Kurzbiographien der Interpreten, Pseudonyme, Begleitorchester oder Solisten für Buchstabe O

O.K. Rhythm Kings - Pseudonym diverser Orchester
O’Brien, Margaret
Oak Ridge Boys, The (1943)
Oakie, Jackie
Oakland, Will - Hinricks, Herman
Oakley, Alfred
Oaks, Charlie
Oates, Ron
Oberland Musikanten, Die
Oberle, Scott
Obermaier, Louise - Rheinberg, Louise ?
Obernkirchen Children's Choir, The
Obrey, Alma
O'Brian, Hugh
O'Brien, Dottie
O'Brien, John - Pseudonym von
O'Brien, Johnny
O'Brien, Louise
O'Brien, Richie
O'Brien, Virginia
O'Briens, The
O'Bryant, Jimmy & His Washboard Band
O'Callaghan, Patricia (02.10.1970)
Ocapellas, The
Ocean (1970 - 1975)
Ocean, Billy (21.01.1950) - Charles, Leslie Sebastian
Ocean, Frank
Ochs, Phil (19.12.1940 - 09.04.1976)
O'Connell, Helen (23.05.1920 - 09.09.1993)
O'Connell, Margaret
O'Connor, Bill
O'Connor, Cavan (01.07.1899 - 11.01.1997) - O'Connor, Clarence Patrick
O'Connor, Des (12.01.1932)
O'Connor, Desmond
O'Connor, George
O'Connor, Sinéad (08.12.1966)
O'Connor, Terence
Octavios, Die
October, Elmer
October, Johnny
O'Cualain, Kate
O'Daniel, Lee (11.03.1890 - 12.05.1969) - O'Daniel, W. Lee
O'Dare, Doreen
O'Day, Anita (18.10.1919 - 23.11.2006) - Colton, Anita Belle (18.10.1919, Chicago, IL, USA)-(23.11.2006, Hollywood, CA, USA)
O'Day, Felix
Odd Persons, The
Oddie, Bill
O'Dell, Bobbie
O'Dell, Jerry
Oden, Jimmy (26.06.1903 - 30.12.1977) - Oden, James Burke
Odeon Künstler-Orchester
Odeon-Gesangs-Gitarristen, Die
Odeon-Tanz-Orchester - Pseudonym diverser Orchester
Odette, Le Fontenay
O'Donnel, Rosie
O'Duffy, Michael
Oestmann, Heinz
Ofarim, Abi
Ofarim, Esther (13.06.1943) - Zaied, Ester
O'Farrell, Talbot
O'Farrill, Chico & His Orchestra
Off-Beats, The
Offitt, Lillian
Off-Set, The
O'Flynn, Peter
Ogden, Suzy
Ogeret, Marc
Ogerman, Klaus
Ogermann, Claus
O'Gorman, Brogue & Paddy
O'Gwynn, James
O'Hare, Husk & His Superior Orchestra
O'Hare, Michelle
O'Henry, Lenny
O'Higgins, Michael
Ohio Express (1966 - 1968)
Ohio Players
Ohio State University Marching Band, The
Ohman, Phil
Ohnhaus, Karlheinz
Ojanen, Leena
O'Jays, The (1958)
O'Kaysions, The
O'Keefe, Jimmy
O'Keefe, Johnny & The Dee Jays
O'Keefe, Lester
O'Keefe, Walter
Okeh Atlanta Sacred Harp Singers, The
Okeh Kut-Ups, The - Macy, Jerry & Smalle, Ed
Okeh Melodeons - Pseudonym diverser Orchester.
Okeh Melodians, The - Lanin, Sam
Okeh Syncopators, The - Pseudonym diverser Orchester
O'Kennedy, Liam
Okko, Lonzo, Berry, Chris & Django
Okko, Lonzo, Berry, Chris & Timpe
Ola & The Janglers
Olcott, Chauncey
Old South Quartette
Oldenburg, Peter
Oldfield, Mike
Oldham, Andrew & His Orchestra
Oldham, Florence
Oldörp, Fred
O'Leary, Derry
Olenn, Johnny & The Jokers
Olf, Wim
Olitzka, Rosa
Olive (1994)
Olive, Burton
Oliver & Allen
Oliver Onions - Guido De Angelis & Maurizio de Angelis
Oliver, Danny
Oliver, Jimmy
Oliver, Johnny
Oliver, King (11.05.1885 - 08.04.1938) - Oliver, Joseph Nathan
Oliver, Nicky
Oliver, Paul - Pseudonym von 'Munn, Frank'.
Oliver, Stan
Oliver, Sy (17.12.1910 - 28.05.1988)
Oliver, Thomas
Olivier, Géraldine
Olsen Brothers (1970)
Olsen, George (18.03.1893 - 18.03.1971)
Olsen, Jon Flemming (14.12.1964)
Olsson, Nigel (10.02.1949)
Olympic Dance Orchestra - Pseudonym diverser Orchester: Raderman; Glantz…
O'Malley, Myles
O'Malley, Pat
O'Malley, Peter
O'Mara, Brian
OMD (1978) - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
O'Montis, Paul (03.04.1894 - 17.07.1940) - Wendel, Paul
O'More, Colin
Ondra, Anny
O'Neal, Alexander
O'Neal, Coleman
O'Neal, Shaquille (06.03.1972)
O'Neal, Zelma (Mai 1903 - 03.11.1989)
One-Eyed Jacks , The
O'Neil, Danny
O'Neil, Dolores
O'Neil, Mary
O'Neil, Matty
O'Neill, Dolores
O'Neill, Jim
O'Neill, Johnny
Ones, The (1965 - 1967)
Ono, Yoko (18.02.1933)
Oomph! (1989)
Opals, The
Opferman, Victor
Oppenheim Ben Franklin Hotel Orchestra - Pseudonym von
Optimisten, Die - Erwin Halletz, Ernie Biehler & Peter Alexander
Optimists, The
O'Quin, Gene
Oracle, The
Orange Blue
Orange, Allen
Orbison, Roy (23.04.1936 - 06.12.1988) - Orbison, Roy Kelton
Orbits, The
Orchester der SCALA Berlin & Hellmer, Hans
Orchestre Symphonique Parisien
Orchids, The
O'Reilly, Melanie
Orelio, Joseph M.
Original Alpenland Quintett
Original Ben Vaughn Combo, The
Original Cadillacs, The
Original Calvary Singers, The
Original Caste, The
Original Checkers, The
Original Checkmates, The
Original Creole Stompers
Original Crescent City Jazzers (1925 - 1925)
Original Dixie Ragpickers
Original Dixieland Jass Band (1917 - 1925)
Original Dukes, The
Original Five Blind Boys, The
Original Glorias & Lilienborn, Gloria
Original Indiana Five
Original Memphis Five, The (1917 - 1931)
Original Naabtal Duo
Original Rockets, The
Original Sacred Harp Choir, The
Original Siegerländer Musikanten
Original Surfaris
Original Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra
Original Wolverines, The
Originals, The (1966)
Original-Schwarzwaldtrio Seitz, Das
Oriole Concert Orchestra - Pseudonym diverser Orchester
Oriole Dance Orchestra - Pseudonym diverser Orchester
Oriole Salon Orchestra - Pseudonym diverser Orchester und Vokalisten
Orioles, The (1946 - 1954)
Orlando, Nicholas
Orlando, Tony (03.04.1944) - Michael Anthony Orlando Cassavitis
Orliac, Louis
Orloff, Peter (12.03.1947)
Orlons, The (1960 - 1968)
Ormandy, Eugene (18.11.1899 - 12.03.1985) - Blau, Jeno
Ormsby, F.h
O'Rourke, Mary
Orpheum Melody Makers - Pseudonym diverser Orchester
Orpheum Melody Masters - Pseudonym diverser Orchester
Orpheus Quartet
Orrell, David
Orsa, Pierre
Orso, Michel
Ortega, Frank
Ortega, Frankie (Trio)
Ory, Kid (25.12.1886 - 23.01.1973) - Ory, Edward
Osborn, George & His Orchestra
Osborne, Chuck
Osborne, Jimmie
Osborne, Joan
Osborne, Mary (Trio)
Osborne, Tony (29.06.1922) - Osborne, Edward Benjamin Tony
Osborne, Will
Osbourne, Ozzy
Osbourne, Sallie
Osburne, Bobby
O'Shea, Shad
Oskar, Lee (24.03.1948)
Osmond Brothers, The
Osmond, Arthur
Osmond, Donny
Osmond, Donny & Marie
Osmond, Jimmy (16.04.1963) - Osmond, James Arthur
Osmond, Marie (13.10.1959) - Osmond, Marie Olive
Osmonds, Donny
Osmonds, The (1959)
Ossman, Vess L. (21.08.1868 - 08.12.1923)
Ossman-Dudley Trio
Ostbahn, Kurti
Ostermann, Corny (1911 - 1945) - Ostermann, Cornelius Andreas
Ostermann, Willi (01.10.1876 - 06.08.1936)
Osterwald, Hazy (18.02.1922 - 26.02.2012) - Osterwalder, Rolf Erich
Ostiz, María
O'Sullivan, Camille
O'Sullivan, Gilbert (01.12.1946) - O'Sullivan, Rayond Edward
Oswald, Glen & His Serenaders
Oswald, Louie
Otero, Carlos (21.03.1932) - Otero, Carlos Almenar
Other Half, The
Other Ones, The
Other Side, The
Others, The
Otis, Johnny (28.12.1921) - Veliotes, Ionnis
Otis, Scott
O'Toole, Dennis
O'Toole, Emmett
Otter, Anne Sofie von
Ottey, Kenneth
Ottmann, Marie
Otto - Waalkes, Otto
Otto, Natalino (25.12.1912 - 04.10.1969) - Codognotto, Natale
Outer Limits
Outler, Jimmy
Outsiders, The
Ouvrard, Gaston (10.03.1890 - 26.11.1981)
Ovations, The
Overbea, Danny (03.01.1926 - 11.05.1994)
Overheidt, Werner
Overstreet, Tommy
Overtones, The
Owen, Jake
Owen, Reg
Owens Brothers, The
Owens, Bonnie
Owens, Buck (12.08.1929 - 04.03.2006) - Owens, Alvis Edgar
Owens, Cindy
Owens, Don
Owens, Donnie
Owens, Dusty
Owens, Grady
Owens, Harry (18.04.1902 - 11.12.1986)
Owens, Kelly
Owens, Marshall
Owens, Smokey
Owens, Tex (15.06.1892 - 09.09.1962)
O'Williams, Wendy
Oxford Ensemble
Oxford, Vernon (08.06.1941)