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Num. Musiktitel St Interpret Begleitung Komponist / Texter Texter / Komponist Zeit Jahr Aufnahmeort Aufn.-Dat. Chartstart Bemerkung Single Nr. Matrize O Musikquelle
Whistle While You Work Fields, Shep & His Rippling Rhythm 2:42 1938 New York 09.12.1937 Deezer
Me And My Girl Cooper, Jack 2:41 Deezer
Let Yourself Go V Astaire, Fred Berlin, Irving Berlin, Irving 2:42 1936 30.01.1936 07.03.1936 Aus dem Film 'Follow The Fleet'. C Deezer
My Baby Just Cares For Me V Payne, Jack & His B.B.C. Dance Orchestra Donaldson, Walter Kahn, Gus 2:49 1931 C Deezer
Puttin' On The Ritz V Astaire, Fred Berlin, Irving Berlin, Irving 2:39 1930 1946 machte Fred Astaire eine Aufnahme mit neuem Songtext für den Film 'Blue Skies'. C Deezer
It Happened In Monterey Boles, John Wayne, Mabel Rose, Billy 3:29 1930 Culver City, California, Hal Roach Studios 17.03.1930 C Deezer
Easy To Love V Wilson, Teddy & His Orchestra feat. Holiday, Billie Porter, Cole Porter, Cole 3:14 1936 New York City, 1776 Broadway 21.10.1936 MT C Deezer
We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye V Lombardo, Guy & His Royal Canadians feat. Lombardo, Carmen Woods, Harry Woods, Harry 3:12 1932 New York City, NY 27.07.1932 20.08.1932 O Deezer
Donkey Serenade V Fields, Gracie 2:36 Deezer
La Cucaracha Roy, Harry & His Orchestra Mexikanisches Volkslied Mexikanisches Volkslied 3:07 1935 C Deezer
Love Is The Sweetest Thing V Noble, Ray & His Orchestra feat. Bowlly, Al Noble, Ray Noble, Ray 3:25 1932 08.09.1932 15.07.1933 O Deezer
Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup Hildegarde 2:46 Deezer
Little White Lies V Hanshaw, Annette Donaldson, Walter Donaldson, Walter 2:59 1930 21.07.1930 C Deezer
Falling In Love Again V Dietrich, Marlene Holländer, Friedrich Holländer, Friedrich 3:13 1930 Berlin 06.01.1930 C Deezer
Nice Work If You Can Get It V Astaire, Fred Gershwin, George Gershwin, Ira 2:45 1938 C Deezer
I Wished On The Moon V Holiday, Billie & Scott, Tony & His Orchestra Rainger, Ralph Parker, Dorothy 3:02 1955 New York City, Fine Sound Studios 14.02.1955 MT Deezer
Exactly Like You V Carlisle, Elsie McHugh, Jimmy Fields, Dorothy 3:06 1930 London 15.08.1930 Aus dem Broadway Musical 'International Revue'. C Deezer
Minnie The Moocher (The Ho-De-Ho Song) Calloway, Cab & His Orchestra 3:16 Deezer
When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain V Smith, Kate Woods, Harry M. Johnson, Howard E. 3:05 1942 17.08.1931 C Deezer
Down And Out Blues Mesene, Jimmy Fowler, Lemuel Mayo 3:07 1938 Deezer
I'll Never Be The Same Lenner, Anne Malneck, Matty/Signorelli, Frank Kahn, Gus 3:00 30er C Deezer
Happy-Go-Lucky You And Broken-Hearted Me Browne, Sam 3:10 Deezer
Oh! Donna Carla! V Metaxa, George 3:16 Deezer
Object Of My Affection, The V Boswell Sisters, The Grier, Jimmie/Poe, H. Coy/Tomlin, Pinky Grier, Jimmie/Poe, H. Coy/Tomlin, Pinky 3:25 1935 10.12.1934 05.01.1935 C Deezer
I'm In A Dancing Mood Jack Buchanan, Elsie Randolph, Elsie Randolph, Jack Buchanan 2:45 Deezer
Would You Like To Take A Walk V Hanshaw, Annette Dixon, Mort/Rose, Billy Warren, Harry 3:42 1931 New York City 20.01.1931 Aus der Broadway Revue 'Sweet And Low' von 1930. O Deezer
Body And Soul V Hanshaw, Annette Green, Johnny Eyton, Frank/Heyman, Edward/Sour, Robert 3:06 1930 New York City 07.10.1930 15.11.1930 Aus dem Broadway Musical 'Three's A Crowd' von 1930. C Deezer
Way You Look Tonight, The V Crosby, Bing 2:40 Deezer
I Saw Stars V Martin, Freddy & His Orchestra feat. Feldkamp, Elmer Goodhart, Al/Hoffman, Al Sigler, Maurice 3:10 1934 03.08.1934 01.01.1934 O Deezer
Let's Face The Music And Dance V Astaire, Fred Berlin, Irving Berlin, Irving 2:31 1936 30.01.1936 07.03.1936 Aus dem Film 'Follow The Fleet'. O Deezer
You're Driving Me Crazy Vallée, Rudy & His Connecticut Yankees Donaldson, Walter Donaldson, Walter 3:34 1931 Deezer
Somebody's Thinking Of You Tonight Browne, Sam 3:14 Deezer
Blue Moon Trumbauer, Frankie & His Orchestra Rodgers, Richard Hart, Lorenz 3:14 1934 New York City 20.11.1934 C Deezer
I Hadn't Anyone Till You Martin, Tony 3:14 Deezer
You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me V Crosby, Bing & Lombardo, Guy & His Royal Canadians Warren, Harry Dubin, Al 2:52 1933 12.01.1933 04.03.1933 Aus dem Film 'Forty-Second Street'. C Deezer
Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You) V Etting, Ruth Kalmar, Bert Ruby, Harry 2:50 1931 New York City 09.06.1931 C Deezer
Bei mir bist du schoen V Winnick, Maurice & His Sweet Music feat. Bowlly, Al Secunda, Sholom/Jacobs, Jacob Cahn, Sammy/Chaplin, Saul 2:50 1937 London 29.12.1937 C Deezer
These Foolish Things I Hutchinson, Leslie Strachey, Jack Marvell, Holt 3:38 1936 C Deezer
From The Top Of Your Head Bing Crosby, The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra, Bing Crosby, The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra 3:17 Deezer
Top Hat White Tie And Tails V Astaire, Fred 2:39 Deezer
Your Heart And Mine V Fox, Roy & His Band feat. Dennis, Denny Bloom, Rube Mercer, Johnny 3:21 1936 22.07.1936 Deezer
Three Little Words Ellington, Duke & His Orchestra feat. The Rhythm Boys Kalmar, Bert/Ruby, Harry Kalmar, Bert/Ruby, Harry 3:09 1930 Hollywood 20.08.1930 18.10.1930 Aus dem Film 'Check And Double Check'. O Deezer
Flat Foot Floogie (With The Floy Floy) Gonella, Nat & His Georgians 3:18 Deezer
Love Walked In V Kaye, Sammy & His Orchestra feat. Ryan, Tommy Gershwin, George & Ira Gershwin, George & Ira 3:07 1938 20.03.1938 01.01.1938 C Deezer
You're A Sweetheart Dawn, Dolly 2:49 Deezer
Jeepers Creepers Donahue, Al & His Orchestra 2:17 Deezer
Life Is A Song V Etting, Ruth Young, Joe/Ahlert, Fred A. Young, Joe/Ahlert, Fred A. 3:06 1935 05.04.1935 01.01.1935 O Deezer
Body And Soul V Whiteman, Paul & His Orchestra feat. Fulton, Jack Green, Johnny Eyton, Frank/Heyman, Edward/Sour, Robert 3:10 1930 10.09.1930 11.10.1930 Aus dem Broadway Musical 'Three's A Crowd' von 1930. C Deezer
Sweet And Lovely V Savoy Hotel Orpheans, The feat. Bowlly, Al LeMare, Jules/Tobias, Harry Amheim, Gus 3:23 1931 London 19.10.1931 Vokalist 'Bowlly, Al' ist auf der Platte nicht angegeben. Deezer
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter Waller, Fats & His Rhythm Ahlert, Fred Young, Joseph 3:39 1935 05.08.1935 01.01.1935 O Deezer
Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away) V Crosby, Bing Barris, Harry Moll, Billy/Koehler, Ted 3:35 1931 Hollywood, CA 02.03.1931 23.05.1931 O Deezer
Glory Of Love, The Carroll Gibbons Hildegarde & Her Boy Friends 3:09 Deezer
Lullaby Of Broadway V Powell, Dick Warren, Harry Dubin, Al 3:13 1935 Deezer
Stompin' At The Savoy I Goodman, Benny & His Orchestra Goodman, Benny/Webb, Chick Sampson, Edgar/Razaf, Andy 3:22 1936 Chicago 24.01.1936 11.07.1936 C Deezer
One Night Of Love Moore, Grace Schertzinger, Victor Kahn, Gus 3:17 1934 04.10.1934 01.01.1934 Soundtrack 'One Night Of Love'. O Deezer
Star Dust V Crosby, Bing Carmichael, Hoagy Parish, Mitchell 2:48 1931 19.08.1931 12.09.1931 C Deezer
A Fine Romance V Crosby, Dixie Lee & Crosby, Bing Kern, Jerome Fields, Dorothy 3:07 1936 Los Angeles 19.08.1936 C Deezer
Walkin' My Baby Back Home V Chevalier, Maurice Ahlert, Fred E. Turk, Roy 2:16 1931 22.02.1931 C Deezer
Change Partners V Astaire, Fred Berlin, Irving Berlin, Irving 3:09 1938 Deezer
Your Feet's Too Big V Ink Spots, The Benson, Ada/Fisher, Fred Benson, Ada/Fisher, Fred 2:40 1944 New York City 04.01.1935 C Deezer
I Get A Kick Out Of You V Merman, Ethel Porter, Cole Porter, Cole 3:12 1934 04.12.1934 05.01.1935 Aus dem Musical "Anything Goes" C Deezer
I've Told Ev'ry Little Star Ellis, Mary Kern, Jerome Hammerstein II, Oscar 3:21 1933 C Deezer
Prisoner Of Love V Columbo, Russ Columbo, Russ/Gaskill, Clarence Robin, Leo 3:29 1931 09.10.1931 02.01.1932 O Deezer
Begin The Beguine I Shaw, Artie & His Orchestra Porter, Cole Porter, Cole 3:21 1938 New York City, NY 24.07.1938 03.09.1938 Aus: 'Jubilee'. C Deezer
You Couldn't Be Cuter V Stone, Lew & His Band feat. Bowlly, Al Kern, Jerome Fields, Dorothy 2:44 1938 London C Deezer
Lights Out V Keller, Greta Hill, Billy Hill, Billy 3:21 1936 Berlin 23.05.1936 C Deezer
Until The Real Thing Comes Along Waller, Fats & His Rhythm Cahn, Sammy/Chaplin, Saul Holiner, M./Nichols, A./Freeman 3:34 1936 New York City 08.01.1936 05.09.1936 C Deezer
I'm In The Mood For Love V Langford, Frances McHugh, Jimmy Fields, Dorothy 2:50 1935 31.07.1935 12.10.1935 Aus dem Film 'Every Night At Eight'. O Deezer
A Tisket, A Tasket V Fitzgerald, Ella 2:39 Deezer
Isn't It Romantic MacDonald, Jeanette Rodgers, Richard Hart, Lorenz 3:32 1932 05.07.1932 C Deezer
Song Is You, The Tibbett, Lawrence Kern, Jerome Hammerstein II, Oscar 3:06 1932 C Deezer
Alone V Dorsey, Tommy & His Orchestra feat. Weston, Cliff Brown, Nacio Herb Freed, Arthur 3:40 1936 07.11.1935 C Deezer
What A Difference A Day Made V Fox, Roy & His Band feat. Dennis, Denny Grever, Maria/Adams, Stanley Grever, Maria/Adams, Stanley 2:59 1935 London 28.12.1934 C Deezer
Touch Of Your Lips, The V Noble, Ray & His Orchestra feat. Bowlly, Al Noble, Raymond Stanley Noble, Raymond Stanley 3:34 1936 New York City, NY 19.03.1936 18.04.1936 O Deezer
Beyond The Blue Horizon MacDonald, Jeanette Harling, W. Franke/Whiting, Richard A. Robin, Leo 2:24 1930 05.08.1930 27.09.1930 Aus dem Film 'Monte Carlo'. O Deezer
Cheek To Cheek V Astaire, Fred Berlin, Irving Berlin, Irving 3:21 1935 26.06.1935 03.08.1935 O Deezer
I Don't Know Why V Layton, Turner 3:02 Deezer
As Time Goes By Hale, Binnie Hupfeld, Herman Hupfeld, Herman 3:15 1932 London 08.02.1932 C Deezer
Wabash Cannon Ball V Acuff, Roy 2:55 Deezer
I'm Confessing That I Love You I Lombardo, Guy & His Royal Canadians 3:17 Deezer
Ten Cents A Dance V Etting, Ruth Rodgers, Richard Hart, Lorenz 3:16 1930 New York City 04.03.1930 01.01.1930 C Deezer
I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You V Austin, Gene Young, Victor Crosby, Bing/Washington, Ned 3:02 1932 28.10.1932 C Deezer
Happy Feet Whiteman, Paul & His Orchestra feat. The Rhythm Boys Ager, Milton Yellen, Jack 3:09 1930 10.02.1930 Aus dem Film 'The King Of Jazz'. O Deezer
Stay As Sweet As You Are Grier, Jimmie & His Orchestra 3:06 Deezer
Oh! Ma-Ma! (The Butcher Boy) V Andrews Sisters, The Citorello, Pablo Vallée, Rudy 2:30 1938 New York City 04.06.1938 C Deezer
Mad Dogs And Englishmen Coward, Noel Coward, Noël Coward, Noël 2:59 1932 19.09.1932 Aus "words & Music". O Deezer
Just One More Chance V Crosby, Bing & Young, Victor & His Orchestra Coslow, Sam/Johnston, Arthur Coslow, Sam/Johnston, Arthur 3:30 1931 04.05.1931 06.06.1931 O Deezer
If I Had A Talking Picture Of You Hylton, Jack & His Orchestra 3:34 Deezer
East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon) V Tracy, Arthur Bowman, Brooks Oliver, Sy 2:34 1935 22.09.1935 'Tracy, Arthur' veröffentlicht in England als 'Street Singer, The'. C Deezer
Mad About The Boy V Lawrence, Gertrude Coward, Noël Pierce Coward, Noël Pierce 3:17 1932 C Deezer
Gipsy Moon V Crooks, Richard Borganoff Borganoff 3:39 1932 Deezer
Goodnight Sweetheart V Metaxa, George & Noble, Ray & New Mayfair Orchestra, The 3:16 Deezer
Sally V Fields, Gracie Haines, Will/Leon, Harry Towers, Leo 3:10 1931 Small Queen's Hall, London 24.04.1931 O Deezer
When It's Springtime In The Rockies V Selvin, Ben & His Orchestra feat. Etting, Ruth Sauer, Robert HaIe Woolsey, Mary 3:22 1930 New York City 15.05.1930 07.06.1930 C Deezer
Dancing In The Dark Revelers, The Schwartz, Arthur Dietz, Howard 3:02 1931 24.07.1931 C Deezer
Rockin' Chair V Robeson, Paul Carmichael, Hoagy Carmichael, Hoagy 3:34 1931 London 17.09.1931 C Deezer
I'm In The Mood For Love Little Jack Little & His Orchestra McHugh, Jimmy Fields, Dorothy 3:12 1935 28.06.1935 17.08.1935 C Deezer
I'm An Old Cowhand (From The Rio Grande) V Crosby, Bing & Dorsey, Jimmy & His Orchestra Mercer, Johnny Mercer, Johnny 2:43 1936 Los Angeles 17.07.1936 29.08.1936 Soundtrack 'Rhythm on the Range'. O Deezer
Moonglow I Goodman, Benny & His Orchestra DeLange, Eddie/Hudson, Will/Mills, Irving DeLange, Eddie/Hudson, Will/Mills, Irving 3:40 1934 14.05.1934 16.06.1934 C Deezer
With A Song In My Heart I Hutchinson, Leslie Hart, Lorenz/Rodgers, Richard 3:13 1935 Deezer
My Very Good Friend The Milkman Waller, Fats 3:33 Deezer
I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart I Ellington, Duke & His Famous Orchestra Ellington, Duke/Nemo, Henry Redmond, John/Mills, Irving 3:10 1938 24.02.1938 26.03.1938 O Deezer
Bess, You Is My Woman Now Tibbett, Lawrence & Jepson, Helen Gershwin, George Gershwin, Ira/Heyward, DuBose 4:56 1959 C Deezer
Georgia On My Mind Carmichael, Hoagy & His Orchestra 3:14 Deezer
Canoe Song V Robeson, Paul Wimperis, Arhur Spoliansky, Mischa 3:01 1935 London 14.05.1935 "sanders Of The River") Deezer
Paradise V Crosby, Bing Brown, Nacio Herb Clifford, Gordon 3:05 1932 15.03.1932 16.04.1932 C Deezer
Says My Heart V Norvo, Red & His Orchestra feat. Bailey, Mildred Lane, Burton Loesser, Frank 2:57 1938 New York City, NY 19.04.1938 04.06.1938 C Deezer
Boogie Woogie I Dorsey, Tommy & His Orchestra Smith, Clarence „Pinetop“ Smith, Clarence „Pinetop“ 3:08 1938 New York City 16.09.1938 22.10.1938 C Deezer
Auf Wiederseh'n, My Dear V Layton, Turner 2:52 Deezer
Scatter-Brain (Theme Song) Masters, Frankie & His Orchestra 2:43 Deezer
Lady Of Spain Folgar, Tino Evans, Tolchard Reaves, Erroll 2:57 1931 C Deezer
In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town I Lewis, Ted & His Band Young, Joe/Siras, John Little, Jack 3:03 1932 15.03.1932 04.06.1932 Aus dem Film 'The Crooner' von 1932. O Deezer
I Used To Be Colour Blind V Astaire, Fred 3:06 Deezer
Brother, Can You Spare A Dime Vallée, Rudy & His Connecticut Yankees Gorney, Jay Harburg, Edgar Yispel 3:39 1933 27.10.1932 26.11.1932 Aus dem Broadway Musical 'New Americana'. C Deezer
My Heart Is Taking Lessons In Love V Crosby, Bing 2:48 Deezer
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone V Austin, Gene Clare, Sidney Stept, Sam 2:30 1931 05.02.1931 02.05.1931 O Deezer
Dipsy Doodle, The Gonella, Nat & His Georgians 3:17 1938 27.01.1938 Deezer
Red Sails In The Sunset V Fields, Gracie Kennedy, Jimmy/Williams, Hugh Kennedy, Jimmy/Williams, Hugh 3:12 1935 C Deezer
Underneath The Arches Bud Flanagan, Chesney Allen 3:04 Deezer
Marta V Tracy, Arthur 3:11 Deezer
When I Take My Sugar To Tea V Boswell Sisters, The & Dorsey Brothers Orchestra Fain, Sammy/Kahal, Irving Connor, Pierre Norman 3:17 1931 19.03.1931 25.04.1931 Aus dem Film 'Monkey Business'. C Deezer
Peanut Vendor, The V Browne, Sam & Three Ginx, The Simóns, Moisés Simóns, Moisés 3:17 30er C Deezer
Sleepy Time Down South V Robeson, Paul René, Leon & Otis Muse, Clarence 3:25 1931 C Deezer
Serenade In The Night Cavan O'Conno, Mantovani & his Tipica Orchestra 3:21 Deezer
Just Let Me Look At You Geraldo & His Orchestra feat. Grantham, Cyril Kern, Jerome Fields, Dorothy 3:34 1938 C Deezer
Big Noise From Winnetka, The Crosby, Bob & His Orchestra Bauduc, Ray/Crosby, Bob Haggart, Bob/Rodin, Gil 2:49 1940 23.12.1940 Deezer
Music Goes 'Round And 'Round, The Gonella, Nat & His Georgians 2:59 Deezer
Fleet's In Port Again, The V Cotton, Billy & His Band feat. Breeze, Alan Gay, Noel Gay, Noel 3:12 1936 London 29.08.1936 Deezer
Sun Has Got His Hat On, The V Ambrose & His Orchestra feat. Browne, Sam Butler, Ralph Gay, Noel 2:52 1932 Deezer
Everything Stops For Tea Buchanan, Jack Goodhart, Al/Hoffman, Al Sigler, Maurice 2:11 1935 O Deezer
And Then Some Nelson, Ozzie & His Orchestra Seymour, Tot Lawnhurst, Vee 3:23 1935 13.06.1935 01.01.1935 O Deezer
There Isn't Any Limit To My Love I Gibbons, Carroll & The Savoy Hotel Orpheans 3:09 1936 Deezer
All Of Me Armstrong, Louis & His Orchestra Simons, Seymour/Marks, Gerald Simons, Seymour/Marks, Gerald 2:55 1932 New York City, NY 27.01.1932 20.02.1932 C Deezer
By The Fireside V Noble, Ray & His Orchestra feat. Bowlly, Al Noble, Ray/Campbell, Jimmy Connelly, Reginald 3:21 1932 27.05.1932 C Deezer
Dream A Little Dream Of Me Nelson, Ozzie & His Orchestra Schwandt, Wilbur/Andrée, Fabian Kahn, Gus 3:10 1931 New York City, NY 16.02.1931 Vokalist: 'Nelson, Ozzie'. C Deezer
Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries I Hutchinson, Leslie 2:46 Piano Solo Deezer
When You're Smiling Louis Armstrong Orchestra 3:32 Deezer
Indian Love Call V Eddy, Nelson & MacDonald, Jeanette Friml, Rudolf Hammerstein II, Oscar/Harbach, Otto 3:37 1936 26.12.1936 C Deezer
Stormy Weather (Keeps Rainin' All The Time) V Waters, Ethel Arlen, Harold Koehler, Theodore 3:11 1933 New York City, NY 03.05.1933 20.05.1933 Aus der Show 'Cotton Club Parade Of 1933'. O Deezer
On The Sentimental Side V Crosby, Bing & Trotter, John Scott & His Orchestra Monaco, James V. Burke, Johnny 2:55 1938 Los Angeles 21.01.1938 26.02.1938 Aus dem Film 'Dr. Rhythm'. C Deezer
Let Me Sing And I'm Happy V Jolson, Al Berlin, Irving Berlin, Irving 2:37 1929 15.12.1929 01.01.1930 Mammy C Deezer
Anything Goes V Aubert, Jeanne & The Four Admirals Porter, Cole Porter, Cole 2:12 1935 C Deezer
Umbrella Man, The V Kyser, Kay & His Orchestra feat. Simms, Ginny & Babbitt, Harry Rose, Vincent Stock, Larry 2:49 1938 01.09.1938 03.12.1938 O Deezer
Goodbye, Blues V Mills Brothers, The 3:03 Deezer
Clouds Will Soon Roll By, The V Carlisle, Elsie 3:23 Deezer
Ti-Pi-Tin V Andrews Sisters, The Grever, Maria Leveen, Raymond 2:39 1938 New York City 21.02.1938 26.03.1938 C Deezer
Let's Put Out The Lights And Go To Sleep Vallée, Rudy 3:43 Deezer
When We're Alone (Penthouse Serenade) V Bowlly, Al 3:17 Deezer
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea Calloway, Cab & His Orchestra Arlen, Harold Koehler, Ted 3:03 1931 21.10.1931 27.11.1931 C Deezer
Would You V Fields, Gracie 3:12 1936 Deezer
Cuban Love Song Tibbett, Lawrence Fields, Dorothy/McHugh, Jimmy Stothart, Herbert 3:01 1931 Aus dem Film 'The Cuban Love Song'. O Deezer
River, Stay 'way From My Door V Robeson, Paul Dixon, Mort Woods, Harry 3:32 1931 London 25.08.1931 C Deezer
You Are My Lucky Star V Dorsey, Tommy & His Orchestra feat. Powell, Eleanor Brown, Nacio Herb Freed, Arthur 3:41 1936 New York City 11.10.1935 09.11.1935 Aus dem Film 'Broadway Melody Of 1936' vom 25.08.1935. C Deezer
When I'm Cleaning Windows Formby, George Formby/Gifford/Cliffe Formby/Gifford/Cliffe 2:55 1936 Feldman Theatre, Blackpool 27.09.1936 Deezer
Please V Crosby, Bing Rainger, Ralph Robin, Leo 3:09 1932 08.10.1932 Aus 'The Big Broadcast' von 1932. Deezer
Say It Isn't So V Keller, Greta Berlin, Irving Berlin, Irving 3:16 1932 New York City, NY 10.11.1932 C Deezer
You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me V Chevalier, Maurice Fain, Sammy/Kahal, Irving Connor, Pierre Norman 2:38 1930 New York. 44th Street Lab 04.04.1930 31.05.1930 Aus dem Film 'The Big Pond' vom 30.05.1930. 35117 Platten verkauft. O Deezer
Carelessly V Holiday, Billie 3:08 Deezer
Two Sleepy People Very Lynn 3:07 Deezer
Lazy River Armstrong, Louis & His Orchestra Arodin, Sidney/Carmichael, Hoagy Arodin, Sidney/Carmichael, Hoagy 3:06 1932 Chicago, Illinois 03.11.1931 C Deezer
Carioca Madriguera, Enric & His Orchestra Youmans, Vincent Eliscu, Edward/Kahn, Gus 3:08 1934 24.01.1934 24.02.1934 Aus dem Film 'Flying Down To Rio'. C Deezer
It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) V Ellington, Duke & His Orchestra feat. Anderson, Ivie Ellington, Duke Mills, Irving 3:14 1932 02.02.1932 27.02.1932 Der Vokalist 'Anderson, Ivie' ist auf der Platte nicht angegeben. O Deezer
Easter Parade I B.B.C. Dance Orchestra, The Berlin, Irving Berlin, Irving 2:43 1935 C Deezer
Merry-Go-Round Broke Down, The V Morgan, Russ & His Music feat. Lewis, Jimmie Franklin, Dave/Friend, Cliff Franklin, Dave/Friend, Cliff 3:20 1937 29.04.1937 05.06.1937 C Deezer
Lovely To Look At V Dunne, Irene Kern, Jerome Fields, Dorothy/McHugh, Jimmy 3:36 1935 04.04.1935 08.06.1935 O Deezer
Music, Maestro Please Waller, Fats & His Rhythm 3:18 Deezer
Happy Days Are Here Again V Hylton, Jack & His Orchestra Ager, Milton Yellen, Jack 3:13 1930 Small Queen's Hall, London 30.01.1930 Aus dem Film 'Chasing Rainbows'. C Deezer
Dancing With Tears In My Eyes V Layton & Johnstone Burke, Joe Dubin, Al 3:00 1930 C Deezer
Without A Song Tibbett, Lawrence Youmans, Vincent Rose, Billy/Eliscu, Edward 3:43 1930 C Deezer
A Fine Romance V Astaire, Fred & Green, Johnny & His Orchestra Kern, Jerome Fields, Dorothy 2:53 1936 28.07.1936 29.08.1936 C Deezer
Continental (You Kiss While You're Dancing), The Reisman, Leo & His Orchestra 2:47 Deezer
Goody Goody V Roy, Harry & His Orchestra feat. Yarlett, Norman Malneck, Matt Mercer, Johnny 2:52 1936 06.04.1936 C Deezer

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