of James Bond ()
Best Of The Polydor Years (Hayes, Isaac)
Barfuss ()
Back To Front (Richie, Lionel)
Ballermann Hits Party 2001 (Diverse)
Best Of (Jones, Tom)
Beyond The Reef ()
Berlin ()
Best Of... (Birkin, Jane)
Brighter Than the Sun ()
Best That I Can Do (Mellencamp, John)
Best Of (Bachman Turner Overdrive)
Best Of,The Very (Kool & The Gang)
Best Of Luv' (Luv')
Best Of (T. Rex)
Bombora ()
Best Of/Die Singles von '81 (Diverse)
Best Of,The Very (Costello, Elvis)
Bravo Hits 27 (Diverse)
Best Of (Rock, Rudolf & Schocker, Die)
Best Of Marque (Marque)
Best Of Dixieland (Diverse)
Best of the Essential Years: Charlie Barnet ()
Best Of Great Instrumental (Last, James)
Best Of Beach Party (Last, James)
Best Of Fancy (Fancy)
Bravo Hits 30-Germany (Diverse)
Buddy Holly: The 1956 Sessions ()
Bochum (Grönemeyer, Herbert)
Bravo The Hits '98 (Diverse)
Bis ans Ende der Welt ()
Beyond The Risin’ Sun ()
Birmingham Black Bottom ()
Bravo Hits 35 (Diverse)
Best of the Blues Saints & Sinners ()
Big Band Masters 1943-1954 (Hill, Tiny)
Big Band Swing of the 1940's ()
Bob Dylan Presents: Cover to Cover - The Originals ()
Bob Dylan Presents: Cover to Cover (The Originals), Vol. 2 ()
Bad Love (Newman, Randy)
Blues, Blues Christmas Vol. 2 ()
Bravo Hits 41 (Diverse)
Beste von Waterkant un Nordseestrand, Das (Finkwarder Speeldeel)
Bravo Hits 43 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 46 (Diverse)
Bravo Black Hits 11 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 51 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 52 (Diverse)
Best Of No Angels (No Angels)
Beste, Das (Cornelius, Peter)
Break On The Through (Jeanette)
Beste-Hits & Raritäten, Das (Myhre, Wencke)
Beste aus...Gottes Beitrag Teufel Werk, Das (E Nomine)
Be Without You (Blige, Mary J.)
Best Of (DJ Ötzi)
Back To Black (Winehouse, Amy)
Blauer Tango ()
Bing Crosby Selected Favorites Volume 14 ()
Bing Crosby Selected Favorites Volume 17 ()
Bing Crosby Selected Favorites Volume 16 ()
Bing Crosby Selected Favorites Volume 12 ()
Bing Crosby Selected Favorites Volume 9 ()
Bing Crosby Selected Favorites Volume 2 ()
Bing Crosby Selected Favorites Volume 5 ()
Baby Elephant Walk and Theme From The Brothers Grimm / Young World ()
Bei Dir War Es Immer So Schön (Serrano, Rosita)
Better Dayz (2Pac)
Bing Crosby - Volume 2 ()
Ballermann präsentiert Aprés Snow Hits 2010 ()
Best Of (Alan Parsons Project, The)
Bis ans Ende der Welt ()
Burt Bacharach Songbook ()
British Charts from 1960, Vol. 2 ()
Biermeister Oldie Party, Vol. 5 ()
Biermeister Oldie Party, Vol. 1 ()
Breakfast Club: 100 Relaxing Instrumental Songs for the Morning ()
Bachata Premium 2004 (Diverse)
Bye Bye Love (Everly Brothers, The)
Bring 'Em In/Skin Deep ()
Boogie, Blues And Bounce: The Modern Recordings Volume 2 ()
Blues It Up ()
Boom Boom Bye Bye ()
Big Bands From the Windy City ()
Big Bands From Britain ()
Biermeister Oldie Party, Vol. 6 ()
British Dance Band Music, volume 2, Recordings 1926 - 1945 ()
British Dance Band Music, volume 3, Recordings 1926 - 1945 ()
Best Of Trio los Paraguayos ()
Blue Champagne ()
British Dance Music, Volume 1 / Recordings 1926-1945 ()
Buddy Rich: Jazz Explosion, Vol. 2 ()
Buddy Rich: Jazz Explosion, Vol. 3 ()
Big Bands, Vol. 3: Glen Miller & His Orchestra ()
Bing Crosby, Der Bingle ()
Blue Moon ()
Bayo Bongo ()
Berliner Luft - Berliner Swing ()
Billy Cotton, Absent Friends ()
Beste-Die original Hits 63-72, Das (Manuela)
Best Of (New Order)
Blau blüht der Enzian (Heino)
Bravo Hits 26 (Diverse)
Bloodbrothers (Dictators, The)
Big Bang Years, The (Anita O'Day)
Bryn Terfel sings Favourites ()
Bringing It All Back Home (Dylan, Bob)
Blood On The Tracks (Dylan, Bob)
Bobby Byrd Got Soul: The Best Of Bobby Byrd (Byrd, Bobby)
Boom! - EP ()
Brigadoon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) ()
Born To Dance ()
Banjo Crackerjax 1922-1930 ()
Blues & Ragtime ()
Back In Business ()
Broadway Baby ()
Bar Room Piano & Honky Tonk ()
Built for Comfort ()
Bill Black's Beat Goes On ()
Best of Western Swing, Vol. 2 ()
Best of Western Swing, Vol. 3 ()
Ben Webster, Johnny Hodges: The Complete 1960 Sextet Jazz Cellar Session (Webster, Ben & Hodges, Johnny)
Big Band Classics 1938-1942 ()
Best of the Brits ()
Betty Holidays ()
Beggar to a King: The George Jones Story (The Best of George Jones) (Jones, George)
Beautiful Dreamer ()
Bongos From The South ()
Bubbling Over ()
British Hits of 1962, Vol. 4 ()
British Hits of 1962, Vol. 6 ()
British Hits of 1962, Vol. 10 ()
British Hits of 1962, Vol. 5 ()
Black & White, Vol. 7 ()
Best of the Big Bands, Vol. 3: Glen Miller & His Orchestra ()
Bienvenue Solitude ()
Broadway Songbirds Vol. 10 ()
Broadway Songbirds Vol. 8 ()
Broadway Songbirds Vol. 7 ()
Broadway Songbirds Vol. 6 ()
Broadway Songbirds Vol. 5 ()
Broadway Songbirds Vol. 4 ()
Broadway Songbirds Vol. 1 ()
Broadway Songbirds Vol. 9 ()
Broadway Songbirds Vol. 2 ()
Bright Lit Blue Skies ()
Barbershop Quartet Christmas ()
British Hits Charts 1960 Vol. 6 ()
Baladas Pop - Vol. 1 ()
Baladas Pop - Vol. 2 ()
Backup the Best of Les Paul ()
British Invasion: The First Wave (1963 - 1966) ()
Baladas Pop - Vol. 1 ()
Baladas Pop - Vol. 2 ()
Best of Country Music Vol. 37 ()
British Hits of 1962, Vol. 10 ()
Billie Jo Spears, the Very Best Of ()
Back Home Again - Great Truckin' Hits ()
Bossa Nova de Amor: Latin Dance for Lovers! ()
Brotherhood (New Order)
Bravo Hits 31 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 32 (Diverse)
British Hits Charts 1960 Vol. 5 ()
British Hits Charts 1960 Vol. 4 ()
British Hits Charts 1960 Vol. 3 ()
British Hits Charts 1960 Vol. 1 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 2 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 1 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 3 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 4 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 5 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 6 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 7 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 8 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 9 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 10 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 11 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 12 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 13 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 14 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 15 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 16 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 17 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 18 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 19 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 20 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 21 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 23 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 24 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 26 ()
Berlin Swings, vol. 25 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 28 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 29 ()
British Hits Charts 1960 Vol. 2 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 27 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 30 ()
Big Sound ()
Bass Instincts 1946 - 1955 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 31 ()
Buena Vista Social Club (Buena Vista S.C.Feat.Ry Cooder)
Black Magic (Cliff, Jimmy)
BILD Schlager-Stars ()
Best Of Gay Dance Vol. 1 ()
Big Band, Accent Op Percussion ()
British Hits of 1962, Vol. 9 ()
British Hits of 1962, Vol. 5 ()
Blue Ballads strings bands (1927 - 1938) Vol 1 ()
Billie Holiday Collection Vol. 1, The (Holiday, Billie)
Berlin Swings, Vol. 32 ()
Berlin Swings, Vol. 33 ()
Best Of, The (The Best Of)
Best Of Dee Dee Sharp, The (Sharp, Dee Dee)
Best Of Ricky King ()
Black Feeling ()
Best of - Wenn das kein Beweis is... (Fendrich, Rainhard & Wiener Sängerknaben)
Backstreet Boys (Backstreet Boys)
Backstreet's Back (Backstreet Boys)
Baby One More Time (Spears, Britney)
Bravo Hits 17 (Diverse)
Blue Champagne (July Collection) ()
Blue Champagne (March Collection) ()
Blue Champagne (January Collection) ()
Blues, Blues Christmas, Vol. 3 ()
Bessie Smith - Bessie Smith - With Friends (MP3 Compilation) ()
Best of James Bond ()
Brothers of the Dolphin ()
Bad Day ()
Blau blüht der Enzian - 40 Originalhits ()
Beauty And The Beard ()
Best of the Roaring Twenties ()
Blues Deluxe ()
Bound for Basel ()
Ballermann Hütten Mix 2014 ()
Bluegrass and More ()
Bleach (Nirvana)
Basic Original Hits (Shapiro, Helen)
Best Of Culture Club (Culture Club)
Best Of (Faith, Adam)
Best Of (Hot Chocolate)
Best Of Miss Peggy Lee, The (Lee, Peggy)
Best Of,The Very (Lee, Peggy)
Best Of (Michelle)
Best Of Claudia Jung (Jung, Claudia)
Ballad Hits, The (Roxette)
Best Of Bowie (Bowie, David)
Baptism (Kravitz, Lenny)
Brahms-Deutsche Volkslieder (Schwarzkopf, Elisabeth & Fischer-Dieskau, Dietrich)
Best Of Vikinger (Vikinger)
beste Party-Album der Welt, Das (Krause, Mickie)
Bananas (Deep Purple)
Body Language (Minogue, Kylie)
Ballermann Hits Party 2004 (Diverse)
Best Of, The Very (Sailor)
Bravo Hits 8 (Diverse)
Best Of The United Artists Years (1973-1977), The (Anka, Paul)
Beste von Lale Andersen, Das (Andersen, Lale)
Black Market Music (Placebo)
Bravo Hits 14 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 16 (Diverse)
Ballads (Rawls, Lou)
Best Of Blue (Blue)
Blöd (EAV)
Ballin' the Jack ()
Ballermann Raketen - Die Party Hits für Weihnachten und die Silvester Schlager Fete 2013 bis 2014 ()
Best of Oldies- 50 beliebte Hits seit den 70'ern ()
Ballermann Countdown - Die Silvester Schlager Party Hits zwischen Weihnachten und Neujahr von 2013 bis 2014 ()
Booker Little Quartet/Quintet/Sextet Complete Recordings. Master Takes ()
Big Lizard Stomp! - Teen Trash From Psychedelic Tokyo '66 - '69 - Remastered ()
Bauer Top100 ()
Babs & Asmussen Duets, Vol. 3 ()
Babs & Asmussen Duets, Vol. 2 ()
Best Of Barclay James Harvest (Barclay James Harvest)
Best Of The Songbooks (Fitzgerald, Ella)
Beste von..."Uberblicke", Das (Danzer, Georg)
Best Of The Osmonds, Very (Osmonds, The)
Best Of Smokey Robinson (Robinson, Smokey)
Best Of SOS Band, The (SOS Band)
Black Rose (Thin Lizzy)
Best Of,The Very (Who, The)
Best Of Oleta Adams,The Very (Adams, Oleta)
Best Of, Very (Cale, J. J.)
Bandits (Bandits)
Best Of Ella & Louis (Diverse)
Belcanto (Lindenberg, Udo)
Best Of (Neville, Aaron&Neville Brothers)
Bravo Hits 28 (Diverse)
Bloodflowers (Cure, The)
Bonjour Catherine (Valente, Caterina)
Bier her now (Lotto King Karl)
Buddha And The Chocolate Box (Stevens, Cat)
Back To Earth (Stevens, Cat)
Beinhart-Alle Hits (Torfrock)
Best Of Dixieland (Hirt, Al)
Bravo Hits 33-Germany (Diverse)
Best Of Polka Party (Last, James)
Best Of Käpt'n James (Last, James)
Best Of 1968-1998 und mehr (Gott, Karel)
Bravo Black Hits 3 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 25 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 37 (Diverse)
Beautiful Dreamer ()
B.G. In Hi-Fi (Bonus Track Version) ()
Babs & Asmussen Duets, Vol. 1 ()
Back Home Again in Indiana ()
Brief Encounters, Vol. 1 ()
Benny Goodman Greatest Hits ()
Basic Basie ()
Best Of City (City)
Blanton Webster Band, The (Ellington, Duke)
Best In Space (Vangelis)
Beste von Geier Sturzflug, Das (Geier Sturzflug)
Best Of Village People, The (Diverse)
Beste aus 25 Jahren, Das (Diverse)
Blaue Planet, Der (Karat)
Beste von der Stimme des H, Das (Whittaker, Roger)
Best Of The Box Tops (Box Tops, The)
Best Of (Morricone, Ennio)
Best Of Eric Burdon & War (Burdon, Eric & War)
Best Of (Pointer Sisters, The)
Best Of-New Version (Clark, Petula)
Best Of Neil Sedaka,The Very (Sedaka, Neil)
Best Of Stray Cats/New Pac (Stray Cats)
Best Of 1990-1997, The Very (Diverse)
Best Of (Mancini, Henry)
Best Of (Sweet, The)
Best Of Boney M. (Boney M.)
Best Of Smokie (Smokie)
Boys "R" Us (Diverse)
Boss Guitar (Eddy, Duane)
Best Of, The Very (Rodgers, Jimmie)
Beste von Roland Kaiser, Das (Kaiser, Roland)
Beste von Marianne Rosenberg, Das (Rosenberg, Marianne)
Beste von Marianne Rosenberg, Das (Rosenberg, Marianne)
Beste von Nicole, Das (Nicole)
Beste von Rex Gildo, Das (Gildo, Rex)
Beste von den Flippers, Das (Flippers, Die)
Beste von Heintje, Das (Heintje)
Best Of,The Very (Diverse)
Beste von '76-'84, Das (Petry, Wolfgang)
Broken Wings (Mr.Mister)
Back For Good (Modern Talking)
Bagaluten-Fete, Die (Torfrock)
Best Of Relax (Relax)
Best Of Country (Diverse)
Best Of Marla Glen (Glen, Marla)
Best Of Romantic Rock (Diverse)
Beste von, Das '80-'86 (Diverse)
Best Of,The Very (Reed, Lou)
Beste von Phil & John, Das (Phil & John)
Best Of...Soul Deep/New Packa (Diverse)
Best Of Rock (Diverse)
Best Of (Kelly Family, The)
Best Of Audrey Landers (Landers, Audrey)
Best Of-Vol.2 (Kelly Family, The)
Best Of Party Hits (Diverse)
Beste von Hurz bis Helsinki, Das (Kerkeling, Hape)
Best Of The 90's (Diverse)
Back To Life (Mittermeier, Michael)
Best Of C.C. Catch (Catch, C. C.)
Br1-Sommerhitz (Diverse)
Best Of Country II (Diverse)
Big Chance (Bee Gees)
Beste von Heinz Ehrhardt, Das (Diverse)
Best Of... (Blanco, Roberto)
Bild Oldies (Diverse)
Bronze, Silber und Gold (Petry, Wolfgang)
Best Of,The Very (Hall, Daryl & John Oates)
Bravo Super Show 2001 (Diverse)
Booom 2001 The Second (Diverse)
Beste wo gibt…, Das (Krüger, Mike)
Beste vom Palastorchester, Das (Raabe, Max)
Bild Gala (Diverse)
Best Of (Berg, Andrea)
Berlin Berlin (Diverse)
Biography - Her Greatest Hits (Stansfield, Lisa)
Best Of Me ()
Burt Bacharach ()
Both Sides (Collins, Phil)
Best Of - Live ()
Beatles For Sale (Beatles, The)
Be Honest With Me ()
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea ()
Best Of...-Texas Fever (Sir Douglas Quintett)
Bell Records Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 ()
Be Honest with Me ()
Bell Records Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 ()
Buster Poindexter ()
Bier und 'nen Appelkorn (3 Colonias)
Black and White, Vol. 7 ()
Back To Bedlam (Blunt, James)
Beat Goes On-The Best Of.., The (Sonny & Cher)
Backing Track Database - The Professionals Perform the Hits of Brenda Lee (Instrumental) ()
Beautiful - The Carole King Musical (Original Broadway Cast Recording) ()
Bing & Satchmo - Original Album ()
Bell Records Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 ()
Best Of... (Fleetwood Mac)
Best Of... (Stewart, Rod)
Behind The Mask (Fleetwood Mac)
Back To Oakland (Tower Of Power)
Best Of Les Baxter, The (Baxter, Les)
Brothers At Heart ()
Brass in Hi-Fi ()
Back Home in Tennessee ()
Baby Boomer's Wonderful World ()
Blue Champagne (August Collection) ()
Blue Champagne (October Collection) ()
Blue Champagne (November Collection) ()
Blue Champagne (December Collection) ()
Beneath The Trees ()
Blue Champagne (February Collection) ()
Blue Champagne (June Collection) ()
Blue Champagne (April Collection) ()
Blue Champagne (April Collection) ()
Beste der 50er Jahre, Das II (Diverse)
Beste der 50er Jahre, Das III (Diverse)
Black & White, Vol. 6 ()
Beste der 50er Jahre, Das V (Diverse)
Bayerisches Soldatenlied, Volume 4 ()
Big Box of Blues ()
Best of Kaffeehaus - Die ersten 15 Jahre ()
Ballroom in Vienna ()
Black & White, Vol. 7 (100 Songs - Original Recordings) ()
Back To The Light (May, Brian)
Bezaubernde Tanzmelodien ()
Begin the Beguine ()
Best of Vaughn Monroe ()
Best Hits Collection of Belle Baker ()
Best Hits Collection of Marion Harris ()
Beautiful Dreamer ()
Best of Jack Payne ()
Best of Carroll Gibbons ()
Breezing Along with The Revelers ()
Best Hits Collection of Charlie Ventura ()
Best Hits Collection of Kay Starr ()
Best of Tommy Roe & Sammy Davis Jr. ()
Best Hits Collection of Petula Clark ()
Best Hits Collection of Pete Rugolo ()
Big Band Bossa Nova ()
Best Of Ub 40 Vol.1 (UB 40)
Best Of, The (Jones, Spike & His City Slickers)
Blues With A Feeling ()
Best Of ()
Big Bold and Brassy Brassy Percussion in Brass / Vibrations ()
Best Hits Collection of Feliciano Brunelli ()
Best Of...1968-1973 (Diverse)
Britain Can Take It! ()
Billboard 1955, Part 3 (Diverse)
Bad Hair Day (Yankovic, Weird Al)
Bad Hair Day (Yankovic, Weird Al)
Begin With The Family (Gooding, Cuba)
Best Of (Baker, Lavern)
Bravo Hits 34 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 38 (Diverse)
Best Of Roxy Music (Roxy Music)
Best, The (Mackenzie, Nick)
Bad Gastein ()
Best Of 1973/1985 (Diverse)
Best Of... (Lewis, Barbara)
Blues for the Night Owl ()
Britain at War ()
Best Of Three Dog Night (Three Dog Night)
Bye Bye (Trio)
Blues+Soul Years V.12/1990-99 (Diverse)
British Hits, Vol. 5 ()
Burl 100 ()
Best Of Bread ()
Big Joe Turner: The Rhythm & Blues Years ()
Birr's Ballroom Vol. 1 - Ballroom Dancing ()
Birr's Ballroom Vol. 3 - Small Groups Play for Dancing ()
Best Of The Essential Years: Charlie Barnet ()
Bubbins / Indiana ()
Bill Black's Combo ()
Best Of The Essential Years: Jack Teagarden & His Orchestra ()
Bubbling Over ()
Best Of The Essential Years: Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra ()
Blue Champagne ()
Best Of...1969/1974 (Diverse)
Blue Flame ()
Brothers In Arms (Dire Straits)
Big Big World ()
Brahms-German Folk Songs (Genz, Stephan & Vignoles, Roger)
Beep Beep / Bimbombey ()
Bernds Beste! (Stelter, Bernd)
Bare (Lennox, Annie)
Bravo-The Hits 2003 (Diverse)
Bucks Fizz (Bucks Fizz)
Bravo-The Hits 2004 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 48 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 49 (Diverse)
Breakaway (Clarkson, Kelly)
Bravo Hits 50 (Diverse)
Beste zum Jubiläum, Das (Heino)
Bravo Hits 53 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 54 (Diverse)
Best Of (Lear, Amanda)
Best Of 1982-2005 (Nicole)
Banaroo's World (Banaroo)
Blue Is The Colour (Beautiful South, The)
Blue Ghost ()
Best of Les Paul ()
Blue Moon ()
Best Of BTO (Bachman Turner Overdrive)
Birr's Ballroom Vol. 5 - Foxtrot ()
Back On The Scene ()
Broken Wings - The Best Of The Stargazers ()
Barry's Gold (White, Barry)
Beste von Hans Moser, Das (Moser, Hans)
Beste von Hans Albers, Das (Albers, Hans)
Best Of Aphrodite's Child (Diverse)
Bat out of Hell II : Back into Hell (Meat Loaf)
Best Of Elements, The (Oldfield, Mike)
Best of Orchestral Masters ()
Brand New Day ()
Baby Face ()
Best Of Mantronix (85-99) (Mantronix)
Bad Luck Blues - 75 Legendary Recordings ()
Blue For You (Status Quo)
Best Of Spencer Davis Grou (Davis, Spencer Group)
Back Home Again In Indiana ()
Blue Mink ()
Bee Gees Per I Bambini ()
Baby Sittin' Boogie ()
Best of Eddie Barclay (Mono Version) ()
Ballermann 2014 – Die XXL Mallorca Schlager Fan Party Deluxe vom Closing 2015 über das Oktoberfest bis zur Opening Edition 2016 ()
Best Of ()
Big Tiny Little's 20's ()
Blue Danube ()
Best Of,Very (Talk Talk)
Best of Annie Cordy ()
Blue Hawaii ()
Beste, Das Folge 2 (Manuela)
Balladen (Mey, Reinhard)
Best Of (Pavone, Rita)
Ba... Balle partie ()
Best Of Udo Jürgens ()
Back to Memphis ()
Body And Soul Jazz, Vol.2 ()
Back On The Scene ()
Body And Soul Jazz, Vol.1 ()
Bahia ()
Blues on Air ()
Brasil ()
Blues on Air (James, Skip)
Banana Boat Song: 100 Top 10 Hits der 50er Jahre ()
Blue Hawaii: 100 Top 10 Hits der 50er Jahre ()
Bitte anschnallen (Carras, Matthias)
Bucking ()
Brenda Lee, Vol. 3: Some of These Days ()
Beggar to A King ()
Blues on Air ()
Buddy Brown's Blues ()
Bless 'Em All - The Songs of Hope and Inspiration That Sustained the Spirit on the Front-Line ()
Bittersweet ()
Blue-Eyed Soul 60s ()
Blues on Air ()
Black Cat ()
By The Fireside ()
Ballin The Jack ()
Black and White Magic (Deluxe Edition) ()
Back To Basics (Aguilera, Christina)
Blue Moon ()
Blue Skies ()
Blues Will Never Die ()
Blue Champagne ()
Blues Will Never Die, Vol. 1 ()
Best Of The Andrews Sisters, The (Andrews Sisters, The)
Benny Goodman Greatest Hits ()
Bobby Jones Sings to Las Vegas ()
Blues Blues Christmas, Vol 4 ()
Best Of Delroy Wilson ()
Bis ans Ende der Welt-Das Beste vom Besten (Hill, Jonny)
Bella Donna (Andreas)
Broadway's Gone Hawaii ()
Basin Street Blues, Vol. 4 ()
Best Of... (Matt Bianco)
Blue Prelude, Vol. 1 ()
Blue Prelude, Vol. 3 ()
Baby Please Don't Go: The Essential Big Joe Williams ()
Breakout...!!! (Ryder, Mitch & The Detroit Wheels)
Bing at the Movies - 60 Silver Screen Songs ()
Blue Christmas - 100 Unforgettable Christmas Songs ()
Bob Scobey and His Frisco Jazz Band ()
Blood on the Saddle ()
Boulevard Café ()
Big Girl's Don't Cry ()
Birr's Ballroom Vol. 11 - Latin ()
Boots and Stockings ()
Blues Will Never Die, Vol. 2 ()
Blues Will Never Die, Vol. 1 ()
Baby It's Cold Outside ()
Blue Champagne - Holiday Party Music ()
Blues Will Never Die, Vol. 2 ()
Berlin: Swing & Dance 1930s & 1940s ()
Blues At The Den ()
Blues Will Never Die, Vol. 2 ()
Baby It's Cold Outside ()
Blues Will Never Die, Vol. 2 ()
Bogalusa Strut: Dixieland Greats, Vol. 2 ()
Brunswick 2 (1920's Blues & Jazz Vocals) [Recorded 1923-1925] ()
Brunswick 3 (1920's Blues & Jazz Vocals) [Recorded 1925-1934] ()
Best of DJ Mox ()
Back Yard Stomp ()
Body And Soul ()
But Not For Me ()
Best Of, The (Staton, Candi)
Best Of Vol.1 (Van Halen)
Both Sides Now (Mitchell, Joni)
Blind Willie Johnson - Greatest Hits ()
Boleros Inolvídables 100 Superéxitos ()
Baby It's Cold Outside - Single ()
Blind Willie Johnson, Vol. 1 (1927-1929) ()
Blues Connections ()
Ballermann Countdown - Die Silvester Schlager Party Hits zwischen Weihnachten und Neujahr von 2014 bis 2015 ()
Ballermann Raketen - Die Party Hits für Weihnachten und die Silvester Schlager Fete 2014 bis 2015 ()
Between the Lines ()
Best Of Depeche Mode-Volume One, The (Depeche Mode)
Beste der Rabaue, Das (Rabaue)
Ballermann Hits 2007 (Diverse)
Broken Colour ()
Black And White Rag ()
Ballerina ()
Bell Records Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 ()
Bell Records Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 ()
Best of Gay Dance Vol. 2 ()
Best Of The Doobie Brothers (Doobie Brothers, The)
Bravo Hits 2 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 12 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 15 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 18 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 29 (Diverse)
Best Of: Eine russische Romanze ()
Black & White, Vol. 11 ()
Bix Beiderbecke And The Chicago Cornets ()
Believe in Me! ()
Buddy Holly, A Life in Music ()
Bing Crosby Sings With... ()
Best Pop Hits 1956 ()
Best Pop Hits 1957 ()
Box of Oldies ()
Best Of ()
Baby, It's Cold Outside ()
Big Boy James Brown, Vol. 8 ()
Blue World ()
Box of Gold ()
Broadway: Super Hits, Vol. 2 ()
Both Sides Now ()
Belcanto - Ihre schönsten Hits ()
Blues Dancin' ()
Bachata A Su Tiempo (Bueno, Alex)
Broken Bracelet (Branch, Michelle)
Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar (Andrews Sisters, The)
Boogie Woogie Stomp (Diverse)
Blues In The Night (Shore, Dinah)
Buttons & Bows (Shore, Dinah)
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys 1932-1947 (Wills, Bob)
Bob Wills' The Devil Ain't Lazy (Wills, Bob)
Bix And Tram (Diverse)
Blue Jazz (Diverse)
Best Of Country Legends (Parton, Dolly)
British Big Bands-The Greatest Songs (Diverse)
Burning From The Inside (Bauhaus)
Ballads (Previn, André)
Blue Billie (Holiday, Billie)
Big Man In A Small Band (Dorsey, Tommy & His Clambake 7)
Big Band Sound (Cotton, Bill)
Begin The Beguine (Shaw, Artie & His Orchestra)
Best Of The War Years, The (Shaw, Artie & His Orchestra)
Boneyard Shuffle (Casa Loma Orchestra)
Benny Goodman Featuring Peggy Lee (Goodman, Benny & His Orchestra feat. Lee, Peggy)
Benny Goodman And The Singers (Diverse)
Beginnings (Taco)
Bell Bottom Trousers (Lombardo, Guy & His Royal Canadians)
Babalu (Valente, Caterina & Francesco, Silvio)
Battle Hymns (Manowar)
Blue Bayou (Mantovani & His Orchestra)
Best Of British, The (Lynn, Vera)
Book Of Love (Ballard, Russ)
Blood, Sweat & Tears (Cash, Johnny)
Bert Williams (1915-1921) (Williams, Bert)
Brotherhood Of Man Selected Hits (Brotherhood Of Man)
Blowin' The Blues (Terry, Sonny)
Blind Boy Fuller Vol. 1 1935-1936 (Fuller, Blind Boy)
Blind Boy Fuller Vol. 3 1937 (Fuller, Blind Boy)
Blind Boy Fuller Vol. 4 1937-1938 (Fuller, Blind Boy)
Blind Boy Fuller Vol. 5 1938-1940 (Fuller, Blind Boy)
Blind Boy Fuller Vol. 6 1940 (Fuller, Blind Boy)
Banana Dance (Baker, Josephine)
Black Cats, The (Black Cats)
Breezin' Along (Baker, Josephine)
Buenos Dias-Ich bin wieder hier (Rossi, Semino)
Best Disco In Town-70's Flashback, The (Bunny, Jive & The Mastermixers)
Blue Rhythm (1931-1933) (Henderson, Fletcher & His Orchestra)
Best Of The Big Bands (Goodman, Benny)
Bless Your Beautiful Hide (Keel, Howard)
Best Of 2005 (Negra, Mano)
Bebop For Babies (Lambert, Jeannette)
Ballerknaller für Hessen und alle die es werden wollen Folge 1 (Adam & die Micky's)
Ballerknaller für Hessen und alle die es werden wollen Folge 2 (Adam & die Micky's)
Boswell Sisters Vol. 2, The (Boswell Sisters, The)
Banjo Crackerjax 1922-1930 (Reser, Harry)
Band Played On, The (Lombardo, Guy)
Bill Black's Combo (Bill Black's Combo)
Big Band Swing (Heath, Ted & His Mmusic)
Best Of Scotland-20 Great Favorites, The (Countdown)
Blues For Allah (Grateful Dead)
Built To Last (Grateful Dead)
Best Of Studio Et Live À L'Olympia (Aznavour, Charles)
Beautiful Sunday (Hoier, Henner & The Rivets)
Buddy Holly And The Picks (Holly, Buddy)
Basie Rhythm (Basie, Count & James, Harry)
Before Talkies And TV Vol. 1 (Wurlitzer Model 0 Theatre Player)
Borscht Riders In The Sky (Katz, Mickey & His Orchestra)
Blue Angel-The Bronze Recordings (Pitney, Gene)
Basic Lady (Hyland, Brian)
Brian Hyland (Hyland, Brian)
Band Of Gypsys (Hendrix, Jimi)
Beyond The Blue Horizon (Tilton, Martha)
But I Do (MacRae, Gordon)
Barbecue Bob Vol. 3 (1929 - 1930) (Barbecue Bob)
Back To Back Legends (Benson, George & Jarreau, Al)
Box Set (Steve Miller Band, The)
Bad Company (Bad Company)
Burnin' Sky (Bad Company)
Best Of Both, The (Mayfield, Curtis)
Big Generator (Yes)
Back From The Mists Of Time (Chapter 1) 1979-1985 (England, Natasha)
Bedtime For Democracy (Dead Kennedys)
Brand New Me (Butler, Jerry)
Be Cool Speak Deutsch (Prinzen, Die)
Bauer auf Brautschau (einsamen Landwirte, Die)
Bridges To Babylon (Rolling Stones, The)
Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School (Zevon, Warren)
Break Of Dawn (Firefall)
B-52'S (B-52's, The)
Beinharte Bagaluten-Wiehnacht, Die (Torfrock)
Beinhart geht das ab hier (Torfrock)
Best Of 2005, The (Stars On 45)
Bobby Solo (Solo, Bobby)
Boonoonoonoos (Boney M.)
Before And After Science (Eno, Brian)
Beginnings (Hamilton, George IV)
Beginn einer großen Karriere (Lolita)
Best Of New Orleans Jazz, The (Turk Murphy)
Bands Of Vic Meyers, The (Meyers, Vic & His Orchestra)
Blue Moon (McRae, Carmen)
Blasters Collection, The (Blasters, The)
Blue Hawaii (Crosby, Bing)
Black Sheep (Fiddler's Green)
Billy Vaughn Plays Stephen Foster-Theme From The Sundowners (Vaughn, Billy & His Orchestra)
Best Of New Year's Eve, The (Lombardo, Guy & His Orchestra)
Blaue Nacht (Hoffner, Lou)
Ballermann Hits 2007 (Diverse)
Best Of Keltica (Diverse)
Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon & Garfunkel)
Blue Hawaii (Diverse)
Bist du einsam heut Nacht (Captain Cook)
Blue Bayou (Paola)
Bin wieder verliebt (Sheer, Ireen)
Beautiful Dreamer-Famous Melodies (Hause, Alfred)
Bilitis-Famous Melodies (Hause, Alfred)
Begin With The Family (Cuba Gooding )
Big Band (Parker, Charlie)
Bob Wills' New San Antonio Rose (Wills, Bob)
Best of the Complete RCA Victor Recordings, The (Armstrong, Louis)
Best Of Duane Eddy (Eddy, Duane)
Best Of The RCA Years- Hits & Rarities (Eddy, Duane)
Biggest Twang Of Them All, The (Eddy, Duane)
Benny Goodman Story, The (Goodman, Benny)
Billie Holiday And Her Orchestra Selected Hits Vol. 1 (Holiday, Billie)
Billie Holiday And Her Orchestra Selected Hits Vol. 2 (Holiday, Billie)
Billie Holiday and Her Orchestra's You Go To My Head (Holiday, Billie)
Buddy Holly (Holly, Buddy)
Buddy Holly & The Crickets' I've Got To Be Me (Holly, Buddy)
Buddy Holly (Holly, Buddy)
Best Of, The (Sedaka, Neil)
Blue Eyed Elaine (Tubb, Ernest)
Blues For Yesterday (Armstrong, Louis)
Big Band Recordings 1930-1932, The (Armstrong, Louis)
Beyond The Blue Horizon (Four Aces, The)
Basic Original Hits (Peter & Gordon)
Basic Original Hits (Reddy, Helen)
Bääärenstark!!! - Folge 2 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Folge 3 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Folge 4 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Folge 5 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Folge 7 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Folge 8 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Hits 1994 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Hits 1995 CD 1 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Hits 1996 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Hits 1997 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Frühjahr 1998 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Hits 1998 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Frühjahr 1999 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Herbst 1999 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Hits 1999 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Frühjahr 2000 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Herbst 2000 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Hits 2000 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Frühjahr 2001 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Herbst 2001 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Hits 2001 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Frühjahr 2002 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Herbst 2002 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Hits 2002 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Frühjahr 2003 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Herbst 2003 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Hits 2003 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Mallorca 2003 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Frühjahr 2004 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Hits 2004 (Baginsky, Gaby)
Bääärenstark!!! - Mallorca 2004 (Leon)
Bääärenstark!!! - Herbst 2005 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Hits 2005 (Diverse)
Bääärenstark!!! - Streicheleinheiten (Diverse)
Ballermann Hits Classics (Diverse)
Ballermann Hits-Die Fußball Party (Diverse)
Ballermann Hits Oktoberfest-Party (Diverse)
Ballermann Hits 1995 (Diverse)
Ballermann Hits 1996 (Diverse)
Ballermann Hits 1997 (Diverse)
Ballermann Hits 1998 (Diverse)
Ballermann Hits 1999 (Diverse)
Ballermann Hits 2000 (Diverse)
Ballermann Hits 2001 (Diverse)
Ballermann Hits 2002 (Diverse)
Ballermann Hits 2003 (Diverse)
Ballermann Hits 2004 (Diverse)
Ballermann Hits 2005 (Diverse)
Ballermann (Diverse)
Ballermann Hits Party 2002 (Diverse)
Ballermann Hits Party 2003 (Diverse)
Bad Brains (Bad Brains)
Béla, Dajos (Archiv) (Béla, Dajos)
Best Of, The (Belafonte, Harry)
Bernard, Al & Hare, Ernest (Archiv) (Bernard & Hare)
Bernard & Kamplain (Archiv) (Bernard, Al & Kamplain, Frank)
Bernard, Al (Archiv) (Bernard, Al)
Bernauer, Luigi (Archiv) (Bernauer, Luigi)
Bernie, Ben (Archiv) (Bernie, Ben)
Best Of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, The (Dave Dee & Co.)
Beste von Anton Karas, Das (Karas, Anton und die 2 Rudis)
Best Of Vera Lynn, The (Lynn, Vera)
Best Of 1974-1979, The (Bowie, David)
Best Of (Booker T. & The MG's)
Best Of Cora (Cora)
Best Of Country (Diverse)
Best Of The 70's (Diverse)
Best Of King Curtis (King Curtis)
Best Of William Bell, The (Bell, William)
Best Of R & B Classics (Diverse)
Best Of (Brings)
Best Of (Stray Cats)
Best Of Leonard Cohen, The (Cohen, Leonard)
Best Of (Dubliners, The)
Best Of (Dubliners, The)
Best Of Simon & Garfunkel, The (Simon & Garfunkel)
Best Of (Blanc, Mel)
Best Of Dizzy Gillespie Vol. 1 (Gillespie, Dizzy)
Best Of Anita Baker, The (Baker, Anita)
Best Of-Vol. 1 (Wendler, Michael)
Best of Vol. 1-Balladenversion (Wendler, Michael)
Best Of (Fiedler, Arthur & The Boston Pops Orchestra)
Best Of (Seekers, The)
Best Of The War Years, The (Como, Perry)
Best Of Perez Prado, The (Prado, Pérez)
Best Of, The [UK Version] (Como, Perry)
Beste von Heino, Das (Heino)
Best Of The McGuire Sisters, The (McGuire Sisters, The)
Best Of, The (Haymes, Dick)
Best Of Both Worlds, The (Halen, van)
Best Of Patience And Prudence (Patience & Prudence)
Best Of The Four Aces (Four Aces, The)
Best Of, The (Squires, Dorothy)
Best of Bully Buhlan (Buhlan, Bully)
Beste vom Schwarzmeer Kosaken Chor, Das (Orloff, Peter & die Schwarzmeer Kosaken)
Best Ballads (Cock Robin)
Best Of Lobo (Lobo)
Best Of (Allman Brothers Band, The)
Best Of Survivor, The (Survivor)
Best Of (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Best Of Timi Yuro, The (Yuro, Timi)
Best Of Ilse Werner (Werner, Ilse)
Best Of, The (Charles, Tina)
Best Of The Early Years (Nash, Johnny)
Best Of (Bay City Rollers)
Best Of Chris Cagle, The (Cagle, Chris)
Bang That Beat-Best Of (C & C Music Factory)
Best Of Kincade, The (Kincade)
Best Of (Bruce, Tommy & The Bruisers)
Best Of Cliff Richard, The (Richard, Cliff)
Best Of (Kingsmen, The)
Best Of (Conny)
Best Of Bobby Vinton, The (Vinton, Bobby)
Best Of (Vinton, Bobby)
Bobby Vinton's Greatest Hits (Vinton, Bobby)
Best Of The Delfonics, The (Delfonics, The)
Best Of Pat Boone (Boone, Pat)
Best Of Lale Andersen (Andersen, Lale)
Best Of (Rydell, Bobby)
Best Of José Feliciano, The (Feliciano, José)
Best Of (Prado, Pérez)
Best Of (Carr, Cathy)
Best OfThe Very Best Of Ed Ames (Ames, Ed)
Best Of The 'Little Esther' Years, The (Little Esther)
Beste der Zillertaler Haderlumpen, Das (Zillertaler Haderlumpen)
Best Of, The (Racey)
Best, The (Harrow, Den)
Best Of Daniel Boone, The (Boone, Daniel)
Best Of (Ambrose & His Orchestra)
Best Of (Ambrose & His Orchestra)
Best Of (Doe, Ernie K.)
Best Of Karla Bonoff-All My Life, The (Bonoff, Karla)
Best Of (Money, Eddie)
Best Of (J. Geils Band, The)
Best Of Eric Clapton, The (Clapton, Eric)
Best Rok Of Trini Lopez, The (Lopez, Trini)
Bing's Best (Crosby, Bing)
Best Of, The (Spliff)
Best Of Rick Derringer-Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo (Derringer, Rick)
Best of the Four Preps, The (Four Preps, The)
Best Of Warren Zevon, The (Zevon, Warren)
Best Of UFO, The (UFO)
Best Of (En Vogue)
Best Of (Mann, Manfred)
Best Of The EMI Years, The (Mann, Manfred)
Best Of (A-Ha)
Back Again...No Matter What-The Greatest Hits (Boyzone)
Best Of The First 10 Years, The (Costello, Elvis)
Best Of (Fischer, Helene)
Best Of–Die Italo-Sommer-Edition Vol.1 (Frank, Oliver)
Best Of (3 Besoffskis, Die)
Best Of The Rockin' Berries, The (Rockin' Berries, The)
Best Of Mel Carter, The (Carter, Mel)
Best Of The Robins Rock And Roll, The (Robins, The)
Best Of (Owens, Buck & His Buckaroos)
Best Of (Motörhead)
Beste aus 30 Jahren, Das (3 Besoffskis, Die)
Best Of, The (Kassel, Art & His Orchestra feat. Hart, Gloria)
Best Of, The (Whiting, Margaret)
Best Of Bee Gees, Vol. 1 (Bee Gees, The)
Best Of Bee Gees, Vol. 2 (Bee Gees, The)
Best Of Barclay James Harvest, The (Barclay James Harvest)
Beste von DAF, Das (D.A.F.)
Best Of Stephan Sulke Vol. 1, The (Sulke, Stephan)
Best Of, The (Ronettes, The)
Best Of (Wain, Bea)
Best Of, The (Cooke, Sam)
Best Of Men At Work-Contraband, The (Men At Work)
Best Of The EMI Years (Ramones)
Best Of Honey Cone, The (Honey Cone, The)
Best Of Dave Mason, The (Mason, Dave)
Best Of (Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs)
Best Of (Gilmer, Jimmy & Fireballs, The)
Best Of (Amen Corner)
Best Of Alma Cogan, The (Cogan, Alma)
Best Of (Petrel, Peter)
Best Of (Lind, Bob)
Best Of, The (Poni-Tails, The)
Best Of (Wynter, Mark)
Best Of (Sebastian, Peter)
Best Of (Kyser, Kay & His Orchestra)
Best of Burke The Early Recordings (Burke, Solomon)
Best Of The Rock 'n' Roll Years (Backus, Gus)
Bing Crosby At His Best-40 Great Tracks (Crosby, Bing)
Best Of (Spaniels, The)
Best Of The Bachelors, The (Bachelors, The)
Best Of Frankie Yankovic, The (Yankovic, Frankie & His Yanks)
Best Of Kurtis Blow, The (The Breaks)
Best Of (Go West)
Best Of Eddie Cantor, The (Cantor, Eddie)
Best Of, The (Dolan, Joe)
Best Of (Little Tony)
Best Of (Fidenco, Nico)
Best Of Chubby Checker (Checker, Chubby)
Best Of Georg Danzer (Danzer, Georg)
Best Of Gary Numan, The (Numan, Gary)
Best Of Deutsche Schlager (Diverse)
Best Of Caterina (Valente, Caterina)
Best Of Kool And The Gang, The (Kool & The Gang)
Best Of 1980_1987, The (Bowie, David)
Best Of (À La Carte)
Best Of (Mantovani & His Orchestra)
Best Of (Lynn, Vera)
Best Of, The (Lords, The)
Blues At Christmas, The (Diverse)
Best Of Etta James, The (James, Etta)
Bobby Bare (Bare, Bobby)
Bob Crosby's Bobcats (Crosby, Bob & His Bobcats)
Bravo Hits 55 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 56 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 57 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 58 (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 59 (Diverse)
Burr, Henry (Archiv) (Burr, Henry)
Burtnett, Earl (Archiv) (Burtnett, Earl)
Best Of Al Martino, The (Martino, Al)
Best Of The Ames Brothers, The (Ames Brothers, The)
Bierkanzler, Der (Gerd Show, Die)
Best Of Yello, The (Yello)
Back To Titanic-More (Horner, James)
Best Of Gershwin (Diverse)
Big "O" (Orbison, Roy)
Best Of, The (Richard, Cliff)
Bitte recht freundlich / Braun (Truck Stop)
Blues Before Sunrise (Charles, Ray)
Buddy Holly (Holly, Buddy)
Bravo Hits 5 (Diverse)
Bobby Darin Sings Ray Charles (Darin, Bobby)
Bobby Darin Story-Mack The Knife, The (Darin, Bobby)
Best Of (Smokie)
Best Of (Astor, Tom)
Best Of (Specials, The)
Best Of (Shadows, The)
Best Of (Ford, Tennessee Ernie)
Best Of Crazy Otto, The (Crazy Otto)
Black Coffee (Lee, Peggy)
Berry, Dave (Berry, Dave)
Best Of Engelbert, The (Engelbert)
Barbecue Bob Vol. 1 (1927 - 1928) (Barbecue Bob)
Barbecue Bob Vol. 2 (1928 - 1929) (Barbecue Bob)
Ballermann 6 - Balneario '99 (CD 1) (Diverse)
Best Of Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra, The (Cugat, Xavier)
Bar Jazz 2 (Diverse)
Back To The 50's (Diverse)
Best Of (Spears, Billie Jo)
Blue Hawaii (Presley, Elvis)
Back On The Street Again (Hazlewood, Lee)
Best Of Chicago (Chicago)
Bachata 2005 (Amargue, Luis Miguel del)
Beim Kronenwirt (Quinn, Freddy)
Best Of (Jones, Tom)
Best Of Summer...Ever (Diverse)
Be My Love (Lanza, Mario)
Beste vom Grand Prix, Das (Diverse)
Best Of Grand Prix (Diverse)
Best Of Early Basie (Diverse)
Best Of (Parton, Dolly)
Berg groovt, Der (Diverse)
Best Of (Hollies, The)
Baker, Chet & Strings (Baker, Chet & Strings)
Best Of Kuschelrock (Diverse)
Blues Masters-Stop Monkeyin' Around (Dovells, The)
Blues Masters 1-2-3 (Rerecordings) (Barry, Len)
Blues Masters-San Francisco Blues (Diverse)
Blues Masters- The Greatest (Bland, Bobby)
Blues Masters (Mayfield, Percy)
Big Band Masters (Shaw, Artie)
Blue-Eyed Soul Masters-Private Clown (Vera, Billy)
Blues Masters, Vol. 2 (King, Freddie)
Blues Masters-Foolin' Myself (Holiday, Billie)
Beliebte Kinderlieder (Metropolis Film Orchestra)
Broadway Masters auf Deutsch (Diverse)
Blues Masters-Wild Man Blues (Armstrong, Louis)
Blues Masters-Romance In The Dark (Holiday, Billie)
Blues Masters-These 'n' That 'n' Those (Holiday, Billie)
Blues Masters-I Cried For You (Holiday, Billie)
Blues Masters-I Can't Pretend (Holiday, Billie)
Best Of Comedian Harmonists (Comedian Harmonists)
Best Of Styx (Styx)
Back In Memphis (Diverse)
Best Of Oldies But Goldies Vol. 1 (Diverse)
Baccara (Baccara)
Best Of Paul & Barry Ryan (Ryan, Paul & Barry)
Best Of (New World)
Best Of Vaughn, Billy (Vaughn, Billy)
Best Of (Greenbaum, Norman)
Best Of (Glitter Band, The)
Best Of Soulful Dynamics (Soulful Dynamics)
Best Of Keith Marshall (Marshall, Keith)
Best Of & Rarities (Hello)
Best Of (Chicory Tip)
Best Of (Arnold, P. P.)
Best Of (Jones, Casey & The Governors)
Best Of (Sparks)
Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon & Garfunkel)
Belle DeJour (Saint Tropez)
Bix Beiderbecke (Diverse)
Big Band Blast! The Classic Originals (Diverse)
Big Band Era, The (Diverse)
Backline-Special Christmas Edition 1 (Diverse)
Backline-Special Christmas Edition 2 (Diverse)
Blauer Tango (Diverse)
Broadway-The Great Original Cast Recordings (Diverse)
Blues Classics-Norfolk (Diverse)
Best Of Musical (Diverse)
Back To Back (Diverse)
Best Of Pop Vol. 1 (Diverse)
Best Of Pop Vol. 2 (Diverse)
Baby I Done Got Wise (Diverse)
Big Band Chicago (Diverse)
Ballads & Booze (Diverse)
Bravo Hits 62 (Diverse)
Best Irish Party Album, The (Diverse)
Blue & Sentimental (Diverse)
Berlin, Berlin-Berliner Gassenhauer 1912-1936 (Diverse)
Berge der Heimat - Folge 1 (Diverse)
Big T-A Hundred Years From Today (Diverse)
Best Of Ballroom Dancing, The (Diverse)
Bert Kaempfert Story-A Musical Biography, Die (Diverse)
band singer (1929-1940), The (Diverse)
Black Diamond Express To Hell [Collection] (Diverse)
Barbershop Quartets, The Treasury Of (Diverse)
Backline Volume 41 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 42 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 43 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 44 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 45 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 46 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 47 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 48 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 49 (Diverse)
Backline Volume 50 (Diverse)
Bury The Hatche-Right In Your Head (Diverse)
Best Of The Rest (Arthur Nutley)
Bonnie & Clyde-The Music They Lived And Died By (Diverse)
Boogie Woogie, Vol. 1 (Diverse)
Burlesque-The Ultimate Collection (Diverse)
Box Of Memories (Diverse)
Bob Merrill Songbook, The (Diverse)
Best Of Harmony And Vocal Groups (Diverse)
besten Hits von 1955, Die (Diverse)
Barrelhouse Women Vol. 1 (1925 (Diverse)
Beautiful Dreams-Ember Sixties Pop Vol. 5-Ember Girls (Diverse)
Bums Valdera (Diverse)
Blues Ramblers-The Essential Masters (Diverse)
Berlin Swings Vol. 01 (Diverse)
Best Of 60's (Mann, Manfred)
Beautiful Soup (Marmalade, The)
Beatles' Second Album, The (Beatles, The)
Beatles VI (Beatles, The)
Best Sellers Of The 50's (Diverse)
Best Sellers Of The 60's (Diverse)
Big Band Christmas (Diverse)
Blue Christmas (Diverse)
Best Of Bill Haley, The (Haley, Bill)
Best Of Dance '85 (Diverse)
Best Of Dance '86 (Diverse)
Best Of Dance '87 (Diverse)
Best Of Dance '88 (Diverse)
Best Of Dance '89 (Diverse)
Best Of Dance '90 (Diverse)
Best Of Dance '91 (Diverse)
Best Of Disco Rock Classics (Diverse)