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Num. Musiktitel St Interpret Begleitung Komponist / Texter Texter / Komponist Zeit Jahr Aufnahmeort Aufn.-Dat. Chartstart Bemerkung Single Nr. Matrize O Musikquelle
Ain't Misbehavin' I Waller, Fats Waller, Fats/Brooks, Harry Razaf, Andy 3:59 1929 02.08.1929 09.11.1929 Aus dem Broadway Musical 'Hot Chocolates'. C Deezer
Ain't She Sweet V Austin, Gene Ager, Milton Yellen, Jack 2:38 1927 New York City 15.03.1927 25.06.1927 C Deezer
Anything Goes Porter, Cole Porter, Cole Porter, Cole 3:09 1934 27.11.1934 Aus dem Broadway Musical 'Anything Goes'. C Deezer
Apple Sauce Virginians, The Freed/Lyman/Arnheim 3:16 1923 26.02.1923 Gorman, Ross Deezer
Baby Face I Selvin, Ben & His Orchestra Akst, Harry/Davis, Benny Akst, Harry/Davis, Benny 3:06 1926 09.07.1926 23.10.1926 C Deezer
Because My Baby Don't Mean „Maybe“ Now! I Whiteman, Paul & His Orchestra Donaldson, Walter Donaldson, Walter 2:56 1928 New York City 18.06.1928 C Deezer
Bees Knees Virginians, The Lopez, Ray/Lewis, Ted Lopez, Ray/Lewis, Ted 3:27 1923 New York City, NY 20.12.1922 C Deezer
Begin The Beguine I Shaw, Artie & His Orchestra Porter, Cole Porter, Cole 3:36 1938 New York City, NY 24.07.1938 03.09.1938 Aus: 'Jubilee'. C Deezer
Black Bottom I Hamp, Johnny & His Kentucky Serenaders Henderson, Ray Brown, Lew/DeSylva, Buddy 3:11 1926 New York City 28.06.1926 04.12.1926 Aus dem Broadway Musical 'George White's Scandals Of 1926'. O Deezer
Breezing Along With The Breeze V Le Jacob's Jazz feat. Baker, Josephine Gillespie, Dizzy/Simons, Seymour Whiting, Richard 2:25 1927 Deezer
Broadway Rag Wilson, Bob & His Varsity Rhythm Boys 2:44 Deezer
Button Up Your Overcoat Waring, Fred & His Pennsylvanians Henderson, Ray Brown, Lew/DeSylva, Buddy 3:02 1929 23.01.1929 13.04.1929 C Deezer
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon V Deep River Boys, The 3:13 0000 Deezer
Charleston I Whiteman, Paul & His Orchestra Mack, Cecil/Johnson, James P. Mack, Cecil/Johnson, James P. 2:50 1925 07.05.1925 24.10.1925 C Deezer
Charleston Ball Cotton Club Orchestra, The Heywood, Donald Heywood, Donald 2:52 1925 10.11.1925 O Deezer
Charleston Charley Firman, Bert & His Orchestra 2:29 Deezer
Cotton Club Stomp I Ellington, Duke & His Cotton Club Orchestra Carney, Harry/Hodge, Johnny Ellington, E. 2:56 1929 New York City, Liederkranz Hall 03.05.1929 Deezer
Doin' The Uptown Lowdown V Bailey, Mildred Gordon, Mack Revel, Harry 2:52 1933 New York City 17.10.1933 Aus dem Film 'Broadway Trough A Keyhole'. Im Film sang Williams, Frances. O Deezer
Don't Forget To Mess Around Armstrong, Louis & His Hot Five Barbarin, Paul Armstrong, Louis 3:06 1926 Chicago 16.06.1926 Vokalist ist: 'Armstrong, Louis'. O Deezer
Dream A Little Dream Of Me V Fitzgerald, Ella & Armstrong, Louis Schwandt, Wilbur/Andrée, Fabian Kahn, Gus 3:06 1950 C Deezer
Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue Landry, Art & His Orchestra 3:34 Deezer
Georgia On My Mind Beiderbecke, Bix 3:06 Deezer
Girl Friend, The Olsen, George & His Music 2:50 Deezer
Glad Rag Doll I Golden Gate Orchestra Ager, Milton/Dougherty, Dan Yellen, Jack 3:09 1929 New York City 26.12.1928 C Deezer
Guitar Rag Weaver, Sylvester 3:06 1927 12.04.1927 Deezer
Happy Days Are Here Again V Marvin, Johnny Ager, Milton Yellen, Jack 2:21 1929 New York City 23.10.1929 C Deezer
Happy Feet Whiteman, Paul & His Orchestra feat. The Rhythm Boys Ager, Milton Yellen, Jack 2:56 1930 10.02.1930 Aus dem Film 'The King Of Jazz'. O Deezer
Hard-Hearted Hannah-Singing in the Bathtub-California, Here I Come Provine, Dorothy 4:18 Deezer
He Hadn't Up Till Yesterday V Tucker, Sophie 2:56 1928 Deezer
Hello Lola Mound City Blue Blowers McKenzie, Red Means, Gordon 3:20 1930 14.11.1929 C Deezer
Home In Pasadena Jolson, Al & Jones, Isham & His Orchestra Warren, Harry Clarke, Grant/Leslie, Edgar 3:08 1924 14.03.1924 C Deezer
I Ain't Got Nobody Hines, Earl „Fatha“ 3:10 Deezer
I Got Rhythm V Waters, Ethel & Her Ebony Four Gershwin, George & Ira Gershwin, George & Ira 3:04 1931 18.11.1930 01.01.1931 C Deezer
I Wanna Be Loved By You Helen Kane, Leonard Joy, The Victor Orchestra 2:48 Deezer
I Want To Be Bad O'Neal, Zelma 2:52 Deezer
I Want To Be Happy V Fitzgerald, Ella Youmans, Vincent Caesar, Irving 4:32 0000 C Deezer
I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate Muggsy Spanier'S Ragtime Band 2:54 Deezer
If Dreams Come True Webb, Chick 3:26 Deezer
If I Had A Talking Picture Of You Earl Burtnett and His Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel Orchestra 2:58 Deezer
If You Knew Susie Jack Shilkret's Orchestra 3:00 Deezer
I'll See You In My Dreams Ray Miller Orchestra 2:52 Deezer
I'm Gonna Charleston Back To Charleston Coon-Sanders Original Nighthawk Orchestra 3:14 Deezer
I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover V Goldkette, Jean & His Orchestra feat. Murray, Billy Woods, Harry Dixon, Mort 3:13 1927 New York City 28.01.1927 03.09.1927 C Deezer
It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) Armstrong, Louis 3:58 Deezer
It Had To Be You Broadway Broadcasters Jones, Isham Kahn, Gus 3:06 1925 11.04.1924 C Deezer
It Must Be Love Rolfe, B. A. & His Lucky Strike Orchestra 3:32 Deezer
I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm Goodman, Benny Berlin, Irving Berlin, Irving 2:28 Deezer
Jeepers Creepers V Armstrong, Louis & His Orchestra Warren, Harry Mercer, Johnny 2:38 1939 18.01.1939 04.02.1939 Soundtrack 'Going Places'. O Deezer
Kansas City Kitty Rhythmic Eight, The Donaldson, Walter Leslie, Edgar 2:37 1929 Hayes, Middlesex 04.09.1929 C Deezer
Lady Love Chicago Footwarmers, The Dominique. N. Dominique. N. 2:45 1928 Chicago 04.07.1928 Deezer
Let's Do It V Holiday, Billie & Heywood, Eddie & His Orchestra Porter, Cole Porter, Cole 2:56 1941 21.03.1941 C Deezer
Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love) Rolfe, B. A. & His Lucky Strike Orchestra 3:33 Deezer
Let's Misbehave Aaronson, Irving & His Commanders 2:52 Deezer
Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries Hylton, Jack & His Orchestra Lew Brown/Ray Henderson Lew Brown/Ray Henderson 2:58 1931 C Deezer
Makin' Whoopee! Walters, Eddie Donaldson, Walter Kahn, Gus 3:16 1930 12.03.1929 C Deezer
Me And My Gin V Smith, Bessie Burke, Harry Burke, Harry 2:50 1928 25.08.1928 Deezer
Me And My Shadow V Smith, 'Whispering' Jack Dreyer, Dave/Jolson, Al Rose, Billy 3:13 1927 New York City 28.04.1927 16.07.1927 Aus der Revue 'Harry Delmar's Revels' vom 28.11.1927 in welcher Frank Fay den Titel sang. Am Piano: Dreyer, Dave. O Deezer
Midnight In Harlem Webb, Chick 2:34 Deezer
Minnie The Moocher V Calloway, Cab & His Orchestra Calloway, Cab Mills, Irving 3:16 1931 03.03.1931 21.03.1931 O Deezer
Mississippi Mud (feat. Bix Beiderbecke) Whiteman, Paul & His Orchestra 3:25 Deezer
Moonglow I Goodman, Benny & His Orchestra DeLange, Eddie/Hudson, Will/Mills, Irving DeLange, Eddie/Hudson, Will/Mills, Irving 3:24 1934 14.05.1934 16.06.1934 C Deezer
My Blue Heaven Voorhees, Don & His Orchestra Donaldson, Walter Whiting, Richard 3:23 1927 09.09.1927 31.12.1927 C Deezer
My Man Brice, Fanny Yvain, Maurice/Charles, Jacques Willemetz, Albert 3:33 1921 08.11.1921 11.02.1922 Aus der Show 'Ziegfeld Follies Of 1921'. C Deezer
My Troubles Are Over V Yellman, Duke & His Orchestra feat. Happy Jack Monaco, James V. Leslie, Edgar 3:14 1928 New York City 06.12.1928 C Deezer
My Wife Is On A Diet Leslie Sarony, Harry Hudson 2:39 Deezer
Nagasaki V Calloway, Cab & His Orchestra Warren, Harry Dixon, Mort 2:55 1935 New York City 02.07.1935 Vokalist ist: 'Calloway, Cab'. C Deezer
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out V Smith, Bessie 2:57 Deezer
On The Sunny Side Of The Street Rhythmic Eight, The 2:52 Deezer
Puttin' On The Ritz V Astaire, Fred Berlin, Irving Berlin, Irving 2:36 1930 1946 machte Fred Astaire eine Aufnahme mit neuem Songtext für den Film 'Blue Skies'. C Deezer
Rain, Rain, Go Away Weeks, Anson & His Orchestra 2:02 20er Deezer
Rhapsody In Blue Gershwin, George Gershwin, George Gershwin, George 3:04 1928 Deezer
Rhapsody In Blue (Parts 1 & 2) I Whiteman, Paul & His Concert Orchestra Gershwin, George 9:12 1924 10.06.1924 Klavierversion Deezer
Runnin' Wild Jungle Band, The Grey, Joe/Wood, Leo Gibbs, Arthur 2:40 1930 17.10.1930 C Deezer
San Paul Whiteman's Orchestra 3:07 Deezer
Shim Sham Shimmy Dorsey Brothers' Orchestra Dorsey, Jimmy McGrath, Fulton 3:12 1933 14.03.1933 Deezer
Singin' In The Rain Rich, Fred & His Orchestra 3:19 Deezer
Singin' The Blues Beiderbecke, Bix 3:00 Deezer
Some Of These Days V Tucker, Sophie Brooks, Shelton Brooks, Shelton 2:56 1911 New York City 24.02.1911 08.07.1911 C Deezer
Somebody Stole My Gal I Goodman, Benny & His Orchestra Wood, Leo Wood, Leo 3:02 1941 20.12.1940 C Deezer
Someone To Watch Over Me I Gershwin, George Gershwin, George & Ira Gershwin, George & Ira 3:10 1926 New York City 08.11.1926 19.03.1927 Aus dem Broadway Musical 'Oh, Kay!'. Piano Solo. C Deezer
Spread a Little Happiness (feat. Binnie Hale) Al Starita Orchestra 3:11 Deezer
Spring Cleaning, Getting Ready for Love Waller, Fats 2:28 Deezer
St. Louis Blues Armstrong, Louis & His Orchestra Handy, William Christopher Handy, William Christopher 2:59 1930 New York City 13.12.1929 08.02.1930 C Deezer
Stompin' At The Savoy I Goodman, Benny & His Orchestra Goodman, Benny/Webb, Chick Sampson, Edgar/Razaf, Andy 3:13 1936 Chicago 24.01.1936 11.07.1936 C Deezer
Sunny Skies Picadilly Players, The 3:14 Deezer
Swanee V Jolson, Al Gershwin, George Caesar, Irving 2:36 1920 09.01.1920 08.05.1920 Aus der Show 'Sinbad'. O Deezer
Sweet Georgia Brown Bernie, Ben & His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra Pinkard, Maceo/Bernie, Ben Casey, Kenneth 2:57 1925 19.03.1925 27.06.1925 O Deezer
Tap Your Feet Hylton, Jack & His Orchestra 3:20 Deezer
Teddy Bears' Picnic I Commodore Grand Orchestra Bratton, John W. Kennedy, Jimmy 3:02 20er C Deezer
That Lindy Hop Ellington, Duke 2:55 Deezer
Tiger Rag I Tatum, Art La Rocca, Nick u.a.m. 2:14 1933 21.03.1933 C Deezer
Tip-Toe Thru' The Tulips With Me V Lucas, Nick Burke, Joseph Dubin, Al 2:48 1929 10.05.1929 28.09.1929 Aus dem Film 'Gold Diggers Of Broadway'. O Deezer
Toot, Toot, Tootsie! Goodbye V Jolson, Al 2:29 Deezer
Varsity Drag, The Lyman, Abe & His Californians 2:45 Deezer
When The Red, Red, Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along I Selvin, Ben & His Orchestra feat. Keller Sisters & Lynch Woods, Harry Woods, Harry 2:57 1926 02.06.1926 C Deezer
Who Buchanan, Jack 1:20 Deezer
Yes Sir, That's My Baby Ace Brigode And His 14 Virginians 3:09 Deezer
Yes! We Have No Bananas Brice, Fanny 2:56 Deezer
You Were Meant For Me Capitolians, The 2:42 20er Deezer
You're The Cream In My Coffee Colonial Club Orchestra Henderson, Ray Brown, Lew/DeSylva, Buddy 3:18 1929 27.10.1928 C Deezer

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