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Num. Musiktitel St Interpret Begleitung Komponist / Texter Texter / Komponist Zeit Jahr Aufnahmeort Aufn.-Dat. Chartstart Bemerkung Single Nr. Matrize O Musikquelle
(It's Just Too Bad for) Nasty Uncle Adolf Cooper, Jack 3:07 Deezer
(We'll Be Singing Hallelujah) Marching Through Berlin Merman, Ethel 3:11 Deezer
A Little On The Lonely Side V Lombardo, Guy & His Royal Canadians feat. Brown, Jimmy Robertson, Dick/Weldon, Frank Cavanaugh, James 2:21 1944 03.11.1944 24.02.1945 C Deezer
A Mother's Prayer At Twilight V Lynn, Vera 3:02 0000 Deezer
Adolph I Ambrose & His Orchestra 3:02 Deezer
All Alone In Vienna V Casani Club Orchestra feat. Lynn, Vera Ilda, Lewis/Morrow, Morton/Towers, Leo Ilda, Lewis/Morrow, Morton/Towers, Leo 2:57 1937 London 15.03.1937 O Deezer
All Over The Place V Thorburn, Billy (The Organ, The Dance Band And Me) 3:10 1940 London 10.10.1940 Deezer
Always In My Heart Geraldo & His Orchestra feat. Bowlly, Al Lecuona, Ernesto Gannon, Kim 3:07 1942 20.07.1942 Aus dem Film 'Always In My Heart'. O Deezer
Amapola (Pretty Little Poppy) V Dorsey, Jimmy & His Orchestra feat. O'Connell, Helen & Eberle, Bob Lacalle, José María Gamse, Albert 3:26 1941 New York City 03.02.1941 15.03.1941 C Deezer
American Patrol I Miller, Glenn & His Orchestra Meacham, F. W. 3:22 1942 02.04.1942 04.07.1942 C Deezer
April Showers V Jolson, Al Silvers, Louis DeSylva, Buddy 3:07 1921 22.10.1921 17.05.1922 A Plantation Act O Deezer
As Time Goes By Wilson, Dooley Hupfeld, Herman Hupfeld, Herman 2:27 1942 Los Angeles 10.11.1943 Aus dem Film 'Cassablanca'. C Deezer
At Last Glenn Miller Orchestra 3:06 Deezer
Auf Wiederseh'n, Sweetheart V Lynn, Vera 2:32 Deezer
Ave Maria V Fields, Gracie Schubert, Franz (1797-1828) Schubert, Franz (1797-1828) 3:16 1941 London C Deezer
Beneath The Lights Of Home Durbin, Deanna Grossman, Bernie Jurmann, Walter 3:04 1941 Los Angeles 22.01.1941 O Deezer
Bless 'em All Formby, George Lake, Frank/Hughes, J. D. Stillman, Al 2:53 1940 London O Deezer
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy V Andrews Sisters, The Raye, Don Prince, Hughie 2:42 1941 Deezer
Bugle Call Rag Benny Goodman & His Orchestra, Gene Krupa 3:03 Deezer
Bye, Bye, Blackbird V Lee, Peggy Henderson, Ray Dixon, Mort 3:42 1955 C Deezer
Can't We Meet Again Flanagan & Allen 3:21 Deezer
Comin' in a Wing and a Prayer Four Vagabonds, The 2:40 Deezer
Coming Home Preager, Lou & His Orchestra 3:05 40er Deezer
Daddy Kaye, Sammy & His Orchestra Troup, Bobby Troup, Bobby 2:58 1941 31.03.1941 01.01.1941 O Deezer
Dancing In The Dark I Shaw, Artie & His Orchestra Schwartz, Arthur Dietz, Howard 3:05 1941 23.01.1941 08.03.1941 C Deezer
Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree Kyser, Kay & His Orchestra 2:49 Deezer
F.D.R. Jones (?) Flanagan & Allen 1:22 Deezer
Fuehrer's Face, Der Jones, Spike Wallace, Oliver Wallace, Oliver 2:41 1947 C Deezer
Goodnight Children Everywhere Henderson, Chick 3:18 Deezer
Goodnight My Love V Fields, Gracie Arnheim, Gus/LeMare, Jules Tobias, Harry 1:35 1937 C Deezer
Goodnight, Sweetheart V Crosby, Bing Campbell, Jimmy/Noble, Ray/Connelly, Reginald Campbell, Jimmy/Noble, Ray/Connelly, Reginald 2:58 1931 06.10.1931 31.10.1931 C Deezer
Green Eyes V O'Connell, Helen 3:23 1951 Deezer
Handsome Territorial, The Gonella, Nat & His Georgians 3:02 1939 22.06.1939 Deezer
Happy Days Are Here Again V Ambrose & His Orchestra Ager, Milton Yellen, Jack 3:03 1930 Aus dem Film „Chasing Rainbows“. C Deezer
Harbour Lights V Lynn, Vera 3:05 1937 Deezer
Homecoming Waltz, The Benson, Ivy & Her Girls Band 3:16 40er Deezer
I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire V Ink Spots, The Benjamin, Bennie/Durham, Eddie Marcus, Sol/Seiler, Eddie 1:05 1941 New York City 27.08.1941 18.10.1941 C Deezer
I Don't Want To Walk Without You Flanagan & Allen 2:49 Deezer
If a Grey Haired Lady Says "How's Your Father" Flanagan & Allen 2:51 Deezer
I'll Be Seeing You V Crosby, Bing Kahal, Irving Fain, Sammy 2:51 1944 17.02.1944 22.04.1944 C Deezer
I'll Never Smile Again Loss, Joe & His Band 3:13 Deezer
I'll Pray For You V Bailey, Mildred Hill, Stanley King, Roy 3:06 1940 15.05.1940 Deezer
I'm Going To Get Lit Up (When The Lights Go Up In London) I Gibbons, Carroll & The Savoy Hotel Orpheans 2:35 Deezer
I'm Sending a Letter to Santa Clause V Fields, Gracie 3:05 30er Deezer
It's A Pair Of Wings For Me Gonella, Nat & His New Georgians 2:49 40er Deezer
It's A Sin To Tell A Lie V Ink Spots, The Mayhew, Billy Mayhew, Billy 1:40 1942 New York City 17.11.1941 C Deezer
Jingle Jangle Jingle V Merry Macs, The Lilley, Joseph Loesser, Frank 2:54 1942 Los Angeles 21.02.1942 20.06.1942 C Deezer
Kiss me Goodnight Sergeant Major Cotton, Billy & His Band 2:51 1939 Deezer
Lambeth Walk I Ambrose & His Orchestra 3:11 Deezer
Lay Down Your Arms V Shelton, Anne Gerhard, Åke/Land, Leon Roberts, Paddy 2:53 1956 29.09.1956 C Deezer
Lili Marlene V Shelton, Anne Schultze, Norbert/Leip, Hans Connor, Tommie 2:48 1943 Deezer
London Pride Coward, Noel Coward, Noël Coward, Noël 3:22 0000 Deezer
Long Ago (And Far Away) V Geraldo & His Orchestra feat. Lewis, Archie Kern, Jerome Gershwin, Ira 3:02 1944 04.07.1944 C Deezer
Ma, I Miss Your Apple Pie Browne, Sam 3:23 Deezer
Mairzy Doats V Merry Macs, The Drake, Milton/Hoffman, Al/Livingston, Jerry Drake, Milton/Hoffman, Al/Livingston, Jerry 2:46 1943 13.12.1943 26.02.1944 O Deezer
Moonlight Cocktail Miller, Glenn 2:47 Deezer
Mr. Wu's an Air Raid Warden Now Formby, George 2:44 1942 London 07.06.1942 Deezer
Navy's Here, The V Henderson, Chick 3:14 40er Deezer
Nearness Of You, The I Hutchinson, Leslie Carmichael, Hoagy Washington, Ned 3:11 40er C Deezer
Obey Your Air Raid Warden Pastor, Tony & His Orchestra Burness, Les Morris, John 1:54 1942 New York City 16.03.1942 Deezer
On A Slow Boat To China V Kyser, Kay & His Orchestra & Babbitt, Harry & Wood, Gloria Loesser, Frank Loesser, Frank 3:20 1947 09.11.1947 23.10.1948 O Deezer
Our Sergeant Major Formby, George Formby, George Formby, George 2:51 1938 London 17.07.1938 Deezer
Over The Rainbow V Garland, Judy Arlen, Harold Harburg, Edgar Yispel 2:47 1939 Los Angeles 28.07.1939 09.09.1939 Aus dem Film 'The Wizard Of Oz'. O Deezer
Paper Doll V Mills Brothers, The Black, Johnny S. Black, Johnny S. 2:37 1942 18.02.1942 17.07.1943 Der Titel wurde bereits 1915 von Black, Johnny S. geschrieben. Wurde aber erst 1930 verlegt. O Deezer
Pennies From Heaven V Crosby, Bing & Langford, Frances & Armstrong, Louis 3:07 1936 Los Angeles 17.08.1936 Deezer
Pennsylvania 6-5000 Glenn Miller Orchestra 3:15 Deezer
Pennsylvania Polka V Andrews Sisters, The Lee, Lester/Manners, Zeke Lee, Lester/Manners, Zeke 2:48 1942 Los Angeles 28.05.1942 08.08.1942 Aus dem Film 'Give Out, Sisters'. O Deezer
Piano Concerto in B Flat I Martin, Freddy & His Orchestra Tschaikowsky, Peter Iljitsch 3:16 1941 01.01.1941 C Deezer
Rhymes of the Times Bacon, Max 3:05 Deezer
Road To Morocco, The Hope, Bob 2:35 Deezer
Run Rabbit Run Flanagan & Allen 2:48 Deezer
Shine On Harvest Moon Kyser, Kay & His Orchestra Bayes, Nora/Norworth, Jack Bayes, Nora/Norworth, Jack 2:54 1944 C Deezer
Sing As We Go V Fields, Gracie Parr-Davies, Harry Parr-Davies, Harry 2:30 1934 Deezer
Sleepy Lagoon I James, Harry & His Orchestra Coates, Eric Lawrence, Jack 2:04 1942 24.02.1942 18.04.1942 'By A Sleepy Lagoon' wurde bereits 1930 von dem britischen Komponisten Eric Coates geschrieben. 1942 wurde der Txt von Jack Lawrence geschrieben. O Deezer
Somewhere In France With You Henderson, Chick 2:56 Deezer
Songs the Tommies Sing: Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty/Put Me Amongst the Girl Browne, Sam 2:57 Deezer
Stardust I Shaw, Artie & His Orchestra Carmichael, Hoagy Parish, Mitchell 3:33 1940 Hollywood, CA 07.10.1940 Deezer
String of Pearls Miller, Glenn & His Orchestra 1:03 Deezer
Take The 'A' Train I Ellington, Duke & His Famous Orchestra Strayhorn, Billy Strayhorn, Billy 2:43 1941 Hollywood 15.02.1941 26.07.1941 O Deezer
Tangerine Dorsey, Jimmy 3:12 Deezer
There'll Always Be an Angel in England Loss, Joe & His Orchestra 3:05 Deezer
They Can't Blackout the Moon Harry Roy & His Orchestra, Wendy Clare 3:15 Deezer
This Is the Army Mr Jones Berlin, Irving 1:25 Deezer
'Til Reveille V Kyser, Kay & His Orchestra feat. Babbitt & Simms & Williams & Martin Cowan, Stanley/Worth, Bobby Cowan, Stanley/Worth, Bobby 2:43 1941 Hollywood 05.04.1941 26.07.1941 Vokalisten: 'Babbitt, Harry; Simms, Ginny; Williams, Max & Martin, Jack'. O Deezer
Till The Lights Of London Shine Again Chick Henderson, Joe Loss & His Band 3:17 Deezer
Toodle Oo Lawrence, Brian & & His Orchestra 1:13 Deezer
Underneath The Arches Flanagan & Allen 3:07 1932 Deezer
Very Thought Of You, The V Bowlly, Al & Liter, Monia 0:52 1934 London 09.04.1934 07.07.1934 Film Soundtrack Deezer
We Must All Stick Together Geraldo and his Orchestra, Cyril Grantham 3:05 Deezer
We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me) V Ink Spots, The Robertson, Dick/Nelson, Cogane Mysels, Sammy 3:24 1940 New York City 16.07.1940 12.10.1940 C Deezer
We'll Meet Again (kurz) V Lynn, Vera & Young, Arthur Parker, Albert Ross Charles, Hughie 2:35 1939 02.01.1954 Aus dem Film 'We'll Meet Again'. Deezer
We're Going to Hang out the Washing Flanagan & Allen 2:45 Deezer
When They Sound The Last All Clear V Lynn, Vera 3:26 40er Deezer
Whispering Grass V Ink Spots, The 2:40 Deezer
White Cliffs Of Dover V Lynn, Vera 3:19 Deezer
Wings Over the Navy Cotton, Billy & His Band 2:49 1939 Deezer
Wishing V Lynn, Vera DeSylva, Buddy DeSylva, Buddy 3:23 1939 Deezer
You Are My Sunshine V Roy, Harry & His Band feat. Kingsley, Marjorie & Lister, Renee Davis, Jimmie Mitchell, Charles 2:47 1942 London 07.08.1942 Vokalisten: 'Roy, Harry & Kingsley, Marjorie & Lister, Renee'. C Deezer
You Made Me Love You I James, Harry & His Orchestra McCarthy, Joseph Monaco, James V. 1:03 1942 20.05.1941 01.11.1941 Deezer
You're Driving Me Crazy (What Did I Do) I Lombardo, Guy & His Royal Canadians 3:19 Deezer

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