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Num. Musiktitel St Interpret Begleitung Komponist / Texter Texter / Komponist Zeit Jahr Aufnahmeort Aufn.-Dat. Chartstart Bemerkung Single Nr. Matrize O Musikquelle
(We're Gonna Hang Out) The Washing On The Siegfried Line Two Leslies, The 3:12 Deezer
A Door Will Open Hutchinson, Leslie 3:29 Deezer
A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening I Gibbons, Carroll & The Savoy Hotel Orpheans 3:29 1995 Remastered Version Deezer
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square Hutchinson, Leslie 3:13 Deezer
Abide With Me V Lynn, Vera 3:45 Deezer
Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive Johnny Mercer, The Pied Pipers, Paul Weston & His Orchestra 2:48 feat. Paul Weston And His Orchestra Deezer
Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens Adam, Paul & His Mayfair Music 2:51 1946 2003 Remastered Version Deezer
All Through The Day V Whiting, Margaret Kern, Jerome Hammerstein II, Oscar 2:33 1946 13.04.1946 C Deezer
American Patrol Loss, Joe & His Band 3:13 1995 Remastered Version Deezer
Anywhere Winstone, Eric & His Band 3:11 Deezer
April Played The Fiddle with Harry Roy And His Band) Bill Currie, Harry Roy & His Band 3:09 Deezer
Around The World V Fields, Gracie Young, Victor Adamson, Harold 2:27 1957 Aus dem Film 'Around The World In 80 Days'. C Deezer
As Time Goes By V Lynn, Vera Hupfeld, Herman Hupfeld, Herman 3:22 1956 1999 Remastered Version C Deezer
At Last I Geraldo & His Orchestra 3:30 1942 09.12.1942 Deezer
Au Revoir But Not Goodbye V Bowlly, Al 2:59 1939 London 05.10.1939 orchestra directed by Ronnie Munro. Deezer
Beer Barrel Polka (Skoda Lasky) V Andrews Sisters, The 2:48 1995 Remastered Version Deezer
Bells Of St Mary's Archie Lewis 3:05 Deezer
Beneath The Lights Of Home I Geraldo & His Orchestra 3:09 1941 25.06.1941 1995 Remastered Version Deezer
Blacking Out The Flat Arthur Askey, Richard Murdoch 6:07 Deezer
Bless 'Em All (The Service Song) Formby, George 2:59 Deezer
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy V Andrews Sisters, The Raye, Don Prince, Hughie 2:37 1941 Deezer
Candy Roy, Harry & His Band David, Mack/Whitney, Joan Kramer, Alex 2:27 1945 07.06.1945 C Deezer
Chattanooga Choo Choo Loss, Joe & His Orchestra Gorden, Mack Warren, Harry 2:44 1942 C Deezer
Choo Choo Special Winstone, Eric & His Band Winstone, Eric Winstone, Eric 3:25 0000 2008 Remastered Version Deezer
Come Rain Or Come Shine V Whiting, Margaret Arlen, Harold Mercer, Johnny 3:00 1946 15.06.1946 C Deezer
Coming Home Preager, Lou & His Orchestra 3:06 40er Deezer
Could You Please Oblige Us With A Bren Gun Coward, Noel & Orchestra 3:26 Deezer
Cow-Cow Boogie Morse, Ella Mae & Slack, Freddie & His Orchestra 3:12 2000 Remastered Version Deezer
Did You Ever Get That Feeling In The Moonlight V Preager, Lou & His Orchestra feat. Williams, Rita Cavanaugh, James/Stock, Larry Schuster, Ira 2:49 1945 07.12.1945 C Deezer
Do I Worry V Ink Spots, The Cowan, S./Wort, B. Cowan, S./Wort, B. 2:43 1940 New York City 08.08.1940 10.05.1941 O Deezer
Don't Get Around Much Anymore Roy, Harry & His Band 3:12 1943 London 15.06.1943 Deezer
Don't Let's Be Beastly To The Germans Coward, Noel 3:12 Deezer
Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me) I Geraldo & His Orchestra 2:51 Deezer
Dream V Pied Pipers, The Mercer, Johnny Mercer, Johnny 2:50 1945 Los Angeles 06.12.1944 10.03.1945 O Deezer
Dreams Of Yesterday V Squires, Dorothy 3:07 1945 Deezer
Far Away Places (with Bob Dale) Rabin, Oscar & His Band 3:12 2003 Remastered Version Deezer
Ferry Boat Serenade V Andrews Sisters, The 2:57 2003 Remastered Version Deezer
Five O'Clock Whistle Bette Roberts, Joe Loss & His Orchestra 2:52 with Joe Loss And His Orchestra Deezer
Fuehrer's Face, Der Trinder, Tommy 3:12 with Jan Ralfini And His Quad Of Swing And Hammond Organ Deezer
Goodnight Sweetheart V Noble, Ray & His Orchestra feat. Bowlly, Al 3:23 Deezer
Gypsy, The Payne, Jack 3:09 Deezer
Home Coming Waltz, The Benson, Ivy & Her Girls Band 3:14 Deezer
Home Guard Blues Formby, George 3:02 1942 London 17.12.1942 Deezer
Home Guard, The Wilton, Robb 6:34 Deezer
How Sweet You Are Benson, Ivy & Her Girls Band 3:24 Deezer
I Don't Want To Walk Without You I Gibbons, Carroll & The Savoy Hotel Orpheans Styne, Jules/Loesser, Frank Styne, Jules/Loesser, Frank 2:35 1942 1995 Remastered Version C Deezer
I Dream Of You More Than You Dream I Do Archie Lewis 2:52 Deezer
I Had The Craziest Dream V Gibbons, Carroll & The Savoy Hotel Orpheans feat. Kaye, Edna Warren, Harry Gordon, Mack 2:50 1943 C Deezer
I Walked In (With My Eyes Wide Open) V Winstone, Eric & His Band feat. Lea, Benny Adamson McHugh 3:08 1945 15.08.1945 Deezer
I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now Rabin, Oscar & His Band feat. Davis, Harry 3:06 Deezer
I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now Rabin, Oscar & His Band feat. Davis, Harry 3:06 with Harry Davis Deezer
If I Had My Way Carroll Gibbons, Leslie Douglas 2:28 2003 Remastered Version Deezer
I'll Always Be With You Hutch 3:20 Deezer
I'll Be Seeing You V Lynn, Vera Kahal, Irving Fain, Sammy 3:53 1966 C Deezer
I'll Never Smile Again I Loss, Joe & His Orchestra Lowe, Ruth Lowe, Ruth 3:13 40er C Deezer
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows 'Ziegfeld Girl' Fenoulhet, Paul & The Skyrockets Dance Orchestra 2:51 Deezer
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles Gonella, Nat & His New Georgians 2:40 Deezer
I'm Going To Get Lit Up When The Lights Go Up In London I Gibbons, Carroll & The Savoy Hotel Orpheans 2:35 Deezer
I'm Gonna Love That Guy (Like He's Never Been Loved Before) Green, Paula & Her Orchestra 3:09 Deezer
I'm In The Mood For Love (Every Night At Eight) Benson, Ivy & Her Girls Band 2:56 Deezer
I'm Nobody's Baby Gonella, Nat & His New Georgians 2:40 Deezer
I'm Old Fashioned Davis, Beryl 2:56 Deezer
I'm Sending My Blessings V Geraldo & His Orchestra feat. Carless, Dorothy 3:13 Deezer
In Love In Vain V Whiting, Margaret Robin, Leo/Kern, Jerome Robin, Leo/Kern, Jerome 3:01 1946 01.06.1946 C Deezer
In The Land Of Beginning Again Archie Lewis 3:16 Deezer
In The Mood Loss, Joe & His Band Garland, Joseph Razaf, Andy 3:35 1940 London C Deezer
Is My Baby Blue Tonight Kaye, Harry 3:10 Deezer
It Could Happen To You (Alt Master) Winstone, Eric & His Band 3:06 Deezer
It Had To Be You V Lynn, Vera Jones, Isham Kahn, Gus 2:48 0000 C Deezer
It's Been A Long Long Time I Gibbons, Carroll & The Savoy Hotel Orpheans 3:16 Deezer
I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo Evans, George 3:29 Deezer
Juanita Gonella, Nat & His New Georgians 3:08 2003 Remastered Version Deezer
Lamplighters Serenade, The Geraldo & His Orchestra feat. Evans, George 2:44 Deezer
Last Time I Saw Paris, The Coward, Noel 3:11 Deezer
Laughing On The Outside V Layton, Turner 3:38 Deezer
Let Him Go-Let Him Tarry V Loss, Joe & His Orchestra feat. Batey, Elizabeth Traditional Gordon/Maurice/Yale 3:10 1945 New York City 2003 Remastered Version Deezer
Life begins again Flanagan & Allen 3:10 1935 Deezer
Lili Marlene V Lynn, Vera 2:50 40er Deezer
Little Old Mill, The Geraldo, Carole Carr 2:55 with Carole Carr Deezer
Little Things That Mean So Much, The Payne, Jack & His Orchestra 2:44 Deezer
London Pride Coward, Noel Coward, Noël Coward, Noël 3:22 0000 Deezer
Long Ago (And Far Away) V Stafford, Jo Kern, Jerome Gershwin, Ira 2:37 1944 Los Angeles 21.01.1944 13.05.1944 C Deezer
Love Is My Reason Jack Payne, Betty Carless 3:13 2003 Remastered Version Deezer
Mairzy Doats V Pied Pipers, The Drake, Milton/Hoffman, Al/Livingston, Jerry Drake, Milton/Hoffman, Al/Livingston, Jerry 2:47 1944 08.04.1944 C Deezer
Max In An Air Raid (I Never Slept A Wink All Night) Miller, Max 3:30 Live At The Finsbury Park Empire Deezer
Memories Of You V Squires, Dorothy 3:30 1946 Deezer
Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet V Morse, Ella Mae DePaul, Gene Raye, Don 2:39 1944 06.05.1944 C Deezer
Moon River (Breakfast At Tiffany's) V Fields, Gracie 2:52 Deezer
Moonlight In Vermont V Butterfield, Billy & His Orchestra feat. Whiting, Margaret Blackburn, John Suessdorf, Karl 3:11 1944 15.09.1944 10.02.1945 O Deezer
No Love, No Nothin' Carless, Dorothy Warren, Harry Robin, Leo 3:23 1944 28.01.1944 Deezer
Old Music Master, The Adam, Paul & His Mayfair Music Carmichael, Hoagy Mercer, Johnny 2:31 1946 2003 Remastered Version Deezer
Our Sergeant Major Formby, George Formby, George Formby, George 2:45 1938 London 17.07.1938 Deezer
Over The Rainbow V Bowlly, Al 3:09 1939 London 21.12.1939 orchestra directed by Ronnie Munro. Deezer
Pennsylvania Polka The Organ The Dance Band And Me 3:02 2003 Remastered Version Deezer
Please Don't Say No (Say Maybe) Fenoulhet, Paul & The Skyrockets Dance Orchestra 3:14 Deezer
Portrait Of Jennie V Adam, Paul & His Mayfair Music feat. Holmes, Frank 3:15 1948 2003 Remastered Version Deezer
Puttin' On The Ritz V Astaire, Fred Berlin, Irving Berlin, Irving 2:37 1930 1946 machte Fred Astaire eine Aufnahme mit neuem Songtext für den Film 'Blue Skies'. C Deezer
Room 504 Hale, Binnie 3:35 1995 Remastered Version Deezer
Run Rabbit Run Roy, Harry & His Band 2:03 Deezer
Run Rabbit Run/If You Were The Only Girl In The World And I Were The Only Boy/There'll Always Be An England/Old Lady From Armentie Gracie Fields, The Troops 6:51 Deezer
Sand In My Shoes Hutchinson, Leslie 3:14 Deezer
Seems Like Old Times I Geraldo & His Orchestra 2:45 1946 11.04.1946 Deezer
Sentimental Journey Foster, Teddy & His Band 3:20 Deezer
Shoo-Shoo Baby V Andrews Sisters, The 2:45 1944 29.01.1944 2003 Remastered Version Deezer
Sing As We Go V Fields, Gracie Parr-Davies, Harry Parr-Davies, Harry 1:37 1934 Deezer
Skylark V Geraldo & His Orchestra feat. Davis, Beryl Carmichael, Hoagy Mercer, Johnny 3:19 1942 30.07.1942 C Deezer
Smiths And The Jones, The Flanagan & Allen 3:05 Deezer
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes V Fields, Gracie 4:03 Deezer
Smoke! Smoke! Smoke (That Cigarette) Adam, Paul & His Mayfair Music Travis, Merle Williams, Tex 3:04 1946 2003 Remastered Version C Deezer
Somewhere In France With You V Loss, Joe & His Band feat. Henderson, Chick Carr, Michael Carr, Michael 2:54 1939 London Deezer
Spitfire Song, The Loss, Joe & His Orchestra 2:53 Deezer
Stage Coach Winstone, Eric & His Band 3:09 1942 London 10.01.1942 Deezer
Sunrise Serenade (Concert Version) Gonella, Nat & His New Georgians 2:50 Deezer
Symphony V Stafford, Jo Alstone, Alex Bernstein, Roger/Tabet, André 2:30 1946 29.12.1945 C Deezer
Takin' The Trains Out (Chasin' After You) Foster, Teddy & His Band 2:46 Deezer
That Lovely Weekend I Geraldo & His Orchestra 3:26 1941 2003 Remastered Version Deezer
That Old Black Magic V Whiting, Margaret Arlen, Harold Mercer, Johnny 2:41 1942 2000 Remastered Version Deezer
There Must Be A Way Foster, Teddy & His Band 3:30 2003 Remastered Version Deezer
There'll Always Be An England V Lynn, Vera 2:59 0000 1999 Remastered Version Deezer
Things We Did Last Summer, The V Stafford, Jo Cahn, Sammy Styne, Jule 3:03 1946 16.11.1946 O Deezer
This Is Always V Stafford, Jo Warren, Harry Gordon, Mack 3:01 1946 Los Angeles, CA 29.03.1946 28.09.1946 Aus dem Film 'Three Little Girls In Blue'. C Deezer
This Is No Laughing Matter V Geraldo & His Orchestra feat. Carless, Dorothy 3:15 Deezer
Trolley Song, The V Pied Pipers, The Blane, Ralph Martin, Hugh 2:59 1944 21.10.1944 Deezer
Underneath The Arches Flanagan & Allen 3:27 1932 Deezer
We'll Be Together Again V Pied Pipers, The Fisher, Carl/Laine, Frankie Granz, Norman 3:11 1945 C Deezer
We'll Gather Lilacs Payne, Jack 3:14 2003 Remastered Version Deezer
We'll Meet Again V Lynn, Vera Charles, Hughie/Parker, Ross Charles, Hughie/Parker, Ross 3:00 1953 02.01.1954 Aus dem Film 'We'll Meet Again'. C Deezer
What's The Good Word, Mister Bluebird Roy, Harry 2:29 2003 Remastered Version Deezer
When I'm Cleaning Windows Formby, George Formby/Gifford/Cliffe Formby/Gifford/Cliffe 2:53 1936 Feldman Theatre, Blackpool 27.09.1936 Deezer
When They Sound The Last All Clear Roy, Harry & His Band 2:48 Deezer
Whispering Grass V Ink Spots, The 2:44 Deezer
White Cliffs Of Dover, The V Lynn, Vera 3:04 2007 Remastered Version Deezer
Who's Taking You Home Tonight V Bowlly, Al 2:52 Deezer
Wish Me Luck (As You Wave Me Goodbye) V Fields, Gracie Parker, Ross Parker, Ross 2:59 1939 26.07.1939 C Deezer
World Will Sing Again, The Driver, Betty 3:05 1942 13.01.1942 Deezer
You Are My Sunshine Roy, Harry & His Band 2:42 Deezer
You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To (Something To Shout About) Coward, Noel 1:59 1992 Remastered Version Deezer
You'll Never Know Len Camber 3:30 Deezer
You're The Rainbow Winstone, Eric & His Band 3:36 Deezer
I Can't Begin To Tell You V Conway, Steve Monaco, James V. Gordon, Mack 3:26 1946 C Deezer
Promises V Conway, Steve Hoffman/Drake/Livingston Hoffman/Drake/Livingston 3:20 1946 Mono Deezer

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