Kurzbiographien der Interpreten, Pseudonyme, Begleitorchester oder Solisten für Buchstabe P

Pace Jubilee Singers
Pace, Genie
Pace, Roger
Pace, Tony
Pacers, The
Pacesetters, The
Pachovský, Otto
Pacific Gas & Electric
Pacific Showband, The
Pacini, Giuseppe
Pacini, Regina
Pacyna, Arthur
Paddy, Killoran
Paddy, Klaus & Gibson - Paddy Chambers, Klaus Voorman, Gibson Kemp
Paerl, Jetty
Page Boys, The
Page Sisters, The
Page, Bill
Page, Bobby
Page, Helen
Page, Hot Lips (27.01.1908 - 05.11.1954) - Page, Oran Thaddeus
Page, Joey
Page, Larry
Page, Patti (08.11.1927 - 01.01.2013) - Fowler, Clara Ann
Page, Richard
Page, Ricky
Page, Walter & His Blues Devils
Pageants, The
Pageboys, The
Pagel, Sybille
Pagents, The
Paige, Elaine
Paige, Jennifer
Paige, Mildred
Paige, Randy
Paige, Raymond & His Orchestra
Pair, The
Paisant, Milton
Pal, Ricky
Palace Dance Orchestra - Pseudonym diverser Orchester.
Palace Garden Orchestra - Pseudonym diverser Orchester
Palacios, Sofia
Paldauer, Die
Palet, José
Palette, Roland
Paley, John
Palisades, The
Palladio, Sam
Pallenberg, Max
Pallo, Lou
Palloy, Charlie & His Orchestra
Palm Beach Band Boys, The
Palm Beach Players - Pseudonym von
Palm Beach Serenaders - Pseudonym diverser Orchester
Palm, Regina
Palma, Jula de (21.04.1932) - Palma, Julonda Maria de
Palmer Dance Orchestra - Pseudonym von
Palmer House Dance Orchestra - Pseudonym diverser Orchester
Palmer House Ensemble
Palmer, Bill
Palmer, Don
Palmer, Earl
Palmer, Fran
Palmer, Gloria
Palmer, Jack
Palmer, Jerry
Palmer, Jimmy
Palmer, Juan
Palmer, Lew
Palmer, Patti
Palmer, Robert (19.01.1949) - Palmer, Alan
Palmer, Sylvester
Palmer, Teddy - Ullrich, Dieter
Palmer, Vi - Pseudonym von Confrey, Zez
Palmes, Frank
Palmieri, Eddie
Palomera, Lupita
Pals, The
Paltrow, Gwyneth (27.09.1972)
Pampanini, Rosetta
Pampini, Carlo
Panachord Boys, The - Pseudonym von 'Sunshine Boys, The'.
Panama, Joe
Pan-American Orchestra - Pseudonym von 'Kardos, Gene & His Orchestra'.
Panassi, Tony
Pancake, Johnny
Pancon Boys, The
Pane, Diane
Pantera (1982)
Paola - Paola Felix geb. Paola del Medico
Paoli, Amalia
Paoli, Gino (23.09.1934)
Paone, Nicola
Papa Bue's Viking Jazzband
Papa Too Sweet
Papadopoulos, Nico
Paper Lace
Papetti, Fausto (28.01.1923 - 15.06.1999)
Papperitz, Elisabeth
Papsdorf, Paul
Paquinet, Guy
Paradis, Vanessa (22.12.1972)
Paradise Club Orchestra - Pseudonym von
Paradise Orchestra - Pseudonym diverser Orchester
Paradons, The
Paragons, The
Parakeets, The
Paramor, Norrie (15.05.1914 - 09.09.1979)
Paramount Sacred Four
Paramount-Publix Orchestra
Paramounts, The
Parchman, Kenny (15.01.1932 - 02.06.1999)
Pardi, Jon
Paree, John
Parham, Leroy
Parham, Tiny (25.02.1900 - 04.04.1943) - Parham, Tiny
Paris, Bobby
Paris, Jackie
Paris, Jerry
Paris, Laurie
Paris, Mica
Paris, Ryan
Parish Sisters, The
Parisian Sextet, The
Parisians, The
Park Lane Orchestra - Pseudonym diverser Orchester
Parkays, The
Parker & Dodd
Parker Brothers Choir, The
Parker, Andy (17.03.1913 - 02.10.1977)
Parker, Bob & sein Orchester - Pseudonym von Kaempfert, Bert & His Orchestra
Parker, Bobby
Parker, Charlie (29.08.1920 - 12.03.1955) - Parker, Charles
Parker, Chubby
Parker, Dan
Parker, Dean
Parker, Don & His Orchestra
Parker, Don (Trio)
Parker, Eva
Parker, Fess (16.08.1927 - 18.03.2010) - Parker, Fess Elisha, Jr.
Parker, Frank - Auch als Pseudonym verwendet von1930-1934
Parker, Frank & His Orchestra - Pseudonym von Martin, Freddie & His Orchestra
Parker, Hank
Parker, Hattie
Parker, J. Donald
Parker, Jack
Parker, Jimmy
Parker, Johnny
Parker, Junior (27.05.1932 - 18.11.1971) - Parker, Herman
Parker, Neil
Parker, Paulette
Parker, Pauline
Parker, Randall
Parker, Robert (14.10.1930)
Parker, Seth (Trio)
Parker, Sonny
Parker, Teddy - Pseudonym von Herwig, Claus
Parks, Bernice
Parks, Bert
Parks, Glen & His Orchestra - Pseudonym von Coleman, Jack & His Orchestra
Parks, Ray
Parlophone Melodians
Parlophone Melodians, The
Parlophone Novelty Orchestra - Pseudonym diverser Orchester
Parlophone Syncopators - Pseudonym diverser Orchester
Parmley, Don
Parnell, Guy
Parnell, Jack
Parnello, Joe
Parri, Annette Bryn
Parrish, Bob
Parrish, Gene
Parrish, Ramona
Parrish, Turner
Parrots, The
Parry, Harry (22.01.1912 - 18.10.1956)
Parsch, Peter
Parsi-Pettinella, Armida
Parsons, Bill
Parsons, Gram (05.11.1946 - 19.09.1973) - Connors, Cecil Ingram
Parsons, Sherry
Partipilo's Mandolin Orchestra
Parton, David
Parton, Dolly (19.01.1946) - Parton, Dolly Rebecca
Parton, Stella (04.05.1949)
Partridge Family, The (1970 - 1975)
Partridge, Andy (11.11.1953) - Partridge, Andrew John
Partridge, Don
Partygeier, Die
Pasadena Roof Orchestra, The
Pasini-Vitale, Lina
Paskal, Simon
Paso Doble
Pass, Joe
Pass, Tony
Passion Fruit
Pastel Six, The
Pastell, James
Pastor, Tony (26.10.1907 - 31.10.1969) - Pestritto, Antonio
Pastorius, Jaco
Pat & Mick
Pat & Paul
Pat & Penny
Pat & The Empires
Pat, Issy - Pseudonym von Lind, Gitta
Patchen, Kenneth
Paterson, Ben
Pathe Military Band
Pathfinders, The
Patience & Prudence - McIntyre, Patience & Prudence
Patkai, Stefan
Paton, David
Patrick, Bobby
Patrick, Don
Patrick, Kirk
Patricola, Isabella
Patten, Kenneth - Pseudonym von
Patterns, The
Patterson Singers, The
Patterson, Glen
Patterson, Idelle
Patterson, Lee
Patterson, Lila - Pseudonym von Rainey, Ma
Patterson, Sam
Patterson, Walter
Pattersonaires, The
Patti & Margie - Chase, Patti & Thompson, Margie
Patti, Jerome
Patti, Orville - Pseudonym von Kaufman, Irving
Pattiera, Tino
Patton, Charlie
Patton, Jimmy
Patton, Ronnie
Patton, William
Patty & The Emblems
Paty, Hubert
Patzak, Julius (09.04.1898 - 26.01.1974)
Paul & Lynn
Paul & Paula (1962 - 1965) - Ray Hildebrand (Paul), Jill Jackson (Paula)
Paul, Bernie (12.02.1950) - Vonficht, Bernd
Paul, Billy (01.12.1935) - Williams, Paul
Paul, Bunny (21.05.1927)
Paul, Darlene
Paul, Delicato
Paul, Dennis
Paul, Derek
Paul, Eddie & His Paramount Orchestra
Paul, Jean
Paul, Jermaine
Paul, John
Paul, Joyce
Paul, Larry
Paul, Les (19.06.1915 - 13.08.2009)
Paul, Les & Ford, Mary
Paul, Lyn
Paul, Lynsey De
Paul, Marvin
Paul, Rita (02.12.1928)
Paulette Sisters, The
Paul's Novelty Orchestra
Paulsen, Harald
Paulsen, Ralf (03.04.1929)
Paulson, Arvid
Paulson's Night Hawks - Pseudonym von
Paumier, Raoul
Paupers, The
Pausini, Laura
Pavarotti, Luciano (12.10.1935 - 06.09.2007)
Pavilion Players - Pseudonym von ''.
Pavone, Rita
Paxton, Gary
Paxton, George
Paxton, Peggy
Paxton, Tom (31.10.1937) - Paxton, Thomas Richard
Payne, Benny
Payne, Chuck
Payne, Davey
Payne, Diane
Payne, Freda (19.09.1942) - Payne, Freda Charcilla
Payne, Jack (22.08.1899 - 04.12.1969)
Payne, John
Payne, Johnny
Payne, Leon (15.06.1917 - 11.09.1969) - Payne, Leon Roger
Payne, Sherrie
Payne, Tommy
Pazant Brothers & The Beaufort Express
Peabody, Eddie (19.02.1902 - 07.11.1970) - Peabody, Edwin Ellsworth
Peace, Elroy 'Shadow'
Peacheroos, The
Peaches & Herb - Fame, Herb
Peacock, Burnie
Pearce, Leslie
Pearl, Minnie (25.10.1912 - 1996) - Colley, Sarah Ophelia
Pearson, Jeanie
Pearson, Jesse
Pearson, Ronnie
Peary, Harold
Pebbles, Ivy
Peck, Bert
Pederson, Pete
Pedicin, Mike
Pedrick, Bobby Jr. - Pedrick, Robert John
Pedro, Don
Peebles, Ann (27.04.1947)
Peels, The
Peenuts, The
Peeper, Leo
Peeps, The
Peerless Four, The
Peerless Orchestra
Peerless Quartet (1906 - 1928)
Peers, Donald (10.07.1908 - 09.08.1973)
Peevey, Gayla
Pegeas, Walter
Peggy & Benny - Brown, Peggy & Parker, Teddy
Peheiros, Die
Pelham Inn Society Orchestra
Pelicans, The
Pell, Dave
Pellegrino, Frank
Pellerin, Hector
Peltyn, Sid & His Orchestra
Pena, Ralph (24.02.1927 - 20.05.1969)
Pendarvis, Paul & His Orchestra
Pendarvis, Tracy
Pendergrass, Teddy (26.03.1950)
Pendletons, The
Pendulums, The
Penewell, Jack
Penguins, The (1954 - 1959)
Peniston, Ce Ce (06.09.1969) - Peniston, Cecelia
Penn, Ann
Penn, Robert
Pennarini, Aloys
Pennington, Barbara
Pennington, Ray
Pennsylvania Players
Pennsylvania Syncopators
Penny, Hank (18.09.1918 - 17.04.1992) - Penny, Herbert Clayton
Penny, Hany
Penny, Joe
Penrose, Charles
Pense, Janie
Penston, John
Pentagons, The
People, The
Peoples, Robert
Pepper, Art (01.09.1925 - 15.06.1982)
Pepper, Brenda
Pepper, Ken
Pepper, Will C.
Peppermint Trolley Company, The
Peppers, The
Peppino, Joseph
Pepsi & Shirlie - Demacque, Pepsi & Holliman, Shirlie
Percells, The
Percival Mackey's Band
Percival, Lance
Percy, Donny
Perea, Emilio
Peregrina, Eddie
Perelli, Gretl
Perfect Dance Orchestra - Pseudonym diverser Orchester.
Performers, The
Pericoli, Emilio
Perkins, Al
Perkins, Bill
Perkins, Carl (09.04.1932 - 19.01.1998) - Perkins, Carl Lee
Perkins, Dal
Perkins, Ike
Perkins, Jack
Perkins, Joe
Perkins, Laura Lee (1939) - Perkins, Alice Faye
Perkins, Red
Perkins, Red & His Dixie Ramblers
Perkins, Roy
Perkins, Slim - Fuller, Bob
Perkins, Tony - Perkins, Anthony
Perkins, Walter
Perna, Lenny
Perrey & Kingsley (1965) - Perrey, Jean-Jacques & Kingsley, Gershon
Perrey, Jean-Jacques (20.01.1929)
Perri, Christina
Perrin, Curley
Perrin, Margaret & Forrest
Perritt, Harry & His Orchestra
Perrone, Dino
Perry Brothers - Pseudonym von
Perry County Music Makers
Perry, Al
Perry, Al Keahola - Perry, Alfred Keahola
Perry, Art
Perry, Bill & His Entertainers - Pseudonym diverser Orchester
Perry, Bob
Perry, Brandi
Perry, George
Perry, Greg
Perry, Jack
Perry, Jimmy Earl
Perry, Joe
Perry, Katy (25.10.1984) - Hudson, Kaheryn Elisabeth
Perry, Lee & The Sensations
Perry, Lee 'Scratch' (20.03.1936) - Perry, Rainford Hugh
Perry, Louis
Perry, Owen
Perry, Rod
Perry, Steve (22.01.1949) - Perry, Stephen Ray
Perry, Will & His Orchestra - Pseudonym diverser Orchester
Perryman, Paul
Perry's Hot Dogs - Pseudonym von
Person, Houston
Pertile, Aureliano
Peruvians, Juan
Perya, Nino
Pet Shop Boys
Peter & der Wolf
Peter & die Midnights
Peter & Gordon (1963 - 1968)
Peter Bjorn & John
Peter Möser's Music (25.09.1915 - 03.09.1989) - Moesser, Peter
Peter, Jürgen
Peter, Paul & Mary (1961 - 1970) - Yarrow, Peter & Stookey, Noel & Travers, Mary
Peter, Sue & Marc - Reber, Peter & Schell, Sue & Dietrich, Marc
Peter, Theo
Peters , George
Peters, Barney
Peters, Ben
Peters, Bernadette (28.02.1948) - Lazzara, Bernadette
Peters, Broc
Peters, Don
Peters, Hardy
Peters, Ingrid
Peters, Linda - Pseudonym von
Peters, Lorry
Peters, Sandra
Peters, Teddy
Petersen, Anke
Petersen, Joe (1913 - 1964) - O'Rourke, Mary
Petersen, Paul (23.09.1945)
Peterson, Bobby
Peterson, Bobby (Quintet)
Peterson, Caleb
Peterson, Earl
Peterson, Oscar (15.08.1925 - 23.12.2007)
Peterson, Ray (23.04.1939 - 25.01.2005) - Peterson, Ray T.
Peterson, Wally
Petina, Irra
Petit, Alexandre S.
Petit, Jeanne
Petrel, Peter
Petri, Barry
Petri, Elisa
Petru, Christian (14.06.1983)
Petrunka, Myrna
Petrusch, Peter
Petry, Achim
Petry, Wolfgang (22.09.1951)
Pets, The
Petti, Bob
Petti, Mary
Petticoats, The
Petticord, Dan
Pettiford, Oscar & His All Stars
Pettis, Jack (10.02.1902 - 24.08.1963) - Pettis, John Barton
Petty, Daryl
Petty, Frank
Petty, Tom (20.10.1950)
Peyroux, Madeleine
Pezzuti, Ermanno
Pfann, Carl
Pfeffer, Rudi
Pfitzmann, Günter
Phantom Brothers, The (1959 - 1970)
Pharoahs, The
Pharos, The
Phelan, Jim
Phelan, Margaret
Phelps Brothers, The
Phelps, David
Phelps, Kelly Joe
Phelps, Norman
Phelps, Willie (05.09.1914)
Phi Mu Washboard Band, The
Phil Baker's Bad Boys
Philadelphia Orchestra
Philadelphia Police Band
Philadelphians - Pseudonym diverser Orchester
Philharmonia Orchestra Of London
Philharmonics, The
Philipp, Robert
Philips, Howard
Philips, Terry
Phillips, Esther (23.12.1935 - 07.08.1984) - Jones, Esther Mae
Phillips, Flip
Phillips, Gene
Phillips, Gregory
Phillips, Howard
Phillips, Joe
Phillips, Joseph A.
Phillips, Marvin & The Barons
Phillips, Phil
Phillips, Phil & The Twilights (14.03.1931) - Baptiste, John Philip
Phillips, Phillip
Phillips, Shawn
Phillips, Sidney
Phillips, Teddy
Phillips, Utah
Phillips, Van & His Band
Phillips, Wade
Phillips, Washington (11.01.1880 - 20.09.1954)
Phineas & The Flashbacks
Phipps, Charlie
Phoenix (1995)
Phoenix, Pat
Piaf, Edith (19.12.1915 - 11.10.1963) - Gassion, Edith Giovanna
Piano Kid Edwards
Piano, Peter
Piazza, Marguerite
Piazzolla, Astor
Pic & Bill
Piccadilly Revels Band, The
Piccaluga, Albert
Piccaluga, Nino
Piccaver, Alfred
Pichel, Hubert
Pichler, Elemér
Pichler, Renate
Pichon, Walter
Pickard Family, The
Pickard, Wayland
Pickens, Jane
Pickert, Eva-Maria (07.09.1955)
Pickett, Bobby 'Boris'
Pickett, Bobby 'Boris' & The Crypt-Kickers (11.02.1938 - 25.04.2007) - Pickett, Robert George
Pickett, Charlie
Pickett, Wilson (18.03.1941 - 19.01.2006)
Pied Pipers, The
Piedmont Dance - Pseudonym diverser Orchester
Pierce, Alan
Pierce, Bob - (Old Man Sunshine); (Old King Cole)
Pierce, Charles & His Orchestra
Pierce, Conrad
Pierce, Henry & The Five Notes
Pierce, Jack & His Cowboys
Pierce, Tommy
Pierce, Webb (08.08.1921 - 24.02.1991) - Pierce, Webb Michael
Pieretti, Gian
Pierro, Sascha
Pietmonte, John
Pigeons, The
Piggot, Johnny
Pike, Dave
Pike, Ernest
Pike, Ernest & Dawson, Peter
Pike, Pete
Pilgrim Jubilee Singers, The
Pilgrim Travelers, The
Pilgrim, Ray & Redway, Mike
Pilgrim, The
Pills, Jacques
Piltdown Men, The
Pilz, August
Pimm, Hubert (Sir)
Pina, Johnny
Pinckney, Henry
Pine Mountain Boys
Pine Ridge Boys, The
Pine, Richard
Pineapple Heard, The
Pineapple, Johnny & His Orchestra
Pinell, J.
Pinera, Mike (28.09.1948)
Pinetoppers, The
Pinewood Studio Band, The
Ping Pongs, The
Ping-Pongs, Die
Pink (08.09.1979) - Moore, Alecia
Pink Floyd (1965 - 1994)
Pink Lady
Pinkert, Regina
Pinkney, Clarence
Pintér, Imre
Pinto, Amelia
Pintucci, Angelo
Pioneers, The (1962 - 1974)
Piotti, Lewis
Pipe Pipers, The
Piper, Tommi (19.03.1941) - Piper, Thomas
Pipes, The
Pips, The
Pircher, Marc
Piron's New Orleans Orchestra
Pirouettes, The
Pistons, The
Pitbull (01.03.1981) - Perez, Armando Christian
Pitchford, Lonnie
Pitman, Barbara
Pitney, Gene (17.02.1941 - 05.04.2006) - Pitney, Gene Francis Allen
Pitt, Eugene
Pittman, Sampson
Pitts, Clyde
Pitts, Nolan
Pizani, Frank
Pizzarelli, John (06.04.1960)
Pizzi, Nilla (16.04.1919 - 12.03.2011) - Pizzi, Adionilla
Plaids, The
Plan, Der
Planets, The
Plant, Robert (20.08.1948)
Plantation Club Orchestra
Plantation Jazz Orchestra
Plantation Players - Pseudonym diverser Orchester
Platen, Karl
Platte, Rudolf (12.02.1904 - 18.12.1984) - Platte, Rudolf Antonius Heinrich
Platters, The (1953)
Plaut, Joseph (05.06.1879 - 25.11.1966)
Plaxico, Lonnie (04.09.1960)
Playboys, The
Player, Sonny
Players, The
Playgirls, The
Playmates, The (1956 - 1964)
Plaza Band, The - Pseudonym von 'Haid, Bill & His Cubs'.
Pleasants, Jack
Please, Bob & The Pleases
Pleis, Jack
Plies - Washington, Algernod Lanier
Plimsouls, The
Pluhar, Erika (28.02.1939)
Plunkett Family, The
Poco (1968 - 1984)
Podell, Art
Podkin, Leslie
Pods Of Pepper, The
Poe, Bobby Allen
Poets, The
Pogues, The (1982)
Poindexter, Doug
Pointer Sisters, The
Pointer, Anita
Pointer, June
Poka-Dotts, The
Poliakin Orchestra & Chorale, The
Police, The
Polk, Gordon
Polka All Stars, The
Polka Ambassadors, The
Polka Dots Harmonica Band
Polka Dots, The
Polkateers, The
Poll, Otto
Pollack, Ben (22.06.1903 - 07.06.1971)
Pollack, Muriel & Lawhurst, Vee
Polla's Clover Gardens Orchestra - Polla, William Conrad
Pollock, Harry
Pollock, Michael
Polt, Gerhard
Pomar, Harry & His Hotel Ansley Orchestra
Pomus, Doc
Ponce Sisters - Ponce, Ethel & Dorothea
Ponds, Joe
Poni-Tails, The
Ponny-Boys, Die
Ponsar, Serge
Ponto, Erich (14.12.1884 - 04.02.1957)
Poole, Brian (03.11.1941)
Poole, Charlie
Poole, Cheryl
Poole, Leroy
Pop Tops
Pop, Edina
Pop, Iggy (21.04.1947) - Osterberg, James Newell
Pope, Robert
Poplin-Woods Tennessee String Band
Popp, Andre
Popp, Daniel
Poppe, Vera
Popper, John
Poppers, Gay
Poppy Family, The (1968 - 1973)
Popsicles, The
Popular Five, The
Pork Chops, The
Porretta, Frank
Portee, Robert
Porten, Franz
Porter, Art Jr.
Porter, Billy
Porter, Bob
Porter, Frank
Porter, Gavin du
Porter, Nolan
Porter, Sonny - Pseudonym von 'Jackson, Willie'.
Porter, Steve
Porter, Travis
Posch, Carin
Posey, Sandy
Posner, Mike
Possessions, The
Possum, Polly
Possum, Polly & Wolverton, Joe
Post, Mike (29.09.1944) - Postil, Leland Michael
Postal Service, The
Postalettes, The
Potatoes, The
Pots And Pans, The
Potter, Bill
Potter, Frederick H.
Potter, George
Potter, Jeff
Potter, Nettie
Pound Hunds, The
Pourcel, Franck (14.08.1913 - 12.11.2000) - Pourcel, Franck Marius Louis
Powdrill, Pat
Powell, Andrew (18.04.1949)
Powell, Baden
Powell, Bobby
Powell, Bud
Powell, Chris & The Five Blue Flame
Powell, Cozy
Powell, Dick (14.11.1903 - 03.01.1963) - Powell, Richard Edwing
Powell, Jane (01.04.1929) - Burce, Suzanne Lorraine
Powell, Jerome
Powell, Jesse
Powell, Louis
Powell, Marilyn
Powell, Mel (12.02.1923 - 24.04.1998) - Epstein, Melvin
Powell, Ray - Pseudonym von
Powell, Sandy
Powell, Teddy & His Orchestra
Powells, Jimmy
Power Plant, The
Power Station, The
Power, Romina (02.10.1951)
Power, Stella
Powers, Linda
Powers, Ollie & His Harmony Syncopats
Powers, Tina
Powers, Wayne
Powers, Wendy
Powrie, Ian
Powter, Daniel (25.02.1971)
Pozo-Seco Singers, The (1965 - 1970)
Prack, Rudolf
Prada, Amancio
Prado, Pérez & His Orchestra (11.12.1916 - 14.09.1989) - Prado, Dámaso Pérez
Prager, Christl
Prager, Willi
Prairie Ramblers, The (1930 - 1956)
Präriesänger, Die
Prasdorfer-Pennerstorfer, Annie
Prater, Bonnie
Preacher Rollo
Preager, Lou (12.01.1906 - 14.11.1978)
Prechtl, Martin
Precisions, The
Preer, Andy & Cotton Club Orchestra, The
Preer, Evelyn
Préjean, Albert
Premeers, The
Premice, Josephine
Premier American Quartet
Premiers, The
Prenosilova, Yvonne
Presburg, Jack & sein Jazz-Orchester
Prescott, George
Present, The
Presidents Of The United States Of America, The
Presley, Elvis (08.01.1935 - 16.08.1977) - Presley, Elvis Aaron
Pressler, Menahem
Presto, Bob
Preston, Billy (09.09.1946 - 06.06.2006)
Preston, Jimmy (18.08.1913 - 12.1984)
Preston, Johnny (18.08.1939) - John Preston Courville
Preston, Lew & His Men Of The Range
Preston, Mike
Preston, Terry (03.12.1927) - Husky, Ferlin
Pretenders (Doo Wop)
Pretenders, The
Pretty Maids (1981)
Pretty Ricky
Pretty Things, The (1963)
Preuss, Werner
Previn, André (06.04.1929) - Priwin, Andreas Ludwig
Price, Alan
Price, Bob
Price, Dewey
Price, Henry
Price, Jeff
Price, Jimmie
Price, John
Price, Lloyd (09.03.1933)
Price, Melvin
Price, Myra
Price, Ray (12.01.1926 - 16.12.2013) - Price, Ray Noble
Price, Sam & His Texas Blusicians
Price, William
Pride, Charley (18.03.1938) - Pride, Charley Frank
Pride, Dickie
Prien, Hedi - 1959 bis Ende 1960 mit Trixie Kühn als Honey Twins. Ab Ende 1960 trat Prien, Hedi als Horn, Andrea auf.
Priest, John
Prikopa, Herbert
Prill, Emil (Prof.)
Prim, Weston
Prima, Joey
Prima, Louis (07.12.1911 - 24.08.1978)
Primal Scream (1982)
Prime, Alberta - Pseudonym von ''.
Prime, Harry
Prince (07.06.1958) - Nelson, Prince Rogers
Prince Arthur & The Knights Of The Round Table
Prince Buster (28.05.1938) - Campbell, Cecil Bustamente
Prince's Band (01.01.1969 - 10.10.1937) - Prince, Charles Adams
Prince's Dance Orchestra
Prince's Military Band
Prince's Orchestra
Prine, John (10.10.1946)
Pringle, Lemprière
Printemps, Yvonne
Prinz Pi (23.10.1979) - Kautz, Frierich
Prinzen, Die
Prisco, Tommy
Privates & Colonels
Prizes, The
Proby, P. J. (06.11.1938) - Smith, James Marcus
Prock, Edith (05.12.1949)
Proclaimers, The
Procol Harum
Proctor, Billy
Proctor, Henry
Proctor, Joan
Proctor, Judy
Professor Longhair (19.12.1918 - 30.01.1980) - Byrd, Henry Roeland
Profiles, The
Prohut, Lou
Prophet, Billy
Prophet, Johnny
Prophets, Thee
Protheroe, Brian
Proudfoot - Petards-Pseudonym
Provine, Dorothy
Provisor, Dennie
Pruitt, Lewis
Pryor, Arthur (22.09.1870 - 18.06.1942)
Pryor, Cactus
Pryor, Roger & His Orchestra
Pryor, Snooky (15.09.1921 - 10.10.2006) - Pryor, James Edward
Pryor's Orchestra
Prysock, Arthur (02.01.1929 - 21.06.1997)
Prysock, Red (02.02.1926 - 19.07.1993)
Psychedelic Furs, The
Public Image Ltd. (1978 - 1993)
Pucci, Esmeralda
Puckett, Gary
Puckett, Riley (07.05.1894 - 17.05.2005)
Puddle Jumpers, The
Puebla, Carlos
Puente, Tito (20.04.1923 - 31.05.2000) - Puente, Ernest Anthony Jr.
Pugatschowa, Alla
Puhdys (1969)
Pulley, Malcolm
Pullman Porters Quartette
Pumpkin, Peter
Puppet, Polly
Purcell, Annie
Purify, James & Bobby
Purple Fox, The
Pursell, June
Purvis, Jack (11.12.1906 - 30.03.1962)
Pusinelli, Theodor
Pusinelli, Theodore
Puskarz, Tony
Pussycat Dolls
Putirka, Ronnie
Pyle, Chuck
Pyle, Pete
Pylon (1978 - 1983)
Python, Monty