Kurzbiographien der Interpreten, Pseudonyme, Begleitorchester oder Solisten für Buchstabe U

U 96
U. S. Coast Guard Band, 11th Naval District, The
U.K.s, The
U.S. Four, The
U.S. Military Academy Band
U.S. Military Band
U.S. Naval Academy Band
U.S. Navy Academy Band
U.S. Navy Band
U2 (1976)
UB 40
UFO (1969)
Uggams, Leslie
Ugly Dogs, The
Ugly's, The
Uhlenbrock, Siegfried (16.01.1939)
Ukhart, John
Ulano, Sam
Ulbertson, Chris
Ulrik, John
Unbelievable Uglies, The
Unchained Mynds, The
Unclaimed, The
Uncle Dave Macon (07.10.1870 - 22.03.1952)
Uncle Skipper - Jordan, Charley
Under Grads, The
Underdogs, The
Underhill Macy, Gerald
Underhill, Jerry
Undertakers, The (1961 - 1965)
Underwood, Carrie
Underwood, Sugar
Undisputed Truth, The (1970 - 1981)
Unforgettables, The
Ungar, Alexander
Unheilig (1999) - Graf, Der (Pseudonym)
Unifics, The
United States Army Band
United States Marine Band
University Boys - Pseudonym diverser Orchester
University Dance Orchestra
University Orchestra - Leiter: 'Lann, Sam'.
University Sextet - Pseudonym von 'California Ramblers'.
University Six - Pseudonym von California Rambler, The
University Syncopators
Unknowns, The
Untowner, The
Untucht, Aenny
Unverfehrt, Petra
Up Starts, The
Up Tights, The
Upbeats, The
Upchurch, Phil
Upper Classmen, The
Upsetters, The
Upton, Peggy
Upton, Sofia
Uptones, The
Uptown String Band
Ure, Midge (10.10.1953) - Ure, James
Uriah Heep
Uricki, Sigmund
Urini, Ronnie
Urlus, Jacques
Ursula, Joe
US3 (1992)
Usher (14.10.1978) - Raymond, Usher
Usher, Billy
Utica Institute Jubilee Singers
Utley, Deacon & The Smile Awhile Quartet
Utopia (1974 - 1986)